Ukrainian Daily Wins. June 22, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly


Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminated 222,650 russian invaders

From February 24, 2022 to June 22, 2023, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 222,650 russian invaders with 650 people killed in the past 24 hours.


Bulgarian government prepares new military aid package for Ukraine

However, the country’s president is trying to oppose defense aid to Ukraine.


Serhii Prytula’s Foundation bought Kia KM450 jeeps stored at the bankrupt Bogdan Motors

Previously, they were planned to be used as command and control vehicles.


Czech PBS and Ivchenko-Progress to develop new AI-PBS-350 engine

It is designed for cruise missiles and powerful drones.


Ukraine received Swiss Eagle armored vehicles to circumvent Switzerland’s re-export ban

The equipment was transferred by a German company without approval.


Estonia and Iceland prepare another military aid package for Ukraine 

The aid package included medical equipment, demining and anti-drone equipment.


Ukrenergo is testing new software for substations from an American company

Ukrenergo has received 23 licenses from the American company Doble Engineering to use modern software for testing relay protection.


UN adds russia to the list of shame for killing children in Ukraine

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has approved the decision to add the Russian armed forces to the global list of persistent violators contained in the report “Children and Armed Conflict” for killing and maiming children and attacking schools and hospitals.


Turkish contractors participate in 50 projects in Ukraine worth $3.2 billion

Turkey is one of the countries that plays a leading role in rebuilding Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, Turkish contractors have been involved in 50 projects in Ukraine worth $3.2 billion.


Ukraine launches We Build Ukraine initiative to unite international partners

In London, Ukraine presented the We Build Ukraine initiative, which aims to unite all international partners involved or planning to join the restoration of Ukraine.


IFC to help modernize the fleet of Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) have signed an agreement to invest in the modernization of the company’s fleet.


Estonia announces new military aid package for Ukraine

Estonia will provide Ukraine with a new military aid package that includes, among other things, anti-drone equipment.


The EU has allocated another €1.5 billion of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine

The European Union has disbursed another tranche of €1.5 billion to Ukraine as part of an €18 billion macro-financial assistance program.


Tattarang CEO invests $500 million in the Ukraine Development Fund

Dr. Andrew Forrest, Australian businessman and chairman of Tattarang, invests $500 million in the Ukraine Development Fund (UDF).


Switzerland allocates assistance to Ukraine for humanitarian demining

Switzerland will provide the State Emergency Service with a special remote-controlled demining machine and provide training for specialists.


The DIU received two Ukrainian-made reconnaissance complexes Shark

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine received two Ukrainian-made SHARK reconnaissance drones.

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