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Ukrainian Women's Guard

Join the national women’s network of movement resistance – Ukrainian Women’s Guard

We are a public organization that fights with the women of Ukraine to save themselves in crisis situations and to solve the urgent needs of themselves, their families, and the state.

Since 2014, we have been teaching Ukrainian women tactics and survival, providing them with knowledge on how to protect themselves and their families, and take care of economic security!


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About Ukrainians Women's Guard

The Ukrainian Women’s Guard was established by the lawyer Olena Biletska when the Russo-Ukrainian war began. It was registered by the Ministry of Justice as a civic organization in October 2014 under #124/02.

Our key objective is to create a women’s resistance movement.
To fulfill this objective, since 2014 the Ukrainian Women’s Guard has been educating and training women to unite under critical circumstances and know what to do, how to survive and resist the enemy if possible.

Our values are trust, security, cooperation, solidarity and responsibility.

Please contact us if you want to support our organization and our women’s resistance movement by donating or making other contributions.  

Gallery Ukrainians Women's Guard

SHOOTING / Shooting Academy

TRAINING / General military training 

SHOOTING 2 / Shooting Academy

SELF-DEFENSE / Work With Fear


SHOOTING 3 / Shooting Academy

Mariupol / training of Territorial Defense  

EDUCATION / Classes on Mining 

Social Projects / Education and Support

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