“Everything is according to the plan”: the oligarchs are on the hook, the hole in the budget of the Russian Federation is growing, gold is selling out

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According to Western media, Russia intends to collect about 300 billion rubles in income tax for 2021-2022, which indicates a significant deficit in the budget of the aggressor country. According to preliminary calculations, various companies of the Russian Federation collectively have to pay about 3.6 billion dollars or 300 billion rubles. Someone will even have to give up to 10% of their profit, which they managed to get in the last two years.

According to various sources, Sberbank can pay up to 10 billion rubles. But the largest funds will be given by metallurgists and producers of chemical fertilizers. They received good profits in the specified period, so they will pay at the increased rate.

This is how the Kremlin leadership is trying to cover a huge hole in the budget. After all, in 5 months of 2023, a deficit of approximately 42 billion dollars has accumulated there. Despite the fact that the planned annual figure was not to exceed 35 billion.

It is interesting that the Russian Federation has introduced additional taxes for the oil and gas industry, which will be forced to overpay for oil production. Those who extract black gold from July 1 will pay the tax as if 1 barrel of Russian oil costs 60 dollars. Although for the first 5 months of 2023, the average price without transportation was 51.5 dollars per barrel.

Also in the swamps rubles are being intensively printed and international reserves, which are still able to be realized – gold and yuan – are being sold. About 4 tons of gold were sold in May alone. The whole world sees that the Russian economy is rapidly going down, because it has a large item of expenses for the war in Ukraine and much less opportunities for earning. In addition, sanctions against the Russian Federation are still working. However, the Russian Federation is still afloat due to cunning schemes to bypass some restrictions. The aggressor country is gradually bleeding, and we have to be patient and wait by the river, as in the Eastern wisdom. It will soon go downstream… Very soon. We just need to wait.


The materials were prepared by Polina Romanova, the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, for the Free Idel-Ural

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