Oleksandr Biletskyi “Our goal is the complete disintegration of what is called russian federation”

Our victory will be the liberation of all the nations enslaved by the kremlin, and then – the help to build free countries of their own on the ruins of the empire.

This is what military expert Oleksandr Biletsky stated in the interview for Ukrainian information and analytical TV channel Apostrophe TV.

According to him, “we must clearly understand that our victory is not a comeback to the administrative borders, the borders of February 24 or the borders of 2014. Our victory is the collapse of russian federation as a phenomenon. No matter what America or China think. After all, it is our citizens who are dying: both military and civilians. These are huge losses, broken destinies, rivers of blood. We have to keep that in mind.

 Therefore, our goal is the complete disintegration of what is called russian federation, was previously called moscovia, the USSR or the russian empire. This is our historical mission. Therefore, our victory will be the liberation of all the peoples enslaved by the kremlin, and the further help to build free states of their own on the ruins of the empire.

According to the analyst, if we do not do this, they (rf) will accumulate anger, and because of revanchist sentiments they will act like Germans after World War I.

 “This is a war to the death, the katsaps (russians) do not recognize us as a country, as a people, or as a nation at all. That is why it will never end – either we defeat them or they defeat us” – the expert emphasizes.

According to him, today in its war against Ukraine, russia uses indigenous peoples in the same way as it did with the Ukrainians 30, 40 years ago and earlier. Previously, the Ukrainians, akin the Tatars, the Kalmyks or the Buryats now, had to fight for the interests of the kremlin.

 Oleksandr Biletsky is convinced that it is these are the Ukrainian intelligence agencies and diplomats who must convey this information to the representatives of discriminated peoples, as well as help them break free from colonial oppression. In addition, he believes that Ukraine should create a “victory system “, which should become one of our strategic goals.

“It must be a whole system that works to bring the victory closer. We must have systematic training. We must not bring the unprepared people to the front just like the katsaps do. We must have an excellent logistics system. The state must make the economy work during the war, help entrepreneurs do their job, not hinder them. We must create jobs and not pay oligarchic rents to the enemy. All the russian gas schemes, gaskets and businesses must be liquidated. We simply do not have the moral right to continue to pay these rents and turn a blind eye to various schemes.

It is necessary to continue the fight against corruption, in particular – to check all the Ukrainian officials on the polygraph on  cooperation with the enemy and ordinary corruption. This is what Poland and Lithuania did in the beginning of the 2000s.

Also, we should not forgive those who refused to fulfill their official duty to protect Ukraine, particularly the intelligence agencies leaders “,  –  the analyst says. 

According to him, during this war we finally became a subject to the global world, and now we should learn how to “move normally” there.  Involved in the war, Ukraine is forced to build global strategies and seek their implementation. And because russia is very big, we have to act globally – to work with India, China, Japan, Central Asia… Not with the EU, the US and Britain only.

Wars  are won by strategies, not heroes ”, the military expert states, warning against underestimating the enemy, as we are fighting a very aggressive, evil and insidious enemy.

“Why does the enemy constantly focus on internal issues? Because russia has historically never won on the battlefield. Pay attention to the history of the Crimean occupation, southern Ukraine, or Ukraine during the Hetmanate. There have always been bribes, internal strife and the fifth column. According to the classics of military strategy, this column should be cleansed.

You cannot fight the enemy outside without being cleansed of traitors inside. All those who worked with the enemy were his agents, and journalists and politicians who worked for russian money at all levels must be removed. They do not have the right to carry out any state activity during the war ”, – Oleksandr Biletsky says.

The expert notes that it is possible to identify the agents of the “5th column”, in particular, in the process of filtering all officials and law enforcement officers and warns against delaying the solution of this problem.

“We cannot say it is not the right time. Because we cannot win without reforms and decisive actions for qualitative changes in the country,. Changes cannot be postponed until the end of war. Ukraine must understand that it is impossible to defeat the enemy with the fifth column inside.

Some lose limbs or children, and some can make profit of it. Such actions should also be equated to national betrayal. Our government must realize that cancerous tumors should be removed in time, otherwise we will simply die, ”the expert warns.

In order to understand the intricacies of the present and understand how to act effectively, the expert advises to turn to historical facts.

“History has taken another turn. All of this has already happened before. What is taking place here now is what happened in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, etc., when rivers of Ukrainian blood flowed, property was confiscated, people were deported to Siberia. Because of them, we, as a nation, went through the Holodomor (the Great Famine) – Moscow was trying to destroy us as a nation. Everything that  we saw in Bucha was something we had seen after the liberation of Kyiv from the katsaps in 1918. We have paid a huge price and have no right to step on the same rake again.

Therefore, the rule of war with the katsaps – there are no rules. We need to understand that this is a battle to the  death and if we do not win, we will no longer be” Oleksandr Biletsky concludes.

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