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Ukrainian daily victories. June10 2022 News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

materials prepared by: Mila Rosik

Russian occupation forces have already lost 31,900 of their soldiers, as well as 1,409 tanks and 571 drones.

 ✅ Russian troops did not succeed in the encirclement of Severodonetsk, and there is a critical situation with medical services and medicines in Mariupol and Kherson — British intelligence.

 ✅ Due to the losses received during the fighting with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, the Russian motorized infantry unit of the 1st Army Corps refused to fight in its entirety — the General Staff.

 ✅ The 11th exchange of prisoners took place, as Vitaly Kim, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional military administration reports. This time, Oleg Pylypenko, the chairman of the Shevchenkivsky community in the Mykolaiv area was freed.

✅ The Elysee Palace stated that France is ready to join the operation to lift the port blockade in Odessa and remove Ukrainian grain from there.

 ✅ Finland will provide Ukraine with new military assistance, but the details of the package are not disclosed. “Finland will not forget Ukraine and Ukrainians. We continue to help and just sent a new package of defense equipment,” said Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen.

 ✅ Spain and Germany sent 17 tons of feed to the Kyiv Zoo. Assistance came from Tierpark Berlin, Zoo Berlin (Germany) and Loro Parque (Spain). Professional granular long-term feed for different species of animals will later be divided between zoos from different regions of Ukraine.

✅ The Spanish government intends to send a formal invitation to Zelenskyi to participate in the NATO summit in Madrid on 29 and 30 June. “Zelenskyi will be present in one way or another at our summit in Madrid,” said NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Joane.

 ✅ A pilot modular town RE:Ukraine for relocated people will be built in Bucha. 15 families will be able to live there.

 ✅ In the four months of 2022, the Putin administration received more than a million complaints against the Ministry of Defense, almost 42,000 of them are about problems finding missing relatives in the war with Ukraine.

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