Франція та Австралія постачатимуть Україні артилерійські боєприпаси

Ukrainian Daily Wins. January 30, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly


France and Australia will supply Ukraine with artillery ammunition

Defense Ministers Sebastien Lecornoux and Richard Marles announced their readiness to supply ammunition to Ukraine during a meeting on January 30.


   •   The United States organized a hotline of support for artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The U.S. military has created encrypted chats to contact Ukrainian troops.


   •   Danish Prime Minister confirmed the transfer of Caesar to Ukraine

Zelenskyy and Frederiksen talked about the possibility of strengthening Ukrainian air defense in the south and about expanding the “tank coalition”.


   •   The Armed Forces of Ukraine armed with armored vehicles BATT UMG

In 2022, the manufacturer received an order for 100 cars from an unnamed Eastern European country.


   •   Lithuania collects EUR 5 million for air defense radars for Ukraine

In Lithuania, a coalition of four initiatives to support Ukraine has begun collecting five air defense radars that they want to purchase and transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


   •   France confirms agreement with Italy on the purchase of 700 missiles for the SAM/T air defense system, which is being prepared for Ukraine 

France and Italy have signed a contract for the purchase of up to 700 Aster missiles in order to strengthen the countries’ air defenses.


   •   Estonian Prime Minister took part in weaving camouflage nets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas took part in weaving camouflage nets for the Ukrainian military, noting that everyone can help Ukraine win the war.


   •   Metinvest transferred 100 drones to the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the Bakhmut sector

The transfer of such a large number of UAVs to the Ground Forces at once is a record for Metinvest.


   •   Ministry of Defense has signed 16 contracts with Ukrainian drone manufacturers

The Ministry received applications from Ukrainian manufacturers for 75 unmanned aerial vehicles of various types.


   •   Ukraine entered the export markets of 12 countries

During the year, the number of enterprises producing animal products that have the right to export their products to the EU has increased.


   •   Generators, medical equipment and medicines — humanitarian aid this week

The Ministry of Health continues to receive humanitarian aid from governments and ministries of various countries and international organizations. This time it came from EU Institutions in Ukraine / European institutions represented in Ukraine, the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves of Poland, Aarhus Kommune / authorities of the municipality of Aarhus (Denmark), the Representative Office of the Red Cross in Germany, German medical organizations “Action Medeor”, the transnational pharmaceutical company “Novo Nordisk”, the American charitable organization “Direct Relief”, the charitable foundation “All-Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Chamber – the only European family”.


   •   The Ministry of Culture of Poland will help in digitizing museum funds of Ukraine

Within the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Solidarity Fund PL and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, in 2022 the project “Implementation of the electronic registry system of the Museum Fund of Ukraine” was launched.


   •   In Kherson, the artist created a mural “Russia is NEVER here!”

Kostiantyn Kachanovskyi, an artist from Rivne, created a mural “Russia is NEVER here!” in Kherson.


   •   A petition to provide Ukrainian servicemen with hygiene products gained 25 thousand signatures

Now that more than 25 thousand Ukrainians have signed the petition, it should be considered by the President of Ukraine.


   •   Ukrainian biathlete Anastasiia Merkushyna won a gold medal at the European Championships

Ukrainian Anastasiia Merkushyna won the gold medal in the women’s sprint at the European Biathlon Championships, passing both firing lines without a single miss.

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