War in Ukraine today: latest news, June 30, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 492nd day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The russian occupiers launched another missile and air strike on the territory of Ukraine, using 4 anti-aircraft guided missiles from S-300 and 13 Iranian Shahed-136/131 strike UAVs against military and infrastructure facilities in Zaporizhzhia oblast. The Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed 10 out of 13 Shahed-136/131 attack UAVs. 

In total, the enemy launched 8 missile and 34 air strikes, firing 40 times from multiple launch rocket systems at the positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements. Unfortunately, civilians have been killed and wounded, and more than 20 civilian residential buildings and an educational complex damaged.

There is still a high threat of missile and air strikes throughout Ukraine.

The enemy continues to focus its main efforts on Lyman, Bakhmut and Marinka, and heavy fighting continues. There were 18 combat engagements over the day.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, the situation remained unchanged. There were no signs of offensive groups forming.

Certain units of the Armed Forces of belarus are performing tasks in the areas bordering Ukraine. Combat training and coordination activities of the russian Armed Forces units are underway at the training grounds of the republic of belarus before they are sent to the areas of combat operations in Ukraine. 

The enemy maintains a military presence towards Siversk and Sloboda. They shelled more than 10 settlements with mortars and artillery. Among them are Krasni Lozy, Chernihiv oblast; Baranivka and Svoboda in Sumy oblast; Udy, Hatyshche, Ohirtseve and Dvorichanske in Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Kupiansk, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensive actions near Novoselivske in Luhansk oblast. There was an airstrike near Kyslivka, Kharkiv oblast. Putnykove, Fiholivka, Dvorichna, Masiutivka, Kupiansk and Kyslivka in Kharkiv oblast came under enemy artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Lyman, the enemy conducted airstrikes near Bilohorivka in Luhansk oblast and Spirne and Rozdolivka in Donetsk oblast. More than 10 settlements came under artillery fire, including Bilohorivka in Luhansk oblast and Torske, Dibrova, Verkhnekamianske, Rozdolivka, Berestove in Donetsk oblast.

Towards Bakhmut, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensives in the areas of Bohdanivka and Khromove in Donetsk oblast. There was an airstrike near Niu York in Donetsk oblast. About 15 settlements suffered from enemy artillery shelling, including Chasiv Yar, Kostiantynivka, Klishchiyivka, Bila Hora, Diliivka, Pivdenne, Donetsk oblast. 

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy conducted unsuccessful offensives in the areas of Avdiivka and Pervomaiske with the support of aviation. They shelled more than 15 settlements with artillery, namely Ocheretyno, Keramik, Avdiivka, Sievierne, Vodiane and Nevelske in Donetsk oblast.

Towards Marinka, our defenders repelled all enemy attacks in the vicinity of Marinka. At the same time, the enemy launched an airstrike near the city. They shelled about 10 settlements, including Krasnohorivka, Marinka, Heorhiivka and Pobieda in Donetsk oblast.

Towards Shakhtarsk, the enemy conducted airstrikes in the areas of Blahodatne and Zolota Nyva in Donetsk oblast. 15 settlements were shelled, including Paraskoviivka, Blahodatne, Vuhledar, Novoukrainka, Shakhtarske in Donetsk oblast.

Towards Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, the enemy is focusing its main efforts on preventing the advance of our troops. There was an airstrike near Antonivka, Kherson oblast. They shelled over 40 settlements with artillery, namely Novodarivka, Levadne, Huliaipole, Zaliznychne, Huliaipolske, Mala Tokmachka, Novodanylivka, Orikhiv, Novoandriivka in Zaporizhzhia oblast and Dudchany, Antonivka, Kherson, Stepanivka, Dniprovske in Kherson oblast. 

Russian occupation forces continue to kill each other on the battlefield. Thus, in the village of Serhiivka, Kherson oblast, after the next rotation in the positions, from June 15 to the present, up to 10 enemy soldiers have been blown up on mines laid by the previous rotation in one of the units of the 5th Army of the Eastern Military District.

At the same time, the russian occupiers continue to loot and use the civilian medical infrastructure of the temporarily occupied settlements to provide medical care to their wounded soldiers. In Novopskov, Luhansk oblast, russian soldiers loaded furniture from the maternity hospital onto military vehicles and took it to an unknown destination, and the territory of the maternity hospital is being converted into a field hospital.

Aviation of the defense forces conducted 10 strikes on buildups of enemy personnel and a strike on the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile system. 

Rocket and artillery units struck 6 buildups of enemy manpower, weapons and military equipment, 3 ammunition depots, 24 artillery pieces at firing positions and an occupier’s electronic warfare station.

The Main Intelligence Directorate informs that occupiers are gradually leaving the territory of Zaporizhzhia NPP. It is known that the staff received an order to blame Ukraine in any emergency situation. 

Oleksii Reznikov, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, says that the Verkhovna Rada passed a bill on monthly additional payments to military personnel during martial law. From now on, servicemen who take part in combat operations or activities necessary to ensure the defense of Ukraine will receive an additional payment of UAH 30 K to 100 K; conscripts – UAH 6 K; cadets – UAH 2,350; instructors of training centers – from 15 K to 30 K UAH. Also, the payment of UAH 20,100 will be guaranteed to wounded servicemen who are unable to perform military service in their respective positions due to health reasons.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reports that towards Kupiansk, the russian army launched an airstrike on Kyslivka in Kharkiv oblast. russia shelled at least 10 settlements with mortars and artillery.

Oleh Syniehubov, Head of the RMA, informs that russian occupiers fired artillery and mortar shells at the border and frontline areas of Kupiansk and Chuhuiv regions. Vovchansk in Chuhuiv region, Kyslivka and Berestove in Kupiansk region and others came under hostile fire. There were no reports of casualties or large-scale damage.

That night, at around 3:30 am, in Paniutyno, Lozova region, a 13-year-old boy found an explosive device (probably a grenade) in his yard, picked it up, and it exploded. He was hospitalized with injuries.

In the village of Cherneshchyna, Izium region, on the territory of the agricultural enterprise, an MTZ-80 tractor was blown up by an unidentified explosive device. The tractor driver received minor injuries and did not need hospitalization.

Demining operations are ongoing. SES pyrotechnics defused 162 ordnance.

Donetsk oblast

As Andrii Kovaliev, Spokesman for the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, states that towards Pryvillia and Zaliznianske, near Bakhmut, Ukrainian troops have partially succeeded. On the flanks of Bakhmut, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are driving russian troops out of the previously seized territories and consolidating their positions. According to Denys Yaroslavsky, Ukrainian Armed Forces serviceman, if Klishchiyivka is liberated and Berkhivka, north of the city, is controlled, it will be possible to talk about the operational encirclement of Bakhmut.

Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office said that a resident of Kramatorsk, who is suspected of coordinating a rocket attack on the city on 27 June, was sentenced to 60 days in custody as a preventive measure. He faces 15 years in prison or life imprisonment.

Oleksandr Honcharenko, Head of Kramatorsk RMA, says that Kramatorsk has announced a three-day mourning period for all those killed in the rocket attack on the city on 27 June. A total of 12 people were killed in the shelling of the cafe, including three children – a 17-year-old and two 14-year-old girls. As many as 60 people were wounded and injured as a result of the two rocket attacks.

Employees of the pizzeria pay tribute to their colleagues who were killed by a russian missile strike. Photo: Instagram account of Ria Pizza Kramatorsk

In the afternoon, the russian military shelled the territory of a school in Serhiivka, Pokrovsk region. According to Anastasia Medviedieva, Spokeswoman for the Donetsk regional prosecutor’s office, at the time of the shelling, there were 12 civilians inside the school, including representatives of the administration, teachers and technical staff. The shelling killed a 56-year-old primary school teacher and the chief accountant. Six staff members were taken to hospital with mine-blast injuries and shrapnel wounds. At the site, rescuers dismantled 55 tonnes of destroyed building structures.

Shelling of the Pokrovska community, Serhiivka. Photo: Prosecutor’s Office of Donetsk region

Towards Volnovakha, russians fired 17 times at Vuhledar, Novoukrainka and Bohoiavlenka came under fire.

Towards Donetsk, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka community and Ocheretyne were shelled.

Towards Horlivka, the enemy shelled Kostiantynivka with Smerches, damaging 18 private houses, a shop, a warehouse, a water and gas pipeline. Toretsk and Chasiv Yar communities were shelled.

Towards Lysychansk, a house in Zvanivka was destroyed, and five attacks on Lyman community were recorded.

Pavlo Kyrylenko, Head of Donetsk RMA said that two civilians were wounded by russians in Serebrianka and Avdiivka.

Luhansk oblast

Bilohorivka is holding out. The enemy again tried to storm the area, but was forced to retreat under pressure from the Defence Forces. All these enemy attacks were accompanied by air and artillery support. Nevske also came under fire.

Meanwhile, the invaders are preparing Sievierodonetsk for the second winter of occupation. Local residents quietly watched as alleged specialists cut down a boiler house in a new district of the city under the guise of renovation. Now only the frame remains. The boilers and communications disappeared in an unknown direction.

The Luhansk Regional Military Administration said that the social media pages of children from the so-called ‘luhansk people’s republic’ will be checked for extremism by teachers-collaborators. This order was received from the ‘Ministry of Education and Science of the LPR’.

The National Guard repelled an enemy attack in Luhansk oblast, killing 40 occupiers and wounding more than 100. The battle lasted about 18 hours and included joint work of various groups, as well as aerial reconnaissance support and fire correction.

Due to shelling by russian troops in Luhansk oblast, over 26,000 hectares of forests were destroyed. Infrastructure, educational and healthcare facilities have also been damaged. Preliminary, the russian army has caused UAH 477 billion worth of damage to nature.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

The first meeting of the International Working Group on the Environmental Consequences of War took place in Kyiv. The group includes former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Margot Wallström, Vice President of the European Parliament Heidi Gautala, President of Ireland in 1990-1997 Mary Robinson, environmental activist Greta Thunberg. According to the President’s Office, an international working group arrived in Ukraine on June 29 to assess both current and future environmental impact of the war.

Mike Pence, former Vice President of the United States, paid a visit to Kyiv oblast. Ruslan Kravchenko, Head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration informed that as part of the visit, the American delegation visited Moshchun village, where fierce battles took place during the defense of Kyiv oblast. They also visited Bucha and Irpin, where russian occupation forces committed horrific crimes against the civilian population.

The European Congress of Ukrainians (ECU) and the Ukrainian Center for Security and Cooperation (UCSC) will open a joint office in Kyiv and launch cooperation to counter russian influence in the world.

Additional sensors for measuring radiation levels have been installed in Kyiv, located in Holosiivskyi and Sviatoshynskyi districts. According to Kyiv City State Administration, there are currently seven sensors in the capital that transmit information about radiation levels in real time to the Kyiv Digital app.

Kyiv City Military Administration reported that the 3rd Kyiv Volunteer Forum was held in the capital. Participants presented their successful cases, shared their experience and raised funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the World of Good charity fair.

The documentary series Culture in Time of War, a joint project of the EU Delegation to Ukraine and the educational multimedia community Ukraїner, was presented in Kyiv. The film collection will consist of five separate films created as a result of socio-cultural expeditions to the north, south, east, west, and central Ukraine. Each will showcase the most notable cultural events, institutions, and artists in the context of the full-scale war: how museums became volunteer hubs where exhibits were kept safe from danger, what artworks were created by artists, performers, and writers, and why.

Zhytomyr oblast

A special cancellation of the second postal issue of the Ukrposhta stamp series titled “Glory to the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine!” took place at Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration on the day of liberation of Zmiinyi Island from russian occupiers. According to Ukrposhta’s tradition, funds raised from the sale of the stamp will be used to purchase a maritime combat drone that will protect Ukrainian seas and cities from enemy missiles.

Seven football teams competed for the victory in the charity football tournament “Forging Victory” in Novohuivinske community. Next to the football field, volunteers arranged several entertainment locations and a field kitchen where people could eat borscht or donuts for a nominal fee. The funds raised will be used to purchase vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Sumy oblast

On June 29, the russians opened fire 10 times at the border areas. In total, there were 74 explosions recorded using mortars and multiple rocket launchers. Sumy Regional Military Administration reported that Krasnopillia, Miropillia, and Bilopillia communities were shelled. As a result of one of the shelling, 3 private households, a private car, and a garage were damaged in Krasnopillia community.

At night and in the morning of June 30, the enemy launched 3 attacks. The enemy fired 2 mortar bombs at Seredyno-Buda community and two rounds from grenade launchers in Shalyhine community.

Rescuers conducted mine awareness courses to children living in difficult situations and their caregivers from Sumy’s Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children. The pupils were instructed what to do if they came across a suspicious item, demonstrated what explosive items look like, and were informed about the risks associated with them.

From June 23 to June 30, the Cultural Troop event was held in Sumy oblast. The program included numerous meetings with the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, and the Military Task Force at their positions, visited soldiers undergoing treatment and recovery in hospitals, and communicated with the civilian population, and most importantly – art therapy, cultural and psychological support for Ukrainian soldiers at the front and local people.

Chernihiv oblast

On June 29, border settlements came under enemy fire: Hremyach, Bleshnya, Tymonovychi, Senkivka, Leonivka, and Hirsk. According to the State Border Guard Service, in total, there were nine attacks from various types of weapons: 23 explosions of 120-mm and 82-mm mines, 15 explosions from enemy artillery.

Two russian soldiers will be tried for the premeditated murder of four civilians. According to the investigation, in March 2022, a senior lieutenant of the Russian Armed Forces, who served as a tank platoon commander, and his subordinate, a sergeant, a tank commander, in Olshana village, Pryluky regiont, shot two civilian cars that did not pose any threat to them with automatic weapons. In one of them, two men were carrying bread and food to the residents of Ichnia ATC, and in the other, two residents of Ichnia were going to the hospital in Pryluky. As a result of the shooting, the drivers and passengers died on the spot. 

In Novhorod-Siverskyi city territorial community, Maria Halashko, resident of Yukhnove village, celebrated her 100th birthday. She witnessed the Holodomor and the Second World War, gave birth to and raised a son and a daughter, has 7 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

According to Mykola Lukashuk, Head of the Regional Council, the enemy shelled Nikopol with heavy artillery on June 29. 

Nikopol City Council reported that Nikopol has received equipment for temporary shelters from the Czech organization Man in Need: water tanks, food storage boxes, candles, flashlights, and fire extinguishers. 

Vinnytsia oblast

To support defenders in captivity and draw public attention to this issue, a former prisoner of war, combat medic Yurii Armash met with the citizens of Vinnytsia.

Vinnytsia City Council reported that more than 200 children from Vinnytsia will spend their summer vacation in the Polish city of Kielce. These are children of defenders, as well as students of local sports schools. Various activities will be organized for the kids abroad so that they can relax and emotionally unload.

Kirovohrad oblast

In Kropyvnytskyi, Canadian tsarsis and tulip trees were planted in memory of Natalia Yatsun, a medic from the Hospitalier volunteer medical battalion with the call sign Avstriika.

According to Andrii Raikovych, Head of the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration, in Kropyvnytskyi, during the presentation of awards to medal-winning graduates, the results of the campaign First a Drone, Then Flowers were announced.  More than UAH 1 million was raised. 

Poltava oblast

According to Dmytro Lunin, Head of Poltava RMA, the first regional command and staff cybersecurity exercise was held in Poltava oblast. Representatives of the National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Coordination Centre, the State Special Communications Service, and entrepreneurs from the region’s leading industries studied information on responding to and tackling cyberattacks. Poltava became the third oblast to host a meeting of the National Cybersecurity Cluster.

Cherkasy oblast

According to Ihor Taburets, Head of Cherkasy RMA, FC LNZ together with the RMA sent three microbuses to the assault battalion of the 3rd Brigade. All of them have undergone maintenance and are equipped with night vision systems. They also sent 3 quadcopters, 6 thermal imagers, and 4 thermal sights. 

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Last night, the enemy attacked Ukraine with Iranian Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones. In total, the occupiers sent 13 drones, 9 of which were destroyed by air defense forces in Zaporizhzhia oblast. Last night, units of the East Air Command destroyed 7 Shahed-136 UAVs in Zaporizhzhia oblast. Two kamikaze drones were also destroyed.

The National Police in Zaporizhzhia oblast reports that the russian occupation forces struck Zaporizhzhia and the oblast with S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, multiple rocket launchers and artillery pieces. In total, on June 29, the enemy struck 66 times at 15 settlements in the oblast, including Zaporizhzhia. As a result of russian aggression, civilians’ homes were destroyed, adjacent territories and personal vehicles damaged. Two civilians were killed in the shelling: a 66-year-old resident of Mala Tokmachka and a 66-year-old resident of Novodanylivka. A 52-year-old resident of Orikhiv was taken to the hospital with shrapnel injuries to his torso.

Consequences of another shelling of Zaporizhzhia. Photo: National Police of Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration.

The occupiers do not give the bodies of teenagers Tigran Ohanisian and Mykyta Khanhanov, killed in Berdiansk, to their relatives for funeral. Instead, in an attempt to conceal their crimes, the russians transported the bodies of the killed boys to Melitopol.

Today, at about 9:30 am, a missile attack was launched on the airport in Berdiansk, which was used by the occupiers as a place of deployment of attack helicopters. The Berdiansk military administration reported that the strike hit the occupiers’ headquarters and ammunition depots.

According to the latest data, the occupation contingent is gradually leaving the territory of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Among the first to leave the station were three Rosatom employees who were leading the russians’ actions. The remaining staff was ordered to ‘blame Ukraine in case of any emergency’. They also note that the number of military patrols in Enerhodar is gradually decreasing.

The occupiers decided to completely restrict the rights of residents of the captured Melitopol region. Now they are not allowed to drive their cars anywhere.

By destroying the dam, russia not only caused a terrible environmental disaster, but also incredible finds. Many artifacts were buried in the previously flooded areas, including those of the Cossack and even Old Rus era. During another survey, a long boat made of a single oak trunk, almost 7 m long, was found on a previously flooded section of the shore. Researchers believe that the condition of the wood corresponds to 500 years of age. But they will say more precisely after radiocarbon analysis.

Mykolaiv oblast

The ‘South’ Operational Command reports that last night, in Mykolaiv oblast, the air defense forces destroyed a Shahed-136/131 attack UAV. In total, on June 29, a Merlin-BP reconnaissance UAV and a Lancet strike UAV were destroyed.

According to the Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine, residents of Mykolaiv oblast affected by the flooding began receiving financial assistance from the UN International Organization for Migration. As of June 29, a one-time cash assistance of UAH 6,600 was paid by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), totaling UAH 105.6 K.

Odesa oblast

On June 30, 2022, the South Command reported that the Ukrainian military had successfully conducted an operation on Zmeinyi Island, as a result of which the russians hastily evacuated the remnants of the garrison with two speedboats and presumably left the island. Five days later, the Ukrainian Armed Forces installed a Ukrainian flag on the island. At the same time, it was reported that Zmeinyi Island had been returned to Ukrainian control, and the national flag had been delivered there by helicopter.

A charity dance marathon in Reni raised UAH 53,252. The funds have been sent to the guys from the 22nd Separate Infantry Brigade to purchase a 4×4 pickup truck, which will be equipped with an LNG or METIS machine to destroy enemy light armored vehicles.

In the last days of May and throughout June, a dozen dead dolphins have been recorded on the shores of the Northwest Black Sea. There are still many mines in the sea that spontaneously explode and can kill or injure animals. It should be mentioned that during this time there were frequent cases of missile launches from Kalibr carriers in the Black Sea, which created powerful dolphin-killing noise.  In total, according to the National Park’s data and estimates, more than 50 K Black Sea cetaceans died during the war.

Kherson oblast

As stated by Kherson RMA, the russian army fired 72 times at Kherson oblast. There were  eight shells fired at Kherson, hitting a humanitarian aid distribution center, an educational and medical facility. Three people were killed and four wounded.

According to Kherson RMA, in the morning, russian artillery attacked a residential area in Kherson. A 72-year-old woman was seriously injured. She was hospitalized with wounds to her chest and leg. The russians also shelled the village of Mykhailivka in the Novooleksandrivka community. A 70-year-old man was wounded in an artillery strike. 

According to Kherson RMA, children from Kherson oblast have found refuge in Turkey. To save the children away from russian missiles, the Rush Foundation provided them with a shelter in Antalya as part of the Childhood Without War project. 18 children and 8 adults will spend two months in Antalya, but if they wish, they can stay there until the end of the war. These children are deprived of parental care. Among them are those whose homes were flooded because russian terrorists blew up the Kakhovka HPP dam. 

The first deputy chairman of the regional council informs that the temporarily occupied left bank of Kherson oblast is at risk of deteriorating epidemiological conditions. The occupation authorities neither sanitize the areas affected by the flooding and nor provide medical services to locals without a russian passport. 

Yaroslav Shanko, Deputy Head of Kherson RMA, met with representatives of the UN mission. The delegation was headed by Edmore Tondhlan, Director of the UNHCR Office, OCHA. The main issue of the meeting was to provide assistance to the settlements affected by the flooding and restore them, as well as to discuss the needs of the region’s communities.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

The Volyn Sich national-patriotic tent camp started in Volyn. Young citizens of Volyn will gain practical skills in the basics of the national sport Rukopashu hopak, tactical medicine, topography, tourism, as well as try their hand at overcoming a military obstacle course, gain additional knowledge of the history of the oblast, and master basics of military training.

Zakarpattia oblast

Robert Brovdi, Commander of the legendary aerial reconnaissance unit Birds of Magiar, from Zakarpattia, received the For Development of Zakarpattia badge. The award was presented by Viktor Mykyta, Head of Zakarpattia RMA, who is on a working visit in the area of ​​hostilities in the East of Ukraine.

Viktor Mykyta, Head of the RMA, paid a working visit to Dnipropetrovsk RMA. They agreed to send 100 children from Dnipropetrovsk oblast to the Austrian federal state of Burgenland on vacation. They also agreed to send the families of soldiers and other defenders from the security sector of Dnipropetrovsk oblast to recreation centers of Zakarpattia on a systematic basis.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

The Care for the Hero’s Family campaign to improve the health of children of fallen Heroes within the framework of the social project is ongoing. Two families with five children were sent on vacation.

Lviv oblast

Specialists of the Solidarités International international organization provided financial assistance to about 80 IDPs in the advisory and coordination center at Drohobych RMA. The amount is UAH 6,6K for a family.

A meeting of military personnel and their family members with specialists and students of the Ukrainian Catholic University took place in the Warrior’s House in Chervonohrad. Military families received legal advice and legal assistance. Most of the inquiries concerned missing soldiers.

Children of military personnel and privileged categories from Przemysl together with their peers from Skawina (Poland) took part in the Green School of the Polish city of Olsztyn. For 7 days, they had educational trips, quests, competitions and interesting leisure activities. The project was implemented by Przemysl City Council, the Skavinsky and Przemysl cooperation societies between partner cities.

Rivne oblast

The Army of Recovery project is implemented in Rivne oblast. 1 214 unemployed people are involved in socially useful works. UAH 9 million 357K has been paid to them. The initiative was introduced by the Government to attract people who have temporarily lost their jobs and reconstruct the country. They are paid at least UAH 6,7K.

Ternopil oblast

The commission counted how many buildings were damaged by a rocket attack on Ternopil on May 13-14. In total, 116 real estate objects were inspected. Of them, 2 apartments, 1 educational institution, 22 buildings of communal enterprises, 88 industrial buildings were damaged, and 3 industrial buildings of two legal entities and one individual were destroyed.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

A voluntary fire brigade was opened in Khmelnytskyi community. The reconstruction of the fire station for volunteers was started at the beginning of this year. With the funds of the local community, they purchased all the necessary things for carrying out the rescue service. Residents of five villages will be under reliable protection.

Chernivtsi oblast

In Bukovina, universal training on mental health is being held for educators in the first line of the MH4U project. For Chernivtsi oblast, the project is being implemented in cooperation with the Department of Education and Science of Chernivtsi regional government and a team of specialists in the field of mental health of the NEVERMIND NGO. So far, 48 teachers of Bukovyna have received certificates of successful completion of studies.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Ukraine received $1.215 billion in grant funds from the USA and Finland through the Donor Trust Fund of the World Bank. Grant funds will be used for salaries of government employees and teachers, pensions, as well as payments under separate programs of state social assistance.

The World Bank approved the allocation of a $1.5 billion loan for Ukraine. The funds will be provided under the guarantee of the Japanese government and will be aimed at strengthening social protection and restoring the economy of Ukraine.

Denys Shmyhal, Prime Minister, announced that Ukraine will receive about $890 million from the IMF, which will be allocated to budget support.

The Czech Republic will provide Ukraine with about EUR 1.8 million for assistance to IDPs and demining of territories contaminated by explosive objects.

Germany provided a new package of military aid, included, 16 Mercedes-Benz Zetros trucks; TRML-4D radar station for IRIS-T SLM anti-aircraft missile systems; 1 mobile and protected demining system; 3 Biber bridge-layers; 2 cars for border protection to Ukraine.

Germany provided Ukraine with decontamination technologies. Now, for three weeks, training on working with the decontamination complex will take place in barracks and training grounds. The Ukrainian military is trained to protect against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, held a meeting with Mike Pence, ex-Vice President of the USA, Senator. Supporting Ukraine was discussed.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a phone conversation with Alejandro Giammattei, President of Guatemala. They discussed the implementation of the Peace Formula, possible formats of the Ukraine-Latin America Summit, and security cooperation.

Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President, and Ihor Zhovkva, Deputy Head of the Office of the President, held a phone conversation with advisers on national security issues in the Quad format (the United States of America, Great Britain, France and Germany). Providing Ukraine with effective security guarantees, about the state of preparation for the NATO summit in Vilnius, etc. were discussed.

Greta Thunberg, Swedish eco-activist, Margot Wallstrom, ex-Vice Prime Minister of Sweden, former European Commissioner for the Environment, Mary Robinson, ex-President of Ireland, ex-head of the International Institute for Environment and Development, and Heidi Hautala, Vice-President of the European Parliament came to Ukraine. They held a press conference dedicated to the results of the first meeting of the newly created international working group on environmental crimes of russia.

Andryus Kubilius, Member of the European Parliament, stated that for the safety of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, a UN or NATO peacekeeping mission should be introduced.

Witold Vashchikovsky, Head of the delegation in the committee of the European Parliament of the Ukraine-EU association, stated that the EU cannot do anything to prevent the russians from blowing up the nuclear power plant. He added that he has more expectations on this issue from the Vilnius NATO summit.

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the Alliance, announced that NATO will give Ukraine a very strong signal of support at the July summit in Vilnius. He also emphasized that Ukraine and its allies will decide when the time comes to issue an official invitation to join NATO, not russia.

Ursula von der Leyen stated that against the background of the prihozhin rebellion, the EU should double its support for Ukraine.

“One of the options we are considering is to allow Ukraine to skip the Membership Action Plan,” said Julianne Smith, US Ambassador to NATO.

The representative office of Lithuania in the OSCE said on Twitter that on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the liberation of Zmiinyi Island by the defenders of Ukraine, they call on russia to move to the next level of its “gesture of goodwill” and withdraw from the entire territory of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Ukraine, Canada, Sweden and Great Britain are filing a lawsuit against Iran at the UN International Court of Justice for the downing of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752.

Shigeru Ban, world-famous Japanese architect, started work on the project of the new UNBROKEN surgical building in Lviv. He has presented the first concept and visualization of the building. Immediately after the presentation, Shigeru Ban will launch an international fundraising campaign to collect funds to construct a new surgical building.

The government of the Czech Republic has banned athletes and teams representing russia from participating in competitions in the counrty. The decision is related to the russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, Czech athletes and teams are prohibited from competing in the russian federation.

The Tinder dating application has left the russian market. The application is no longer available in the Play Market and AppStore, and when trying to access the application, users receive an error message.

The Nova Poshta office opened its first branch in Berlin. Private clients and businesses can receive and send parcels up to 100 kg.

The Economist, an English-language magazine, came out with the headline “The Humbling of vladimir putin.” In addition, the magazine devoted 4 articles to the latest events in the russian federation.

The Economist. Photo from social networks

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аnna Efremova, Halyna Vaskiv

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 


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