War in Ukraine today: latest news, January 29, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 340th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The enemy does not cease its attempts to destroy critical infrastructure of Ukraine, and continues to attack civilian facilities and residential areas.

Russian occupiers launched 1 missile and 32 air strikes and conducted over 65 MLRS attacks, including on civilian infrastructure of Donetsk and Kherson oblasts. The attacks caused casualties among the civilian population.

Ukraine is still under the threat of air and missile strikes.

The enemy continues offensive operations on Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Novopavlivka axis. Towards Kupiansk, Lyman, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, russian forces stay on the defensive.

Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled attacks in the vicinities of Dibrova and Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast; Yampolivka, Verkhniokamianske, Rozdolivka, Sil, Blahodatne, Paraskoviivka, Bakhmut, Ivanovske, Klischiivka, Novomykhailivka, Vodiane, Maryinka, Pobieda, and Vuhledar, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Volyn, Polissia, Siversk and Sloboda, there were no changes, no offensive groups of the enemy identified.

Towards Siversk, the vicinities of Mykolaivka, Chernihiv oblast; Novovasylivka, Seredyna Buda, Muraveinya, Bachivsk, Budivelne, Volkivka, Volfine, and Yunakivka, Sumy oblast came under enemy mortar fire.

Towards Sloboda, the vicinities of Huryiv Kozachok, Krasne, Starytsia, Okhrimivka, Hlyboke, Kozacha Lopan, Dvorichanske, Varvarivka, Novomlynsk, Dvorichna, Zapadne, Neskuchne, Ternova, Strilecha, and Kupiansk, Kharkiv oblast were subjects to russian mortar and artillery attacks.

Towards Kupiansk, the enemy shelled positions of Ukrainian troops in the vicinities of Ivanivka, Kislivka, and Krokhmalne settlements, Kharkiv oblast; Novoselivske, Luhansk oblast; and Berestov, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Lyman, Makiivka, Chervonpopivka and Dibrova, Luhansk oblast, came under enemy fire.

Towards Bakhmut, the vicinities of 21 settlements, including Spirne, Bila Hora, Verkhniokamianske, Rozdolivka, Bakhmut, New York, Klishchiivka, Kurdiumivka, and Maiorsk, Donetsk oblast, suffered enemy attacks.

Towards Avdiivka, Berdychi, Avdiivka, Vodiane, Nevelske, Vesele, Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Pervomaiske, and Novomykhailivka came under enemy fire.

Towards Novopavlivka, Bohoiavlenka, Vuhledar, and Zolota Nyva, Donetsk oblast, suffered russian attacks.

Towards Zaporizhzhia, 19 settlements, including Vremivka, and Novopil, Donetsk oblast; Malynivka, Chervone, Huliaipole, Charivne, Stepove, Orikhiv, and Novodanylivka, Zaporizhzhia oblast, were shelled by the russian invaders.

Towards Kherson, the vicinities of Mykhailivka, Havrylivka, Dudchany, Kachkarivka, Chervyn Mayak, Odradokamyanka, Ponyativka, Respublikaniets, Kozatske, Tyahinka, Komysany, and Kherson came under MLRS, barrel artillery and mortar fire.

The enemy continues to suffer significant losses. Thus, up to 300 wagner mercenaries were transported to the 15th Yuvileyny city hospital, Luhansk oblast. Due to the fact that most of them are carriers of such diseases as HIV/AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis and pneumonia, local medics refuse to provide mercenaries with medical care.

The Ukrainian Air Force conducted 4 air strikes on the buildup of russian troops. Meanwhile, Ukrainian missile and artillery units hit 2 command posts, 2 enemy air defense positions, 6 concentrations of troops, 1 ammunition depot, and 1 radio electronic warfare station.

The Verkhovna Rada representative in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Taras Melnichuk noted that the procedure of reserving employees from drafting into military service was approved. Hence the enterprises can reserve up to 50% of employees liable for military service if they are vitally important for its functioning. However, only those enterprises, complying with at least three criteria, established in the regulation, are allowed to do so. The previous scheme of reserving employees drafted by the Ministry of Economy will still be valid. 

According to the State Guards Service, the russian UAV was brought down in Luhansk oblast. The enemy drone was used for surveillance over positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the invaders shelled at least 18 settlements using mortars and artillery. Dvorichna, Strilecha and Vovchansk were under attack.


Deputy director of the Domestic Waste Removal Complex, Artem Semykopenko, reported that in Kharkiv, Christmas trees are being collected and cut to heat businesses and warm plants. In total, they plan to process about 20K trees. 

Head of the Eastern Steppes Biological University Laboratory, Volodymyr Hrubnyk, informed that the population of groundhogs in Kharkiv oblast is under threat of extinction. The biologist said that the population of these animals has decreased in Ukraine because there is not enough land where they can live comfortably. In the early 2000s, there were about 50,000 groundhogs in the region. Today, this number barely reaches 5,000.

Russian troops continue to terrorise civilian population. Yesterday, the invaders shelled Kozacha Lopan, Kupiansk, Strilecha, Vovchansk and other settlements of Bohodukhiv, Chuhuiv, Kharkiv and Kupiansk districts. As a result of shelling of Chervona Zoria and Odnorobivka villages in Bohodukhiv region, private buildings were destroyed. There were no casualties. Residential buildings and outbuildings were damaged in Kupiansk. In Vovchansk, several private buildings, cars and a building of an enterprise were damaged as a result of hostile shelling. A 83-year-old woman was injured. She was hospitalized in moderate condition.

Mine clearance works are ongoing. Yesterday pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service defused 33 explosive ordnance.

Donetsk oblast

Referring to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, russian troops shelled 26 settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts yesterday. The enemy is advancing in four directions.

Yesterday, russians launched 21 attacks on Donetsk oblast. Russian troops used aircraft, S-300, Grad, artillery, tanks and mortars to shell 14 settlements. The shelling destroyed and damaged 40 civilian facilities, including 17 residential buildings, a hospital, a bank, a hotel, a warehouse, a transformer, garages and cars.

Head of Kostiantynivka City Military Administration, Oleksii Roslov, said that yesterday’s strike killed 3 people and injured 14. 7 apartment buildings, 7 garages and a hotel were damaged. In Dnipro, two people, who were injured as a result of S-300 missile attack on Kostiantynivka, are provided with necessary medical assistance. 

Towards Volnovakha, Bohoiavlenka, Novoukrainka, Prechystivka and Vuhledar were under attack. There were no casualties.

Towards Donetsk, Kurakhove suffered 4 artillery attacks. 7 apartment buildings, 10 private buildings and  2 medical facilities were damaged. Russians also launched a missile attack on Kostiantynopilske, hitting an agricultural enterprise. Chaotic shelling continued in Avdiivka at night, there were no reports about casualties.

Towards Horlivka, 1 person was killed and 1 injured in Bakhmut and an apartment building was damaged. 1 person was killed in Paraskoviivka of Soledar community. Private buildings in Toretsk and a 9-storey building in Niu-York were damaged. The outskirts of Chasiv Yar community are under periodic shelling.

Towards Lysychansk, Pereizne and Zvanivka of Zvanivka community and Serebrianka and Siversk community were targeted.

Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, informed that yesterday russians killed 4 civilians: 1 in Bakhmut and 3 in Kostiantynivka. Another 17 people were injured.

Luhansk oblast

Yesterday, the Defence Forces units of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks near Bilohorivka and Dibrova. Towards Kupiansk, the enemy fired at Ukrainian troops’ positions near Novoselivske. Towards Lyman, russians attacked Chervonopopivka, Dibrova and Makiivka.

Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai, said that the invaders are forcing the population to leave the villages and cities near the frontline. He added that information on the details of this “evacuation” is being clarified. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are making progress towards Kreminna and Svatove, but there are a lot of russian troops in Luhansk oblast. It is difficult for our de-mining equipment to get to certain forest areas near Kreminna. In Bilohorivka, Ukrainian troops are holding the line.

Based on the information provided by the Luhansk RMA, the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic” will not accept Ukrainian documents on arrest, pledge and other actions regarding real estate. School students in Starobilsk region have their gadgets checked once a week to find a pro-Ukrainian position. Banking applications in the occupied territory work only through VPN.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

This week, inspectors from the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. State Department and USAID (Office of Inspector General) visited Kyiv to audit the assistance provided by the United States. According to Oleksandr Kubrakov, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, during the meeting, they discussed mechanisms and procedures for transparency and accountability of the use of funds and assistance received by Ukraine for recovery and post-war reconstruction.

Inspectors from the Ministry of Defense, the U.S. State Department, and USAID in Kyiv. Photo: Oleksandr Kubrakov / Facebook

The curfew in Kyiv oblast was extended until February 5 by order of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration. Restrictions will be in effect on a daily basis starting from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Power will be switched off according to stabilization schedules in Kyiv and the oblast. After russian attacks, the country’s energy system is experiencing a significant electricity shortage. According to DTEK Kyiv Electricity Networks, in the capital, Ukrenergo has imposed restrictions which during peak load hours account for 61% of the city’s electricity demand, including household consumers, industry, and critical infrastructure.

In Irpin, the reconstruction of four apartment buildings damaged due to hostilities continues. On January 30, a press conference will be held to discuss the reconstruction, undertaken by the Irpin Reconstruction Summit and the Terre des Hommes Italia Foundation. The work was carried out over a three-month period – more than 1,200 people in 450 apartments in Irpin have already been able to live in their own homes again.

The Regional Road Service reported that the reconstruction of bridges destroyed during the hostilities continues in Kyiv oblast. A 138-meter-long bridge over the Irpin River is being rebuilt near Hostomel, and a 102-meter-long bridge over the Zdvyzh River is being built near Borodianka. By the end of 2023, it is planned to complete the reconstruction of the bridge crossings and open traffic.

In Kyiv, the funeral of British volunteer Andrew Bagshaw, who died near Soledar, was held. The funeral service was held in the Refectory Church of St. Sophia Monastery. Andrew Bagshaw was involved in humanitarian evacuation from the combat zone, delivering food and medicine to residents living in the frontline regions. In early January, he and another volunteer, Christopher Perry, disappeared in Donbas. Later it was reported that they were killed by a russian artillery shell while evacuating an elderly woman.

According to the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, medical workers of Kyiv oblast attended a master class on Blood Transfusion in Combat Environment. Brian McMurray, an experienced emergency medicine physician and ambassador of the American College of Emergency Physicians in Ukraine, shared his knowledge with his colleagues.

An art project ‘Embroidered with Pain’ has been launched in Kyiv in support of victims of sexual violence during the russian occupation. The authors wrote fictional collective stories based on real stories shared by women who survived the worst. They are accompanied by embroidered national towels, on which craftswomen tried to depict all the pain and at the same time the desire of victims to live on. By doing so, the authors of the project want to encourage victims not to remain silent about their traumatic experiences, as their exact number is still unknown.

Zhytomyr oblast

According to Zhytomyroblenergo energy company, repair crews help restore power supply in the de-occupied territory of Kherson oblast. Four emergency crews were involved in restoration activities, working in turn in extremely difficult and dangerous conditions to restore electricity to Kherson oblast.

Environmental crimes and ecocide were recorded on the territory of the Drevlyansky Nature Reserve as a result of the russian invasion of Ukraine. According to experts, the area of burned forests reaches at least 2000 hectares. The russian military deliberately fired incendiary ammunition from a helicopter at 45 hectares of pine trees near the village of Nozdryshche in Narodychi district, causing a fire and destroying not only pine trees but also dry grass and the entire ecosystem of the young forest.

Almost 1.5K civilians in Zhytomyr received knowledge and applied skills during combat training. During the four months of work, military instructors and experts of the Training Centre for Civilians delivered more than 60 trainings and seminars. At present, a new training program has been launched here – “Forms and Methods of Information Counteraction in Time of War”.

The Department of Education of the Zhytomyr City Council reported that classes will be held in Zhytomyr where children and youth will be taught the basics of civil defense, personal safety, and rescue techniques in emergency situations. Teachers, specialists of the State Emergency Service, the National Police, medical workers and war veterans will be involved in this work.

Members of the Wings of Hope Children’s Volunteer Club from the village of Haliyivka, Vilshany community, Zhytomyr oblast, raised and donated almost 110K hryvnias for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Over a period of five months, the club members made souvenirs and sold them in Vilshanka, Chudniv, Berdychiv, and Zhytomyr communities.

Sumy oblast

Over the past 24 hours, russian troops shelled the border settlements of Sumy oblast. As a result, the damage was caused to four apartment buildings, 28 private houses, a hotel, a factory administrative building, a house of worship, an outbuilding, a sports complex, three shops, a cafe, a kindergarten, and a post office. In total, there were 88 incoming shells. The Sumy Regional Military Administration reported that Sumy police are documenting the consequences of the enemy shelling.

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the representatives of the city authorities discussed aid to Sumy residents affected by the war. According to the Sumy Regional Military Administration, it can include the restoration of damaged housing, as well as psychosocial and legal assistance, or humanitarian demining.

A representative of the Razom for Ukraine Foundation visited the Trostianets City Council with a nice gift, a quadcopter that will be used for aerial photography, aerial video filming of the community, and various events and activities. The Trostianets City Council reported that since the beginning of russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Foundation’s team has focused its activities on supporting Ukrainian cities and communities most affected by the hostilities.

International donors continue to provide assistance to Sumy oblast. Thus, the regional humanitarian center received 300 100-liter and 173 50-liter boilers. This has been achieved thanks to the International Organization for Migration (IOM Ukraine). According to the Sumy Regional Military Administration, boilers will soon be distributed to medical and social institutions in the oblast.

Chernihiv oblast

Russian troops once again opened artillery and mortar fire at Chernihiv oblast. According to the “North” Operational Command, there are no casualties among military personnel and equipment. There were no reports of casualties among the local population or damage to civilian infrastructure.

In Chernihiv oblast, the Heroes of Kruty were honored for their heroic deeds, which became an example for the defenders of Ukraine in the current russian-Ukrainian war. The Department of Culture and Tourism, Nationalities and Religions of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration reported that today, our defenders are finishing the deeds started by Kruty heroes. 105 years ago they were unable to win the independence for Ukraine.

The parents of the fallen border guards who stood up for the defense of Chernihiv and died heroically were awarded the Order “For Courage” of the III degree.

The Nizhyn Central City Hospital named after Mykola Halytskyi received new powerful medical equipment. The Nizhyn City Council reported that the Emergency Care Department, Neurology and Surgery Departments received a new portable ultrasound machine, portable coagulometer, laparoscopic surgery stand, and electroencephalograph, purchased at the expense of the local budget in the amount of UAH 4.3 million at the end of last year.

Chernihiv citizens are donating laptops for the needs of military personnel. The volunteers are looking for both working and faulty ones, which will be repaired by students and teachers of Chernihiv Polytechnic. The first laptops, a printer and a tablet have already been delivered to the university’s computer systems specialists. Office equipment is crucial for HQ operation, processing of appeals and orders, communication, financial and economic services, as well as lawyers.

Significant water flooding will continue in Chernihiv oblast in the coming days. This is the largest winter flood in 130 years. Due to a significant rise in river levels, over 130 households were flooded and direct communication with over 10 villages in the oblast was disrupted. The Department of Civil Protection and Defense of Chernihiv Regional Military Administration reported that the third red level of danger has been declared in the oblast.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

The Nikopol City Council reported that the russian army shelled Nikopol. Several private enterprises, a service station, a shop, a parking lot, an educational institution, and a power line were damaged.

A man from Luhansk, history teacher Taras Kucherenko, who now lives in Dnipro, presented his new book “My Fourth Love in Abyssinia.” This is a collection of fairy tales and stories. The writer will send all collected money to support internally displaced persons.

Book, presented by a man from Luhansk. Photo from social networks

Vinnytsia oblast

A charity exhibition “Art of Ukraine during the war” was opened in one of Vinnytsia’s shopping centers. Posters, both with or without frames, on patriotic themes are sold to raise money to support of the Armed Forces.

The 120th separate territorial defense brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the coordination Headquarters held a meeting with the families of Defenders of the Vinnytsia 120th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade who were captured or went missing.  Representatives of the Coordination Headquarters and Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces met with the relatives of the prisoners. The work of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and his recent meeting with the Ombudsman of the rf was discussed during the meeting.

Poltava oblast

The project coordinator of the “Caritas Poltava” charity fund Lilia Bekhter reported that employees settled internally displaced persons in 45 rented apartments and houses in the regional center in January of this year. In 2022, they helped rent 98 apartments. IDPs compensate for the cost of rent and payment of utilities. 

Cherkasy oblast

Anna Derevianko, the mother of the deceased “Azov” soldier with the callsign “Adams” from Cherkasy, purchased Starlink and EcoFlow charging station for her son’s siblings using her own savings. According to her, the military will be able to keep in touch with their relatives and charge devices that will help preserve life thanks to these devices.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

The situation towards Zaporizhzhia has not significantly changed. The enemy concentrates its main efforts on holding the occupied borders. Yesterday January 28, the enemy shelled the positions of Ukrainian defenders 126 times, using tank weapons, rocket and barrel artillery along the entire front line.

Yesterday, the occupiers shelled the settlements of Orikhiv, Chervone, Stepove, Huliaipole, Zaliznychne, Novoandriivka, Novodanylivka, Charivne, Olhivske, Malynivka, Bilohiria, Mala Tokmachka, Iurkivka, Luhivske, Temyrivka, Kamianske, Plavni, Mali Shcherbaky. The police received 27 reports about the destruction of houses (apartments) and infrastructure facilities as a result of shelling by russian military personnel.

The occupiers continue to exert moral, psychological and physical pressure on locals. For example, workers of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, who did not sign an employment contract with the occupiers, were blocked from entering the station. The workers, forced to sign the contract, were told that their wages would be reduced, citing that the station was not working.

The enemy continues to suffer losses. Up to 50 wounded occupiers were brought to the city hospital in Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia oblast in recent days. Most of them, after receiving formal help, are sent back to the front line.

On the afternoon of January 29, a bridge near Melitopol was blown up. It is one of the main supply routes for the occupiers. Collaborator Vladimir Rohov said about the rocket attack from the HIMARS anti-aircraft missile system on the bridge over the Molochna River in the village of  Svitlodolynske. According to him, the bridge was hit during “repair works”, so there are losses on the spot.

Mykolaiv oblast

Yesterday, the enemy shelled the settlement in the Ochakiv community with artillery. As a result of the attack, residential and apartment buildings, farm buildings, and an administrative building were damaged.

Odesa oblast

As of January 29, there are 15 enemy ships on combat duty in the Black Sea, including 3 Kalibr cruise missile carriers with about 20 missiles on board. The enemy continues to control sea communications in the Sea of Azov, keeping 2 ships on combat duty. There are 10 enemy ships in the Mediterranean Sea. 5 of them are Kalibr cruise missile carriers, armed with 72 missiles.

Kherson oblast

The russian invaders massively shelled Kherson. Enemy artillery hit the residential quarters of the city. As a result of enemy shelling, a number of civil infrastructure objects were damaged: the Kherson Regional Clinical Hospital, a school, a bus station, a post office, a bank, and residential buildings. There were 8 victims of the russian strikes: three people were killed, five received injuries of varying degrees of severity.

Kherson Regional Clinical Hospital after the russian shelling. Photo from social networks.

Last night, the russian army again attacked Kherson with the Grad MLRS. 4 houses were damaged by enemy shells. The russians also shelled the utility transport company. The building was destroyed, about 10 city vehicles were damaged.

In total, yesterday, January 28, the russian occupiers shelled the territory of Kherson oblast 36 times. The russian army shelled Kherson 4 times. As a result of russian shelling, 1 person was injured.

Representatives of the international organization Global Empowerment Mission and American businessman Howard Graham Buffett visited Kherson oblast. GEM and the Horward Buffet Foundation are helping to restore the territories of Ukraine affected by russian aggression. American benefactors will distribute a thousand food kits in Chornobaivka, Kiselivka, Krutyi Iar, Posad-Pokrovske and Soldatske. A generator was brought to Posad-Pokrovske for urgent needs. 

Bilozerka community also received a generator and food kits, which will be distributed to the residents of Pravdyne and Tavriyske. In general, 5 generators were handed over for the needs of Kherson oblast, specifically, to ensure the work of emergency services. Local residents were sent 1,400 food kits, food for animals, and power banks.

Humanitarian aid for residents of Kherson oblast. Photo: Kherson RMA.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

A volunteer from Shklyn received help from the Poles to make trench candles. Benefactors brought bars of paraffin weighing over 70 kilograms for about 350 trench candles.

In Lutsk, the First Theater of Lviv staged a charity play based on the work of Emma Andievska. Entrance to the performance was for a minimum donation of UAH 150. The collected funds will be used to produce first-aid kits, tourniquets, stretchers and medical backpacks for the military.

Zakarpattia oblast

The parents of fallen military pilot Andrii Liutashyn purchased a drone for the military of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade. Andrii Liutashyn was the Major of the Tactical Aviation Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is one of those who were called the Ghost of Kyiv. On March 8, a fighter fell when operating his burning fighter jet towards a column of invaders. Andrii was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the Golden Star Order.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

The Carpathian energy engineer Serhii was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for his courage and heroism when putting out the fire. During one of the russian rocket attacks, when the occupiers hit an energy facility in the oblast, without waiting for the alarm to go off, he began extinguishing the fire to prevent it from spreading. He quickly disassembled electrical circuits to restore power to consumers as soon as possible.

Carpathian energy engineer. Photo: Ivano-Frankivsk RMA

Lviv oblast

In Lviv oblast, a round table on protection of children’s rights under martial law was held. The event was attended by the Children’s Service of the Lviv RMA, representatives of institutional institutions, public organizations and foundations taking care of children’s rights. They discussed advocating the interests of children, prospects for training social workers to work with children in wartime conditions, issues with returning children to their places of permanent residence.

Rivne oblast

The RMA reported that cyber ​​specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine neutralized a russian hacker attack on electronic systems of residential infrastructure in Rivne. Through the Wi-Fi network of apartment buildings, hackers wanted to remotely connect to the video surveillance system of residential complexes, roads, etc. They planned to have a hidden channel to collect information about the situation in the city.

Head of the Rivne RMA, Vitalii Koval, took part in the discussion “Modernization of Ukraine: challenges of regional management in conditions of war”, which took place in Lviv. The event was organized by the School of Public Administration of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

The Ukrainian Women’s Guard, in cooperation with the Rivne Professional Medical College, held a training course for civilians Pre-medical Aid in Certain Emergency Situations in the city of Rivne. It was conducted by pre-medical training instructors Oleksandr Pyshko and Ihor Lytvyn. They learned how to assess the scene, causes of preventable deaths, methods of temporary stopping of external bleeding, ensuring the patency of the respiratory tract, basic life support, etc.

Pre-medical training in the city of Rivne. Photo: Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Ternopil oblast

In the region (city) territorial centers of recruitment and social support of Ternopil oblast, during January – March, the annual registration to the conscription stations is held.

A Doba rally, dedicated to the feat of the Krut Heroes, continues in Ternopil at the Museum of Political Prisoners. Over 30 young people joined the action. There are participants from Lviv oblast, Dnipro, Kramatorsk and Prykarpattia.

Sculptor and woodcarver Vasyl Petrovskyi from Kremenets was awarded the world order Golden Star of Cultural Diplomacy.

Sculptor and woodcarver with award. Photo from social networks

Khmelnytskyi oblast

The RMA reported that 700 boxes of hygiene kits, 30 water tanks (1K liters), 700 power banks and 700 backpacks from UNICEF for the needs of IDPs were delivered to the oblast.

The RMA reported that from Khmelnytskyi, cars, reconnaissance and communication equipment, tactical and medical equipment, and means of backup power supply were sent to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The RMA reported that 5 427 food kits were packaged for IDPs living in the territorial community of the Khmelnytskyi district.

Chernivtsi oblast

Head of the RMA Ruslan Zaparaniuk visited the soldiers of the 93rd separate battalion of territorial defense, which has been in the east of Ukraine for a long time. Together with the words of gratitude from Bukovyna residents, 2 SUVs and humanitarian aid in the form of long-term food products and basic necessities were delivered.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said on the eve of the Ukraine-EU summit that Ukraine has the unconditional support of the EU.

Israeli ambassador to Germany, Ron Prosor, stated that Israel helps Ukraine more than is known.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that he will continue to communicate with the russian dictator. The withdrawal of russian troops from Ukraine remains a requirement for negotiations.

Instructors of the 3rd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry of the 1st Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group of the 3rd Canadian Division of the Canadian Armed Forces are preparing Ukrainians to work with NLAW, a portable light anti-tank weapon of the next generation.

Ukrainian defenders studying in Britain. Photo: Corporal Eric Greico, Canadian Armed Forces Photo

During 2023, about 15K soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be trained at training centers of partner countries, including NATO.

The military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arrived in Great Britain to master the Challenger 2 tanks. Photo: Ministry of Defense of Great Britain

Representative of the non-governmental organization Mines Advisory Group (MAG), Kateryna Templeton, stated that Ukraine is currently the most mined country on the planet.

Head of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, announced that the North Atlantic Alliance was well prepared for a possible direct military confrontation with russia.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is against participation of russians and belarusians in the 2024 Olympic Games under a neutral flag. The Prime Minister of Estonia wrote about it in Twitter.

Twitter of the Prime Minister of Estonia. Photo from social networks

American writer Stephen King called on russia to stop the war in Ukraine and said that putin should resign.

A free English-language course on the history and culture of Ukraine has been launched on Coursera. It consists of five modules telling about Ukrainian history from the Middle Ages until now. The course was developed by the Ukrainian Institute together with the EdEra online education studio and the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy National University.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аnna Efremova

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 

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