War in Ukraine today: latest news, July 07, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 499 th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

Last night, russian troops attacked Ukrainian territory with Iranian Shahed strike drones. 12 out of 18 combat UAVs were destroyed by units of the Air Force, fighter aircraft, and mobile artillery groups of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Furthermore, the russian army launched a missile strike on the territory of one of the infrastructure facilities in Zaporizhzhia. They also carried out 42 aviation strikes and conducted approximately 30 MRLS attacks on the positions of Ukrainian soldiers and civilian settlements. Unfortunately, civilian infrastructure has been destroyed, and civilians have been affected.

Ukraine is still under the threat of missile and aviation strikes across the entire territory of Ukraine.

The russian army is concentrating its main efforts towards Kupiansk, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Mariinka, where heavy fighting is ongoing. There were about 20 combat engagements.

The operational situation towards Volyn and Polissia did not change, with no significant changes observed in the formation of offensive groups. Identified units of the belarusian armed forces are carrying out tasks in border areas adjacent to Ukraine.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, the russian army maintains a military presence. They conducted an aerial strike in the area of Vilshana, Kharkiv oblast. They also shelled from mortar and artillery at over 15 settlements, including Popivka in Chernihiv oblast, Krasnopillia in Sumy oblast, and Okip, Neskuchne, Vovchansk, Budarky, and Rublene in Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Kupiansk, russian soldiers attempted to advance in the areas of Novoselivka and Stelmakhivka in Luhansk oblast. Ukrainian troops steadfastly held their defense and repelled all russian attacks. Russian army shelled from artillery and mortar at  Kolodiazne, Novomlynske, Dvorichna, Zapadne, Masyutivka, Kupiansk, and Kyslivka in Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Lyman, the russian army conducted assault operations and attempted to displace Ukrainian soldiers from their positions in the northwestern area of Berestove, Luhansk oblast, but without success. They launched aerial strikes in the areas of Bilohorivka in Luhansk oblast and Spirne in Donetsk oblast. Over 10 settlements, including Nevske, Bilohorivka in Luhansk oblast, and Vesele and Rozdolivka in Donetsk oblast, were shelled from artillery.

Towards Bakhmut, russian troops launched aerial strikes on the settlements of Bohdanivka, Oleksandro-Shultsine, Bila Hora, and Pivnichne. Over 15 settlements were affected with russian artillery shelling, including Vasyukivka, Markove, Bohdanivka, Khromove, Chasiv Yar, Ivanivske, Oleksandro-Shultsine, and Pivdenne in Donetsk oblast.

In the Avdiivka direction, the russian army, with the support of aviation, launched unsuccessful offensive actions in the areas of Novokalynove, Avdiivka, and Nevelske in Donetsk oblast. At the same time, it conducted artillery shelling on over 15 settlements, including Keramik, Zhelane, Avdiivka, Siverne, Karlivka, Pervomaiske, and Nevelske in Donetsk oblast.

Towards Mariinka, under russian artillery fire, Ukrainian troops repelled all attacks in the area of the city of Marinka. The russian army conducted an aerial strike near Krasnohorivka in Donetsk oblast. It shelled the settlements of Krasnohorivka, Mariinka, and Pobieda in Donetsk oblast.

Towards Shakhtarsk, russian troops conducted unsuccessful offensive actions in the area of Blahodatne in Donetsk oblast. They launched an aerial strike near Velyka Novosilka and shelled over 15 settlements, including Novomykhailivka, Yelyzavetivka, Bohoyavlenske, Vuhledar, Zolota Nyva, and Siverne in Donetsk oblast.

Towards Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, the russian army is focusing its main efforts on preventing the further advancement of the Ukrainian military. They conducted artillery shelling on over 20 settlements, including Novodarivka, Levadne, Malynivka, Huliaipole, Zaliznychne in Zaporizhzhia oblast, Lvove, Tokarivka, Antonivka, Velytenske, Kizomys in Kherson Oblast, and the city of Kherson. At the same time, the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue their offensive operation towards Melitopol and Berdiansk, consolidate their achieved positions, deliver fire strikes on detected russian targets from artillery, and carry out counter-battery measures.

Against the backdrop of successful military operations by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and significant losses suffered by the russian army in personnel, the number of refusals to participate in combat actions has increased among units of russian troops. For instance, in the area near the settlement of Rozivka in Zaporizhzhia oblast, approximately 20 russian military personnel refused to carry out combat tasks on the front lines. Subsequently, they were placed under arrest and transferred to the building of the Rozivka District Court.

The aviation of the Ukrainian army launched 6 strikes on russian manpower buildup areas, 2 strikes on anti-aircraft missile systems, and 1 strike on russian command post. Ukrainian troops also destroyed 2 tactical-level reconnaissance UAVs.

Units of rocket and artillery troops targeted russian command post, 7 artillery positions, and a radio-electronic warfare station within the past 24 hours.

According to the spokesman of the Eastern Group of Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Serhiy CherevatyThe Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced more than a kilometer towards Bakhmut direction during the day. The enemy hit the Ukrainian military 318 times with barrels and mortars, carried out three air raids.

The Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Serhiy Kyslytsia reported that in total, russia launched more than a thousand Shahed Iranian UAVs on the territory of Ukraine. He noted that all UAVs that exploded or were shot down have been thoroughly disassembled and studied. Based on the results of research by Ukrainian and independent international experts, evidence was collected regarding the Iranian origin of the UAV used by russia.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesman of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that two russians were taken prisoner and five enemy drones were destroyed in our sector of the frontline.

For many weeks now, russians have been trying to be aggressive towards Lyman and Kupiansk. Just yesterday they launched six attacks on our positions and 19 air raids. The enemy used artillery of various calibres and types 578 times. While repelling the attacks, 35 invaders were eliminated, 82 injured and two captured. An enemy armoured personnel carrier, a mortar crew and five unmanned aerial vehicles were also destroyed.

Kharkiv oblast

According to the Kharkiv RMA, the invaders shelled the border settlements of Chuhuiv, Kharkiv, Izium and Kupiansk regions with mortars and artillery.

Around 11 am, Odnorobivka village in Bohodukhiv region was shelled. The shelling caused a fire in the railway station building. There were no casualties.

In Cherneshchyna village, Izium region, a building was burning as a result of shelling. A 71-year-old woman was injured and hospitalised.

At 12:20 am, there was a shelling in Petropavlivka village, the roof of the building was burning. Preliminary, 4 private residential buildings were destroyed and 6 were damaged. There were no casualties.

In Dovhenke village, Kupiansk region, a 15-year-old boy with other children found gunpowder in a bag near the river and threw it into a fire, which caused a flash and resulted in burns and hospitalisation.

In Pechenihy village, Chuhuiv region, a road service vehicle (grader) exploded on an unknown explosive device. The injured driver, a 53-year-old man, was also hospitalised with injuries.

Viktor Kovalenko, head of Zolochiv community said that at 1:40 pm, russian troops shelled Tymofiivka. There is no power supply in the village, a private building and outbuildings were damaged. At 12:30 am, Russia also shelled the Ivashky incubator and the territory of the Alfa enterprise. There were no casualties.

Yesterday pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service inspected 10 hectares, where 103 explosive devices were found and defused. The work involved 32 pyrotechnic crews of the State Emergency Service – 163 people and 64 pieces of equipment.

Oleh Syniehubov, the head of the RMA, said that three of the 45 soldiers, who were returned from captivity on 6 July, are residents of Kharkiv oblast.

Referring to the Kharkiv RMA, during the meeting of the Defence Council, it was decided to cancel the ban on holding mass and cultural and entertainment events in Kharkiv oblast.The National Police, the State Emergency Service and the Security Service of Ukraine must approve the premises’ compliance with all standards and the procedure for holding the event. The ban on holding mass events with 50 or more participants in the open air remains in force.

The meeting also decided to allow the restoration of traditional offline learning in educational institutions. It will be possible only if the educational institution has a specialised shelter that meets the requirements of the law, the warning system is ready, etc. The Defence Council’s decision applies to pre-school, school, vocational, pre-university and higher education.

Rapid repairs of apartments of Pervomaisk residents affected by russian missile strike are ongoing. As of today, 90% of the work on repairing the broken windows in the damaged buildings has been completed. Food parcels are being delivered, 3,000 have already been sent.

Oleksandr Kyshynskyi, Deputy Technical Director of Kharkivoblenerho reported that out of 450 settlements in the region that were de-energised by shelling, 83 remain without electricity. Most of them are near the frontline.

Donetsk oblast

Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the RMA, said that on 6 July, Russians killed one civilian in Toretsk. Another 5 people were injured yesterday.

RMA reported that towards Volnovakha, Vuhledar and Prechystivka were shelled without any casualties. Towards Donetsk, Avdiivka was under a missile attack. There was shelling of Krasnohorivka and Kostiantynivka of Marinka community and the outskirts of Ocheretyne community. Yesterday rssians attacked Kurakhove community 5 times, damaging 3 buildings in Illinka and an infrastructure facility in Hirnyk.

Towards Horlivka, Toretsk community was under numerous attacks. In Toretsk, 1 person was killed and 2 injured, 11 buildings, a kindergarten and 2 shops damaged. In Pivnichne, 1 person was injured, 4 buildings and 3 infrastructure facilities damaged. In Chasiv Yar community, an apartment building, a private building and 2 non-residential buildings were damaged. In Soledar community, Vasiukivka and Rozdolivka were targeted.

Towards Lysychansk, there were 16 attacks on Lyman community: 2 buildings were destroyed and 1 damaged in Kolodiazi, 1 building was destroyed and 1 damaged in Yampolivka.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo: Donetsk police press service

Vitalii Barabash, head of the Avdiivka City Military Administration confirmed the enemy afternoon shelling. As a result, two people were injured. They were evacuated to a hospital in Myrnohrad, Donetsk oblast.

Anastasiia Miedviedieva, spokeswoman of the Donetsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office informed that Katerynivka village, Pokrovsk region, was also shelled, a 61-year-old man was injured.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, towards Bakhmut, Ukrainian troops continue to advance. They are making progress near Klishchiivka and are gaining a foothold in new positions.

British intelligence reported that russian naval forces have created a new Azov naval district with its headquarters in Mariupol. This way, russia is trying to secure logistics in the occupied southern territories of Ukraine.

In Donetsk oblast, farmers have started harvesting early grain and legumes. This year, only a little more than half of the fields have been sown due to the fighting.

Luhansk oblast

Artem Lysohor, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration said that the invaders tried to advance near Karmazynivka, south of Svatove. The enemy used air support to push our troops out of their positions, but failed.  Russians also attacked this settlement and Nevske from the air. Artillery attacks do not stop either – yesterday the enemy targeted Bilohorivka and Nevske.

Russians are suffering significant losses. According to the military, more than 80 dead occupants are brought to Luhansk alone every day. That is why forced mobilisation is intensifying there. The invaders will take away a driver’s licence for failure to appear at the so-called military registration and enlistment office. These innovations will come into effect on 11 July. Within a day, the relevant information will be added to a special database and will be available at every russian checkpoint.

Artem Lysohor, head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration added that at the same time, the invaders continue a set of measures aimed at forcibly introducing russian citizenship to residents of the occupied region. Specifically, in several settlements, administrative and police pressure has been applied to locals. Searches of homes are conducted with owners being threatened. Also, those who do not have a russian passport are being limited in their movement not only between towns and villages, but also within the same settlement.

Oleksandr Striuk, head of the RMA informed that in Sievierodonetsk, there are currently more russians in the city than Sievierodonetsk residents. Outbreaks of severe intestinal infections are increasingly recorded there, as the epidemic situation in Sievierodonetsk is difficult. The invaders feel protected but it is not for long.

Humanitarian aid has been delivered to the residents of Nevske and the surrounding settlements. Only one of the four vehicles remained undamaged – the others were hit by Russian shelling.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

According to Andriy Nebytov, head of the National Police of Kyiv oblast, 317 residents of the oblast are considered missing during active hostilities in the territory of Kyiv oblast. As of now, 190 civilians, according to the latest information, are in russia. Andriy Nebytov noted that during the occupation, many bodies were completely destroyed by the Russian military – it is difficult to identify them, or even find their remains.

The 18-storey Titan from the Synergy 2+ residential complex which is considered the tallest building in Irpin has been rebuild. This building was destroyed by russian shelling in 2022. According to Oleksandr Markushyn, the mayor of Irpin, the high-rise building was completely rebuilt in less than a year – due to Russian shelling, the monolithic ceilings and roof were damaged, some walls in the apartments were totally destroyed, and 90% of the windows were smashed. Now more than 1000 citizens can return home.


An 18-story building in Irpin damaged by russian shelling. Photo: social media

The Buchanska City Council reported that four communities – Berezan, Bucha, Obukhiv, and Tarashcha communities – in Kyiv oblast have won the competitive selection for development of municipal energy plans with the support of U-LEAD experts. This is a pilot project that will focus on energy security. 48 communities will develop this plan for the first time in Ukraine with the support and participation of experts from the Ministry of Reconstruction and Development.

In Nizhyn, the largest shelters will be equipped with an automatic door opening system. According to Semen Pustovit, mayor of Nizhyn, the shelters are to be equipped with an electronic lock that will automatically open when an air raid alarm is triggered. Funds for the pilot project are planned to be allocated from the local budget.

On July 8, the Day of Remembrance of Roman Ratushnyi will be celebrated at the Protasiv Yar Festival in Kyiv. During the fourth day of the festival, a short film will be shown dedicated to Kyiv activist, co-founder of the NGO Protect Protasiv Yar, a scout of the 93rd Brigade Kholodnyi Yar who was KIA last year. The film called Roman Ratushnyi. A Free Man was created by the Babylon’13 Film Association and the Protasiv Yar Festival.

Ukrposhta presented a special charity edition of the frame PTN PNKh! (abbreviation which stands for Putin, go fuck yourself), which contains a corresponding postage stamp with the imprint First Day. Kyiv. 24.02.2023 and a postcard, which were issued to mark the anniversary of the full-scale war. It is noted that the edition is limited to 1000 copies, and the price is UAH 1600. One thousand hryvnias from the sale of each presentation frame will be used to equip school shelters.

An immersive 3D show The Negative Resurfacing dedicated to the sinking of the flagship of the russian Black Sea Fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, by the Ukrainian Navy was presented in the capital. The duration of this 3D show is 20 minutes. It will be shown on a 25-meter screen that surrounds the viewer from all sides and completely immerses him in the spectacle. Andriy Frenchuk, the film’s director, said that the piece was based on declassified information from the National Military History Museum of Ukraine, which helped to model the entire situation.

Zhytomyr oblast

The city council reported that residents of two multi-storey buildings and seventeen private houses in Zhytomyr, which were completely destroyed as a result of the russian shelling, will be able to receive compensation starting July 15. The money will be allocated from the state budget.

A house destroyed as a result of russian aggression in Zhytomyr. Photo social networks

IDPs will be accommodated in a modular town in Zhytomyr community. The relevant provision was approved at a meeting of the executive committee of the city council. The modular houses are scheduled to be installed in the fall, and the Red Cross (Italy) is currently holding a tender for their purchase. Families who actually live within Zhytomyr community and are registered as internally displaced persons will be able to move into these houses.

Over 6 months, the Humanitarian Center of Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration received almost 1,300 requests from local communities regarding the needs of people in difficult life circumstances, including internally displaced persons. In total, 2,600 tons of various types of necessary humanitarian aid were delivered to the communities of the oblast. The aid is being received from 12 countries: Poland, Romania, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, and several oblasts of Ukraine.

Sumy oblast

Sumy Regional Military Administration reported that on July 6, the russians opened fire 15 times at the border areas of the oblast. In total, there were 103 explosions recorded. he enemy inflicted 26 mortar and 6 artillery strikes on the territory of Bilopillia community, dropped VOG-type explosive devices from a UAV (2 explosions were recorded), and launched unguided aerial missiles from a helicopter (13 explosions). Esman, Krasnopillia, Myropillia, and Seredyno Buda communities were subjected to mortar shelling; Hlukhivska community was attacked with grenade launchers.

At night and in the morning of February 7, the russian military opened fire 5 times on the border areas. In total, there were 18 explosions recorded. The enemy shelled Krasnopillia, Khotin, and Yunakivka communities using mortars and artillery shelling.

JSC Sumyoblenergo reported that in Sumy oblast, 57 settlements (3,238 consumers) were cut off from power supply due to russian shelling of the border areas. Emergency crews are working in areas where the situation allows such works.

Residents of a house damaged by russian drones in Sumy will receive payments from the city council, depending on the amount of damage they suffered. According to Mayor Oleksandr Lysenko, experts are currently working to assess the destruction of the building and the condition of the damaged property. Relatives of the three people who died are to be paid 500 thousand hryvnias in aid.

According to Sumy Regional Military Administration, Children of privileged categories from Sumy oblast have an opportunity to rest in the western parts of Ukraine and abroad this summer. Despite the hostilities in Ukraine, the state and regional authorities are using all available opportunities and financial resources to arrange summer vacation. The focus is on safety and the priority involvement of children from privileged categories.

Chernihiv oblast

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that over the past 24 hours, the russians conducted two attacks. Snovsk territorial community was shelled; there were 8 explosions recorded.

Vyacheslav Chaus, head of the regional military administration, reported that in June, the enemy opened fire 144 shells in Chernihiv oblast. There were 1,137 shells fired. In total, over the past month, the air alert in the oblast lasted 2 days, 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Consequences of russian shelling of the border areas of Chernihiv oblast. Photo: Telegram channel of Vyacheslav Chaus

More than half a thousand subscribers in five settlements of Chernihiv oblast are left without power supply as communication networks were damaged by russian shelling. Chernihivoblenergo reported that currently, villages in Semenivka, Novhorod-Siverskyi, and Snovsk regionss are without power supply. Some of them have been without power supply for a month and a half, as they are in the zone of constant russian shelling.

The shelter of the Novobykivka school, which was occupied by the russian military for a month in February-March 2022, is being repaired with the support of UNICEF. In order to resume classes at the school after the Russian military had occupied it, the community cleaned the school grounds and arranged a space for students to stay during the air raid. In order to continue working offline, the school has carried out a number of renovations, received the necessary educational literature, computer equipment and furniture at the expense of charitable organizations, international foundations, parents’ and budget funds.

The regional Department of Culture and Tourism, Nationalities and Religions reported that Friendship of Peoples monument in Senkivtsi on the border with russia was removed from the list of local historical monuments. As a reminder, the Senkivka checkpoint has been destroyed, and the Three Sisters monument (which stands at the point where the borders of Ukraine, russia and belarus intersect) has been turned into a russian firing position.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

According to Head of the regional council Mykola Lukashuk, the enemy attacked a private enterprise in the Kryvyi Rih region with a UAV at night. As a result, a high-pressure gas pipeline and dry wood caught fire of 110 m². After midnight, three enemy drones were destroyed in the same area by the ‘East’ military command. In the Solone community of the Dnipro region, a fire broke out on an area of 50 m² due to falling debris.  The debris hit a car moving along the road. Two men, aged 47 and 30, were killed. The aggressor fired four times at Nikopol with cannon artillery over the past night. The enemy also attacked Dnipro. During the night, three drones were destroyed over the city by the “East” military command. Preliminary, it was a Shahed-136. 

“Paths to Peace – Roads of War” exhibition of photographs by National Guard of Ukraine Lieutenant Colonel Andriy Karpenko was opened in Dnipro. The exhibition features 20 photographs taken by the author during the hostilities in Ukraine.

Dnipropetrovsk oblast will help rebuild three of the 26 villages and towns in Kherson oblast most affected by russian aggression and occupation. These are Olhyno, Starosillia and Bobrovyi Kut. Over 150 specialists will be involved in the process.

Vinnytsia oblast

​​Modular houses for internally displaced people are being installed on the territory of the Voronovytsia branch of the Vinnytsia Regional Nursing Home. 27 separate houses will be assembled into a common modular complex designed for 40 people.

29 sakura trees were planted on Victory Square in Vinnytsia in memory of those killed in the missile attack on the city on 14 July 2022. Work is also underway to equip the memorial site. It will be opened in a week, on the anniversary of the tragedy.

Kirovohrad oblast

According to Head of Kirovohrad Regional State Administration Andrii Raikovych, Kirovohrad oblast will restore Mala Oleksandrivka village in Kherson oblast

Poltava oblast

According to Dmytro Lunin, Head of the Poltava Regional State Administration, a socially responsible business from Poltava oblast has sent two drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras to the soldiers.

Cherkasy oblast

The photographs taken by Volodymyr Mukanom, an officer of the 118th Brigade and a journalist, were posted in the “Yunist” park in the centre of Cherkasy. He was killed in Bakhmut on 29 April while performing a combat mission.

Photos by Volodymyr Mukanom. Photo from social media

402 damaged houses are to be repaired in the liberated Kherson oblast at the expense of Cherkasy oblast. The oblast will take care of three villages: Ivanivka, Novopetrivka, and Mykolaivka. These settlements have been occupied by the russian military since 24 February 2022 and were liberated last year by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Today, the enemy struck Zaporizhzhia. S-300 missiles hit an infrastructure object, resulting in a fire in one of the buildings.

Yesterday, russian forces carried out 67 shelling attacks on 11 cities and villages in Zaporizhzhia oblast. Currently, there have been 20 reports of residential and infrastructure damage. The enemy conducted an airstrike on Novodarivka, attacked Poltavka twice with UAVs, launched 7 strikes from MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) on Huliaipole, Novodarivka, and Malynivka, and conducted 57 artillery shelling attacks on Huliaipole, Zaliznychne, Chervone, Charivne, Poltavka, Preobrazhenka, Kamianske, and other frontline villages. A 56-year-old woman sustained fatal injuries in Huliaipole.

The enemy is concentrating its main efforts on preventing the advancement of our troops towards Zaporizhzhia. At the same time, the Armed Foces off Ukraine continue their offensive operationtowards Melitopol and Berdiansk, consolidate their achieved positions, and carry out counter-battery measures.

russian military personnel have set up a military base on the territory of the children’s sanatorium “Vesna” in Novopetrivka, Berdiansk region. There are over 800 russian servicemen and russian military equipment deployed in close proximity to residential buildings.

IAEA representatives visited a number of facilities, including cooling ponds, and did not see “any signs of explosives or mines in these places.” However, the IAEA still has not gained access to the roof of the Zaporizhzhia NPP. Earlier, the General Staff warned that occupiers had placed foreign objects resembling explosives on the roofs of Units III and IV of the Zaporizhzhia NPP.

Experts from the American Nuclear Society have considered the “worst-case scenarios” at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, including bombings and deliberate sabotage of reactors and spent fuel storage containers, and they do not foresee a situation that would threaten public health. In the unlikely event that the protective structures are breached, any potential release of radiological materials will be limited to the area surrounding the reactors.

Mykolaiv oblast

The town of Ochakiv was targeted by enemy strike drones “Shahed-136”. This was reported by Mykolaiv RMA. The air defense forces successfully destroyed five drones. A building in the recreation base caught fire as a result of falling debris, and haystacks also caught fire but were promptly extinguished. Detailed information about the extent of the damage and any casualties is being clarified.

Today at 5:55 am, the enemy shelled Ochakiv with artillery fire. At 1:30 am and 2:15 am, there was an attack on settlements in the Horokhivka community with S-300 missiles. As a result, a agricultural base was destroyed, including warehouses, equipment, and grain. Preliminary reports indicate no casualties. All windows in the buildings in another settlement were damaged within a radius of 200 meters from the impact site, and a gas pipeline was damaged by debris.  According to Mykolaiv RMA, preliminary reports also indicate no casualties.

Today military equipment used by russians to seize the regio nwas presented in Mykolaiv. The exhibition mainly featured light armored vehicles, such as BTR-80, BMP-2, BRDM, and MT-LB. A distinctive feature was the Latin letters “Z,” “O,” “V” painted in white on the sides. The impromptu exhibition generated genuine interest among the city’s residents, who didn’t miss the opportunity to take photos with the captured military trophies.

Odesa oblast

Odesa continues to support Ukrainian defenders. Another nine off-road vehicles, as well as an ambulance, were sent today to one of the brigades. These vehicles were purchased as part of the city’s assistance program for the Territorial Defence Forces at the request of Odesa brigades. This is the first batch, and a total of 40 high-mobility vehicles will be acquired. In addition, the Rescue and Diving Service of the City Council transferred a 30-ton crane manipulator of relatively rare modification to the military.

The sailors-border guards who participated in the special operation to liberate Zmiinyi (Snake) Island in the Black Sea were awarded medals. This was reported by the press service of the Maritime Security of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The military personnel of the Izmail and Mariupol units of the Maritime Security were awarded the medals “For Military Service” and “Defender of the Homeland,” which were presented by Deputy Head of the State Border Guard Service, Serhiy Serdiuk.

Kherson oblast

During the night, russian military launched a missile attack on Kherson oblast using the S-300 air defense system. This is an atypical type of weapon they used in the liberated part of the region. This was reported by Natalia Humeniuk, the head of the Unified Coordination Press Center of the South Defense and Security Forces. During the night, the russian army also shelled Inhulets, Vysoke, and Oleksandrivka, which are located further from the contact line.

Yesterday, the enemy carried out 77 attacks, firing 371 shells from mortars, artillery, tanks, “Grad” systems, aircraft, and UAVs. The occupiers conducted an airstrike on Zmiivka village, resulting in damage to private houses. russian rocket attacks targeted Vysoke and Inhulets villages, causing explosions that damaged residential buildings and destroyed a school building. Greenhouses were burned due to russian shelling in Kizomys village. The enemy launched 37 shells on the city of Kherson, targeting residential quarters, the House of Culture in Tavriiske village, and a trade establishment in Kherson. As a result of the russian aggression, 10 people were injured. The police initiated 22 criminal proceedings regarding the war crimes committed by russian occupiers.

The russian army destroyed a school in Inhulets village, Dariivka community. Photo: Police of Kherson oblast

russian occupiers transformed a recreation base named “Iva” in the village of Chumakivka into a military commandant’s office. This was reported by the General Staff.

Fifteen regions of Ukraine will assist communities in Kherson oblast in rebuilding damaged housing and social facilities. The restoration of the affected settlements, destroyed by russian forces, will take place within the framework of the nationwide pilot project “Shoulder-to-Shoulder.” Experts from different regions will work in 26 settlements in Kherson oblast and provide support with equipment and materials.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

As part of the Side by Side project, 15 oblasts of Ukraine will restore communities of Kherson oblast that suffered from russian aggression. Volyn oblast took over the village of Blahodativka of Berislav region. The settlement has been under russian occupation since March 2022. And on September 5 of the same year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine released him. In the village where 268 people lived, 93 residential buildings and one paramedic-midwifery center were damaged. Of these, 17 buildings were completely destroyed. Next week, the first groups of people from Volyn will come to the village to begin reconstruction.

Zakarpattia oblast

This week, volunteers gave IDPs registered in Uzhhorod humanitarian aid to the Owl’s Nest humanitarian aid center, namely 75 packages with necessary things for children under 2 years of age; 100 grocery sets; 130 hygiene kits; clothes; bed linen and tableware (a total of 1,8K units were issued) thanks to PDUM Partnerschaft Deutschland-Ukraine/Moldova e.V., Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help eV and the Girls HF.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Two more families of the fallen Heroes went on vacation within the framework of the Care for the Hero’s Family project. A total of almost 170 children have already recovered since the project began.

On the facade of the Gymnasium in the village of Vovchynets opened an annotation board to Ihor Mazurkevich, defender of Ukraine, volunteer, senior soldier, marksman of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade Edelweis.

Lviv oblast

As a result of the russian missile attack on Lviv on July 6, 10 people were injured, 42 people were injured, 16 of them were hospitalized.

Results of the attack on Lviv. Photo from social networks

The demolition of the debris resulting from yesterday’s rocket attack on an apartment building in Lviv has been completed. 668 people and 139 pieces of equipment were involved in the work, including rescuers, medics, policemen, representatives of communal services, and volunteers.

Debris analysis in Lviv. Photo from social networks

Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy, announced that in Lviv, russia hit the buffer zone of the UNESCO World Heritage site with missiles.

Residents of Zhovtanetsk community sent three cars to the front line for the soldiers of the 80th separate amphibious assault brigade, the 82nd separate amphibious assault brigade and the Materik combined group.

Rivne oblast

Rivne Central City Hospital hosted a meeting of professor Olha Holubovska, infectious disease medics, doctor of medical sciences, with regional medics. They discussed the consequences of blowing up Kakhovka HPP dam and the threat of the spread of infectious diseases throughout Ukraine.

As part of the Side by Side project, Rivne RMA took over the leadership of Kochubey community in the southern region. Here, in particular, the housing and infrastructure of three villages (Kochubeivka, Zahradivka and Orlove) will be rebuilt. Crews from communities of Rivne oblast have already started repair work.

Ternopil oblast

The RMA reported that Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish Prime Minister ,visited Ternopil oblast to honor the memory of Poles who are buried on the territory of the former village of Puzhnyki.

As part of the Side by Side project, Ternopil RMA took the patronage of the village of Arkhanhelsk, Kherson oblast. Now there are 350 residential buildings in need of restoration. One object of social infrastructure was completely destroyed, 4 more need capital restoration. A team of 10 construction specialists from Ternopil oblast began the restoration of 18 residential buildings and another 16 will be rebuilt.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

Khmelnytskyi oblast will restore residential objects that were damaged as a result of the war in Visokopill of Berislav region of Kherson oblast as part of the Side by side project. Today, the village is 80% destroyed, very few people live there, although before the war there were about 4K people.

Chernivtsi oblast

Ruslan Zaparaniuk, Head of the RMA, met with Mykola-Myroslav Petretsky, member of the Parliament of Romania, Head of the Union of Ukrainians in Romania. They discussed cooperation in economic, cultural, and educational spheres.

Ruslan Zaparaniuk, Head of the RMA, met with Valeriu Kiver, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova to Ukraine. They discussed supporting Ukraine during a full-scale war and possible further cooperation in economic, social, educational, and cultural spheres.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

The website of the German government stated that the country delivered another package of military aid to Ukraine, includes a bridge for Beaver armored bridge-laying vehicles, a Beaver armored bridge-laying vehicle, a DACHS armored engineering vehicle, six 8×8 HX81 heavy-duty tractors and three semi-trailers, as well as three radio jamming devices and two anti-drone sensors.

Fiala, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, announced that the country will send  combat helicopters, ammunition and 100K units of ammunition to Ukraine. Prague will also send flight simulators to Kyiv so that pilot training for the F-16 can take place directly in Ukraine.

The Office of the President reported that Ukraine and Slovakia signed a contract for the production of 16 Zuzana 2 self-propelled artillery units.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic. The purpose of this Memorandum is to support military-technical cooperation.

The House of Representatives of the Netherlands recognized the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with Petr Pavel, President of the Czech Republic. They discussed joint security and cooperation for strengthening defense.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with Milos Vystrchil, President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, and Marketa Pekarova Adamova, President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. During the conversation, special attention was paid to discussing the issue of holding the Global Summit on the implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula and Ukraine’s as soon as possible membership in NATO and the European Union.

Victor Mykyta, Head of Zakarpattia RMA, spoke at the meeting of the European Alliance of Cities and Regions on the reconstruction of Ukraine, which was held within the framework of the work of the European Committee of the Regions. He presented a model of cooperation between regions and communities with the support of Congress, which now allows for the effective restoration of liberated territories and the development of the economy of safe areas.

Victor Mykyta, Head of Zakarpattia RMA, and Vsevolod Chentsov, Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU (Mission of Ukraine to the EU) visited the Brussels office of the Philips concern. They discussed the concept of the regional center for the rehabilitation of military personnel, which is planned to be created in Ukraine.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, announced that on July 11-12 in Vilnius, leaders of NATO countries will approve a multi-year support package for Ukraine, which will bring it closer to the alliance.

Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland sent a joint letter to Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, in which they expressed their concern about the events in the russian federation and belarus.

Rafael Grossi, Head of the IAEA, announced that the IAEA is “making progress” in the inspection of several sections of ZNPP, but occupiers are still not letting experts onto the roof.

A meeting of partner regions, cities and official delegations of Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Moldova took place within the framework of the international business forum held in Chernivtsi. Parties discussed areas of cooperation, possibilities of expanding cooperation at the level of both communities and states in general.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has announced that the country is extending the ban on non-compulsory travel for citizens of russia and introducing new restrictions. Restrictions will come into effect on July 10 and will apply to businessmen, property owners and students. Businessmen were prohibited from transiting to other countries of the Schengen zone through the territory of Finland.

Lviv National Academic Men’s Choir Chapel Dudaryk took part in the 150th Jubilee Choir Festival in Riga (Latvia). As part of the event, the Ukrainian team performed the National Anthem of Ukraine with 15L choristers. Dudaryk is the only foreign team that was invited to this event.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аnna Efremova

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya

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