Conscious allies or selfish fools – who supports the rf in the bloody war against Ukraine and what kind of support is this?

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More than 140 countries of the world spoke out against Moscovy and strongly condemned the attack of the troops of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. But there are states that supported the Kremlin dictator and accused  the NATO and the influence of the West of the terrible events of the last year.

Last year, the main fist of our enemies clearly formed, they are as follows: the Russian Federation (hereinafter the rf), the Republic of Belarus (hereinafter the RB), Iran, Syria and North Korea (hereinafter the DPRK).

These 4 countries are helping the rf quite widely, covering many areas:

  • Belarus provided the territory for the invasion and the sky for the strikes, and then began training the mobilized people and providing the equipment and ammunition;
  • Iran sends kamikaze drones and instructors;
  • Syria provides its own militants controlled by the dictator Bashar al-Assad;
  • The DPRK provides weapons for Yevgeniy Prigozhin’s Wagner PMC and not only that.

As of today, Belarus, in the person of a mustachioed dictator, continues to train Russians and provide equipment and ammunition, without advertising this and actively calling Ukrainians for peace negotiations. Iran, in addition to providing drones of the Shahed type, is seriously considering the possibility of supplying ballistic missiles in exchange for the Su-35. They even planned to send militants to Ukraine… no more than 200 people. But what kind of number is it, if the Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidate approximately 700-1000 invaders daily.

Syria does not plan to provide any significant support this year. There is no possibility to send people to war, because Assad himself needs them to maintain his shaky power.

As for the DPRK, Kim Jong Un continues to supply weapons to Prigozhin. Because this is just an income and nothing personal.

Now let’s consider the countries that are located in Europe, namely Hungary, Serbia and Austria. Hungary will continue to act as a destructive element within the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance. Hungary will raise up dust, get on its head and shut up for a while. Serbia will blackmail with new confrontations with Kosovo, under the guise of “a possible opening of the front in the Balkans”. Austria with the “Belarus complex” will continue to whine about “the impossibility of building a new European security architecture without the rf.”

Now let’s go to other continents.

In Africa, Russia seeks to increase its influence and apparently receives the support of Libya, CAR, Mali, Burkina Faso and Eritrea. But they cannot give the aggressor either people trained in military affairs or weapons. And they can only vote “against” at meetings of the UN General Assembly.

The same applies to South America and the Caribbean, including Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and Guatemala. Argentina and Brazil will maintain neutrality so as not to quarrel with the Civilized World.

As for Central Asia: here, the biggest ally will remain Tajikistan, that helped Iran with the supply of drones to the rf that year. This is explained by fears of the growing influence of the Taliban, that considers Tajikistan a part of Afghanistan. In the South Caucasus, the situation for putin is also sad. Armenia continues to move away from the rf, looking for alternative allies.

Georgia, that is, its leadership, will continue to quietly allow Turkish goods to the terrorist country and receive it, earning money for its budget. Azerbaijan will strengthen military and political ties with Turkey. Everyone is trying to find their place, so as not to take the side of the bloody dictator and keep the opportunity to earn.

The map is roughly like this, although China, India and Turkey are also attributed to the allies of the rf. And this is a mistake, because the named countries are not allies capable of supporting the aggressor, but only selfish beneficiaries who, although condemning the war, want to get their profit from what is happening.

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