Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news June 10, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials prepared by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Reka Olena, Viktoriia Peremoga

June 10 is the 107th day of Ukraine opposing a full-scale invasion of russia. The russian military is trying to take control over Severodonetsk in  Luhansk oblast, fighting continues in Donbas, russian troops temporarily occupied part of Zaporozhzhia and Kherson oblasts.

The russian federation aims to seize Kherson oblast and then launch the offensive against Mykolaiv and Odesa. This was stated during the briefing by Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Hromov.

To thwart the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army in Kherson oblast, russian troops are mining the territory with Soviet mines made in the 1950s, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate.

Ukraine briefly:

On the morning of June 10, the russian army shelled the border of Chernihiv oblast with mortars, and more than 20 strikes were recorded on the village of Hremiach.

In Sumy oblast on the night of June 10, on the territory of the Seredyno-Budska community russia opened fire with a mortar about 7 times. According to the head of the RMA Dmytro Zhyvitsky, there were no casualties or destruction.

In the morning, the russian military launched a missile strike on the Dnipro district in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. In Luhansk oblast, the russians again hit the ammonia production shop on the Azot enterprise. In Donetsk oblast, people are recommended to evacuate.

Towards Sloviansk, hostile russian units are preparing to resume the offensive on the city. The enemy conducted artillery strikes on Dolyna, Chervona Poliana, Nova Dmytrivka, Hrushuvakha and Dibrivne.

Towards Severodonetsk, the enemy is conducting an onslaught to gain full control over the city and create conditions for blocking Ukrainian units. The fighting continues. The enemy carried out artillery shelling in Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Ustynivka, Toshkivka, Zolote and Hirske.

Towards Bakhmut, fire activity was recorded near New York, Zolote, Vrubivka, Komyshuvakha, Berestove and Luhanske.

Towards Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavlovsk and Zaporizhzhia, the occupiers did not conduct any active operations. They carried out shelling with mortars, barrel and rocket artillery in Avdiivka, Tonenke, Nevelske, Marinka, Orikhiv, Opytne and Novobakhmutivka.

The enemy carried out air strikes using Su-25 aircraft near Marinka and Krasnohorivka and Ka-52 helicopters near Novobakhmutivka and Mi-8 near Oleksandropol. Towards Novopavlivske, the enemy strengthened its troops.

Towards Lyman, the enemy did not conduct active hostilities and continued strengthening positions near Sviatohirsk. They are preparing to continue the offensive towards Lyman – Sloviansk. There was shelling near Dronivka and Serebrianka.

Towards Kharkiv, the enemy is trying to prevent the advance of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards the state border. The aggressor shelled Ukrainian units to constraint their actions with mortars, artillery and multiple launch rocket systems in Kharkiv, Krynychna, Husarivka, Bairak and Chepil.

In the South Buh direction, the enemy is defending, trying to improve fortification equipment of the second and third defense lines and carrying out masking activities.

In the Bessarabian direction, the situation has not significantly changed.

Towards Volyn, Polissya and Siversk, the situation has not significantly changed.

The South Operational Command reported: “There are now 40 cruise missiles targeting Ukraine, including two submarines and four surface missile carriers. In addition, now on duty at sea, we have recorded one large landing ship of the russian federation, the rest is kept closer to the base points in the temporarily annexed Crimea.”

Russia is looking for weaknesses in the Ukrainian defense in the Seversky Donets region of eastern Ukraine and has not abandoned attempts to force the river.

“Ukraine loses up to a hundred fighters killed and up to 500 wounded every day, while russia “suffers huge losses”, but so far it has the strength to advance in certain areas of the front, so Ukraine needs heavy weapons, and very quickly,” said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

The head of the US mission to the OSCE Michael Carpenter notes that the russian authorities have begun to formalize the process of annexation of Kherson oblast, accompanied by violations of human rights and international law.

People who are now experiencing the consequences of the war in Ukraine have turned 10-15 years. Diseases that people used to catch, for example, at 60 years old, they will now catch at the age of 45-50 years, in particular due to psychological changes in our body, says Minister of Health Viktor Liashko. According to him, today the most deaths in Ukraine occur due to cardiovascular diseases. Oncological diseases take the second place, since people do not have the opportunity to do early screening.

More than 754 children were injured in Ukraine as a result of full-scale armed aggression of the russian federation. As of the morning of June 10, the official toll of killed children is 263. The number of wounded has increased to 491.

The head of the State Special Communications Service Yurii Shchygol stated at a meeting of the International Telecommunication Union (partly MCE) that as a result of russia’s criminal acts in Ukraine, entire cities have been destroyed, the country’s infrastructure, including telecommunications and television, is being ruined: the occupiers destroy equipment, intercept communication channels, broadcast frequencies, displace and replace Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations with russian propaganda programs for total disinformation of the Ukrainian people. More than 3,000 mobile operator base stations have been completely or partially suspended, 20 television stations are no longer operating, over 20% of telecommunications infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed, thousands of kilometers of fiber networks are not working, several cyberattacks have affected activities of public and private sectors, as well as individuals, more than 50% of the population had interruptions in access to the Internet. He called on the international community to support all efforts to restore national telecommunications and broadcasting.

Zelenskyy imposed sanctions against putin, peskov and more than 30 other russian high-ranking officials.

Minister of Education and Science Serhii Shkarlet announced that on June 10, an additional registration period for taking the national multi-discipline test (NMT) began. 

The russian occupiers changed the stele of Mariupol by translating the name into russian, according to Mariupol mayor councilor Petro Andriushchenko.

Advisor to the Mayor Petro Andriushchenko reports on cases of terror in Mariupol: children are forced to record the anthem of russia, they are punished by being arrested and kept in a cellar for refusing to do this.

Over 38K people left Ukraine yesterday, 37K people arrived, more than 33K of them are Ukrainians. For almost a month, the number of citizens returning to Ukraine is greater than the number of those who go abroad, according to the SBGS.

In a speech to the participants of the Copenhagen Democratic Summit, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that democracy could lose on the European continent if words are not supported by actions. Russia is interested in a much larger territory than the sovereign territory of Ukraine, and it does not recognize the right to independent existence of not only the Ukrainian people. And the state border of Ukraine is an actual front line between freedom and oppression, democracy and authoritarianism.

Since the beginning of aggression against Ukraine in 2014, russia has violated about 400 international treaties, one of the parties to which is Ukraine, in particular the Budapest Memorandum, the Charter of the United Nations, a number of UN conventions and the Helsinki Agreements.

The European Parliament supports Ukraine’s aspirations to obtain the status of a candidate in the EU. This was stated at the Copenhagen Forum of Democracy by President of the European Parliament Roberta Metzola.

37K women, over a thousand of them have already become commanders, serve in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. President’s wife Olena Zelenska shared this insight in a video format at the international conference “Women in Conflicts”, which took place in Brussels.

The Ukrainian government has presented a new wartime economic strategy of Ukraine, in which the state will pay grants for starting a business, buy a stake in new IT companies and train future IT specialists. 8 programs will be launched.

The 12-meter Ukrainian “Mriya” was painted on the façade of a high-rise building in the Khortytsky district of Zaporizhzhia. The legendary plane, which burned down as a result of an enemy attack by russian troops on February 27, is now engraved on a 40 square meter concrete wall.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

The enemy is trying to prevent the Defence Forces of Ukraine from advancing toward the state border. The aggressor shelled our units to push them back with mortars, artillery and multiple rocket launchers in the settlements of Kharkiv, Krynychna, Husarivka, Bayrak and Chepil. Towards Izium, Dolyna, Chervona Poliana, Nova Dmytrivka, Hrushuvakha and Dibrivne are under attack.

In the past 24 hours, the enemy again bombarded еhe residents of Kharkiv and the region with artillery and MLRSs. Shevchenkove, Kharkiv, Chuguyevskyi, Izium and Bohoduhiv Raions were under attack. Houses, warehouses and infrastructure facilities were damaged. Coniferous forests and forest belts caught on fire. During the day 2 civilians were killed and 15 were injured. In Pechenehy settlement, 6 people were hospitalized, and 1 was killed. In Mala Danylivka settlement, 2 people were hospitalised. In Zolochiv, 5 were hospitalized, and 1 was killed. In Vyshneve, 1 hospitalised. A 12-year-old boy was hospitalised in Hrushuvakha village, Izium region.

There was no enemy advance on the contact line. Towards Kharkiv, the enemy is concentrating on the defensive. In Izium, the enemy resupplies and regroups its forces. Our defenders continue to cause significant losses to the invaders in manpower and equipment.

On 10 June, Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov urged Kharkiv residents to be careful because of russian shelling: “They started using more powerful bombs, rockets. The destruction caused today is very significant”. According to Terekhov, the city is being shelled both from the territory of russia and from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The Kharkiv mayor pointed out: “They are now using absolutely all kinds of weapons to destabilize the situation”.

Russia twice shelled an enterprise in the Chuрuiv region, Kharkiv oblast, in 24 hours: a warehouse with oil cake and 4 trucks were on fire.

According to the General Staff during the morning briefing on 10 June, russian troops from the 1st Army Corps of russian Armed Forces refused to take part in military actions due to the losses the invaders suffered in Kharkiv. Combat losses of russian personnel as of 10 June amounted to about 31 900 military personnel.

Around 10K residents in Derhachi, Mala Danylivka, Karavan, Luzhok and Chaykivka settlements were left without gas after the russian shelling.

Donetsk oblast

Enemy units are preparing to resume an offensive against Sloviansk city. The enemy shelled Dolyna, Chervona Poliana, Nova Dmytrivka, Hrushuvakha and Dibrivne with artillery. The invaders continue to fortify near Sviatohirsk and attempt to continue their offensive in the direction of Liman-Sloviansk. Russian invaders are shelling Ukrainian military positions in Marinka. They are using large-calibre artillery, Grad MRLs, and tanks and shelling the city with phosphorus bombs.

According to a report by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), russian troops made slight progress north of Sloviansk, but are likely to encounter difficulties in storming the city due to problems with crossing the Seversky Donets River overnight.

According to the head of the Donetsk Regional Civil Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, the russian army shelled a residential building in Mykolaivka, Donetsk oblast. 1 person was injured.

Civilian medics near the front line are providing medical aid in cars at 160km/h speed to save the injured from shelling. Most of the time they stop bleeding and amputate. Doctors remain in Donbas hospitals threatened by shelling, power and water cuts. Some refuse to evacuate because they are convinced that “without a hospital, there is no city”.

According to Mariupol mayor’s councilor Petro Andriushchenko, russian invaders changed Mariupol’s stele by translating the name into russian.

Luhansk oblast

According to the head of the Luhansk Regional Civil Military Administration, Haidayi the Ukrainian troops destroyed the base of russian Wagner paramilitary organization fighters in the temporarily occupied Luhansk oblast yesterday on June 09. The Armed Forces Of Ukraine hit the base located at the stadium in Kadiivka: a fire broke out and 1 mercenary survived.

According to the head of the Luhansk Regional Civil-Military Administration, Serhiy Haidai, the russian invaders have no time to “take” Severodonetsk – for the third time they have changed the date of the “capture” and moved it to June 22. Fighting continues in Severodonetsk, as well as in the settlements of Hirska and Popasna communities. The russian troops destroyed more than 30 houses in the region over the past 24 hours.

The Armed Forces Of Ukraine destroyed a base of Wagner’s fighters in the temporarily occupied Luhansk oblast. The information was confirmed by the head of the Luhansk Regional Administration, Serhiy Haidai. The base is located at the stadium in Kadiivka, which the russians occupied in 2014.

Northern regions

The border areas are continuously shelled with mortars and small arms. The enemy conducts air reconnaissance using UAVs.

Kyiv oblast

According to the head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration Olexiy Kuleba, the operational staff in Kyiv oblast works 24/7 and under no timeline. The defense lines are fortified and the military personnel have been increased.

Yesterday, on June 9, delegations from the parliaments of the EU Member States paid a working visit to the region near the capital. The foreign guests were able to witness the consequences of the russian military invasion of peaceful settlements in Kyiv oblast. They went to Borodyanka, damaged by russian invaders. In Bucha they visited the sites of the mass graves of civilians killed by the occupants. In Irpin they inspected residential areas destroyed by missile and bombing attacks.

On June 5, russian troops launched a missile strike on our Darnytia Railroad Car Repair Plant. Ukrzaliznytsia is grateful to the journalists who arrived at the scene and showed the world that there was no military equipment at the plant. Ukrzaliznytsia is grateful to local volunteers who came to help clear the wreckage after the shelling. This allowed the plant to return to work as early as yesterday, four days later. Work begins in the shops, where it is possible. The employees are collecting the undamaged equipment and resuming car repairs.

Kyiv Regional Military Administration gave an update on demining results  in Kyiv oblast.

The bottom of the water areas on Kyiv beaches is being checked for explosive objects. With martial law and for safety reasons, residents are advised not to visit beaches and recreational areas.

In Kyiv oblast, the works are still underway to resume operation of the intercity bus routes Boguslav – Kyiv and Chabany – Kyiv. All districts of Kyiv region are provided with passenger transportation.

In Dmytrivka, the first five houses are being built for people who lost their homes due to  combat operations. The walls have already been built in the houses. The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the month. Olexiy Kuleba, Head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration informed that as part of the project, it is planned to build 15 such houses using donor funds.

Kyiv oblast remains in the top three business-attractive territories of Ukraine. About 90% of companies in the region have already resumed their work, although not to their full capacity. In March and April 1,017 new business entities were registered in Kyiv oblast. Since the beginning of the year, proceeds to the budgets of all levels from small and medium businesses amounted to almost 7.6 billion hryvnias.

After the oblast territory was liberated from the invaders, it became one of the host regions within the relocation program initiated by the government. Nine enterprises have already relocated their facilities to Kyiv oblast, four more are in the process of arranging transportation, and 13 enterprises are now considering premises offered for relocation.

Zhytomyr oblast

The residents of Zhytomyr oblast whose homes were destroyed or became unsuitable for living due to russian bombing will be able to receive financial aid by lump sum and without a rental agreement.

As of today, the swimming season begins in Zhytomyr, and water quality indicators are within the norm. However, there is no technical possibility to provide safety during air raid alarms on the grounds of the water park. Therefore, each Zhytomyr citizen is self-responsible for spending their leisure time in the water park,” said Mykola Didkivskyi, the Head of the Department of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense.

The XIII regional holiday of arts and crafts ‘Maysternuyi Cherven’ (‘Masterful June’) will take place in Zhytomyr from June 10 to June 17 to promote the folk arts and crafts of the region.

Chernihiv oblast

In the morning, the enemy shelled our territory three times with conventional artillery and mortars. More than 20 explosions were recorded in a border area of Novhorod-Siverskyi district.

Demining of Chernihiv oblast continues. High-priority work to restore damaged infrastructure continues.

The Spring sowing campaign comes to an end in Chernihiv region. This year it is being conducted under extremely difficult conditions: first, there were heavy combat operations, followed by demining of our territories which is still being carried out. At the same time, farmers have begun preparations for harvesting and preserving the new crop.

The First Lady Olena Zelenska has sent humanitarian aid to family-type orphanages in Chernihiv. It included things one might need to resume a peaceful life: laptops, multi cookers, smartphones, washing machines, tablets, refrigerators, as well as electric and gas cookers.

Sumy oblast

Yesterday, the russians were dropping bombs on our border territories using kamikaze drones with ammunition and a quadcopter dropping a grenade launcher ordnance on Krasnopillya community.

Yesterday afternoon, Dmytro Zhyvytsky, the Head of Sumy Regional Military Administration said that Air Force aircraft shot down an enemy cruise missile over Romny district during an air alert.

On the night of 10 June, russia opened mortar fire about seven times on the territory of the Seredyno-Buda community. Dmytro Zhyvytsky, the Head of Sumy Regional Military Administration said there were no casualties or damage.

Another 10 russian ordnances fired from the russian territory exploded in Shostka district around 11 a.m.

More than 1.3 million hectares of land have been inspected in Sumy oblast. These areas include critical infrastructure, housing, railways and roads, as well as agricultural land. In more than 100 days of the war, EOD specialists from the State Emergency Situations Service in Sumy oblast alone have disposed of more than 5K ordnances.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

On June 9, russian troops shelled the village Hannivka, Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk oblast. There are no victims. Power supply was damaged.

At night the enemy again fired on Kryvyi Rih district. 3 communities were under fire. Destructions were reported in Zelenodolsk community. A 41-year-old woman received a shrapnel wound. In the morning, a missile strike hit Dnipro district.

Russian shelling of the Apostolovo community 

The invaders also shelled the border area of Shirokiv and Zelenodolsk communities using Grad rocket launchers. The head of regional council Mykola Lukashuk said that fortunately the territory of settlements was not struck and there are no victims. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an enemy drone in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. It is the 9th enemy drone, destroyed in the region. Fragment of this drone fell in Poltava region.

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration Valentyna Reznichenko informed that Zelenodolsk and Shyrokiv communities suffered the most from enemy shelling. Unfortunately, 6 people were killed there. 179 residential buildings, 2 schools, kindergartens and a hospital were destroyed and damaged. Due to the shelling, villages and cities are littered with cluster munitions. People often have no gas, electricity and water supply.

De-mining of territories continues. Sappers found and de-mined two more “Uragan” missiles in Kryvyi Rih district.

The head of the Kryvyi Rih military administration Oleksandr Vilkul informed that evacuation of the population continues. About 70% of residents are evacuated in some settlements of the district.

Almost 50K internally displaced persons are sheltered in Kryvyi Rih. In the city, there are 2 Centers for internally displaced persons with a room for children and a psychologist’s office. These Centers help people to obtain status and find accomodation, provide medical care and food kits.

One of the largest mining and metallurgical plants in the country,  halted in March due to the war, is resuming and continuing production. ”ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” has launched one of the blast furnaces, a rolling mill, a converter and one of three continuous casting machines. The launch of all facilities is still far away, but the company  has started this process. The company developed new logistic routes and is looking for new markets.

Currently, all 7 industrial enterprises operate in Kryvyi Rih. There are 21 out of 22 large industrial enterprises in the region.

Vinnytsia oblast

An entrepreneur who helped men avoid conscription and leave Ukraine for $ 8,000 was detained. The organizer and three conscripts, who tried to cross the border, were detained by police on the border near the village Kozliv, Mohyliv-Podilskyi district. A pre-trial investigation is continuing.

Residents of the village Lukashivka, Dnipropetrovsk oblast are collecting humanitarian aid for residents of the village Lukashivka, Chernihiv oblast. Vinnytsia volunteers helped contact residents from Chernihiv oblast and create a list of required things. Residents of neighboring villages also joined to help.

There are no major changes in other regions of Central Ukraine.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia direction hasn’t changed. The main forces of the occupiers are concentrated in the area of ​​Orikhov and Huliapole. During the past day, the enemy tried to restrain the forces of the Ukrainian army and systematically fired on the positions of Ukrainian units.

Yesterday, Ukrainian defenders destroyed 16 units of personnel, 7 units were injured. Ukrainian fighters also destroyed an enemy ammunition depot, as well as a tank, howitzer, armored combat vehicle, mortar and one unit of vehicles.

According to the head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration Oleksandr Starukh, the situation on the demarcation line in Zaporizhzhia oblast has become quieter due to the regrouping of enemy troops. Evacuation from the temporarily occupied territories continues by private transport or with the help of volunteers.

As of today, June 10, due to damage of power supply lines, 21 398 consumers have no power supply in 76 settlements of Zaporizhzhia oblast. Yesterday, ZaporizhzhiaOblEnrho resumed energy supply to 4 316 consumers.

The situation with gas supply hasn’t significantly changed. Today 81 094 households in 106 settlements of the region are without gas supply. 48 settlements of Berdyansk and Melitopol districts remain disconnected from gas supply due to damage of the main gas pipeline in Donetsk oblast.

In total, 1 411 private buildings in the region were completely destroyed or partially damaged.

In Zaporizhzhia oblast, the occupiers continue to kidnap Ukrainian citizens. As of the evening of June 9, 2022, 321 civilians were held hostage by the occupiers. 200 of them have been released and 121 remain hostages.

Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration announces that there will be an extended curfew in Vasylivka, Berdyansk, Melitopol and Pologi districts this weekend. It will begin at 22.00 on June 11, 2022 and end at 05.00 on June 13, 2022.

ZRSA reports that since the beginning of the summer, 8 319 people, including 1 718 children, have been evacuated from the temporarily occupied territories via Zaporizhia.

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, russian officials are stealing grain from local farmers. Recently, they have scaled up thefts. The mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov reported about it. He noted that the russian occupiers began stealing grain from local farmers more than a month ago. They took grain from elevators and exported it to the Crimea by truck (20-30 cars a day). Now the occupiers have started using other types of transport.

Mykolaiv region

In Mykolaiv oblast attacks on the Berezneguvatsky community continue. The information on casualties and injuries is being clarified. Shirokivska and Ingulska communities were under fire mainly on agricultural lands outside the settlements.

Over the past day, 15 people were injured in Mykolayiv oblast.

The Ukrainian military destroyed three warehouses of the russian army.

The head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration Vitaly Kim reported that Oleg Pylypenko, the head of the Shevchenkivka United Territorial Community, kidnapped more than two months ago, has been released from russian captivity. 

According to the councilor to the head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration Igor Burda gas and diesel fuel is being transported in sufficient quantity to Mykolaiv oblast. Fuel comes from Bulgaria and Romania.

Pervomaisk is working on a project to build apartment buildings for internally displaced persons. Preliminarily, it is planned to build 34 houses with 1 200 apartments.

On June 11, the United Nations (UN) will continue to distribute bread under the World Food Program in Mykolayiv. Also, starting from June 14, the number of distribution points in the city will increase by more than 1.5 times due to the increase in funding from UN donors.

Odesa region

In the Black Sea, the naval group of the Black Sea Fleet of the russian federation was reinforced by another submarine – a carrier of cruise missiles. Currently 40 cruise missiles and one ropucha-class landing ship are ready to fire on the territory of Ukraine. The threat of missile strikes from the sea remains high. The blockade of the northwestern part of the Black Sea continues. 

Two men suspected of collaborating with russians were detained in Odessa yesterday. This was reported in the press service of the Patrol Police. One man was found with photos of military facilities on his phone, as well as pro-russian telegram channels. Another man was found with photos of checkpoints on his phone, as well as active communication with subscribers from the russian federation.

The press service of the Odessa regional prosecutor’s office reported that in Odesa oblast, four people will be sued for attacking IDPs and taking away their cars and valuables worth UAH 750,000.

After the russian invasion, mass deaths of dolphins in the Black Sea were recorded. Director of the Ukrainian Research Center for Marine Ecology Viktor Komorin spoke about the negative impact of military action on the marine environment. The launch of submarine-launched missiles by the russian fleet in the Black Sea, dumping of spent fuel and sinking of ships have made a negative impact on the ecological condition of the sea and its inhabitants.

Kherson oblast

On the contact line, the russian army continues to conduct hostilities on the occupied frontier, strengthens positions, draws up weapons and mines the territory. There are many mined fields, roads and bridges in the occupied settlements.

According to the Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexei Gromov, the russian federation aims to capture Kherson oblast, and then launch the offensive in Mykolayiv and Odessa.

Yesterday, the Air Forces of Ukraine made a series of strikes on the base, places of enemy equipment and personnel buildup, on the adjusted pontoon crossing and field formations of the russian army in five different settlements of Kherson oblast.

Currently, the situation in the temporarily occupied Kherson oblast remains complex. There is still no mobile connection and partly no Internet in the occupied territory. Some communities and communities can be partially connected.

In Kherson oblast, the occupying forces and representatives of the collaborating authorities began a new wave of preparations for the referendum on joining russia.

The russian military illegally detained Sergei Chernousov, a village council deputy and  Chornobaiv Lyceum coach as reported by his wife.

The Center for Combating Disinformation explained how the information blockade in the Kherson oblast works. Information blockades are used in the occupied territories by disrupting its information links to force citizens to change their minds, take certain actions or refrain from them. Isolation is the complete restriction of access to truthful information and introduction of the “everyone has forgotten about you” narrative. Examples of information blockade in the occupied territories are the connection to the rossinternet; disconnection of Ukrainian mobile communication with blaming Ukraine; distribution of russian SIM cards; broadcasting russian news about Ukraine’s “defeat” in the war.

During a press conference in Vienna, the head of the US mission to the OSCE, Michael Carpenter, commented on the situation in Kherson: “Kherson has become what I would call a laboratory of horrors. Unfortunately, all these are well-known steps. We believe that the Kremlin is waiting to join the Kherson oblast to russia. We believe that a referendum is one of the possible ways.”

Counter-intelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine detained a resident of Kherson oblast who, after the start of a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, sided with the enemy. The investigation gathered evidence and established that the suspect, together with russian servicemen, was directly involved in the search, detention and torture of pro-Ukrainian citizens, participated in hostilities in one of the territorial communities of Kherson oblast. The suspect faces up to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Red Cross volunteers take care of 250 residents of Kherson every day. Volunteers deliver grocery kits around the city and work with condominium leaders to help as many people as possible.

Western regions

Zakarpattia oblast

Zakarpattia has received humanitarian aid from Israeli partners. Myroslav Biletsky, the first deputy head of the Zakarpattia Regional Military Administration, reported that two trucks with medicines and equipment were distributed for different purposes , specifically to provide medical care to patients in outpatient departments and even in the “field”.

In Uzhhorod, instead of the image of lenin, a patriotic mural with a tit appeared. Six people, four of them artists, worked on the mural for more than two weeks. Three artists are local and one girl is an internally displaced from Kharkiv.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

In the village of Zagvizdya near Ivano-Frankivsk, volunteers have convened a “War Shelter” for women with children. The head of the organization Valeria Kushnirenko said that philanthropists rented a house before the full-scale war and planned to build a “Mother’s House”, a shelter for women in difficult circumstances. However, now mothers with children whose homes were destroyed by the russian army will settle here. Approximately 16 families can live here.

Lviv oblast

On Friday, June 10, the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko, during the Donors’ Forum, presented the project of the center of the National Rehabilitation Center “Unbreakable”, which will be built in Lviv. Doctors shared the insight on specifics of its operation. Over 2 million euros have already been raised for the Center construction. The head of the German Ministry of Health, Karl Lauterbach, who opened the Donors’ Forum in Lviv, said that Germany would help Ukrainians wounded during the war, notably to those with severe burns and those who lost limbs. 200 doctors from the German Medical Association have already volunteered to work in Ukraine.

There were no significant changes in other regions.

International support

The Ministry of Defense of Finland reported that Finland will provide a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. The decision was approved by President Sauli Niinisto at the government’s proposal.

Germany will provide medical support to Ukraine by helping with prosthetics, setting up trauma centers and referring its doctors.

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