War in Ukraine today: latest news, February 29, 2024 (photo)

 It has been the 736 th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

During the day of February 29, there were 73x combat engagements.

The enemy launched a total of 2x missile and 79x air strikes, carried out 90x MLRS attacks at the positions of Ukrainian troops and various settlements. Unfortunately, russian terrorist attacks resulted in killed and wounded civilians. Residential private and apartment buildings, as well as other infrastructure were destroyed and damaged.

Volyn and Polissya axes: no significant changes. No signs of formation of an offensive group. Certain units of the armed forces of belarus continue their missions in the areas bordering Ukraine.

Sivershchyna and Slobozhanshchyna axes: the adversary maintains its military presence in the areas of russia bordering Ukraine. The enemy continues its sabotage and reconnaissance activities, shelling Ukrainian settlements from the territory of russia and increases the density of minefields along the state border of Ukraine. The adversary launched air strikes in the vicinities of Bolohivka, Mytrofanivka (Kharkiv oblast). More than 30x settlements came under enemy artillery and mortar fire, including Hirs’k, Karpovychi (Chernihiv oblast), Nova Huta, Seredyna-Buda, Druzhba, Fotovyzh, Vorozhba (Sumy oblast), Dvorichna, Syn’kivka, Petropavlivka, Ivanivka, Berestove (Kharkiv oblast).

Kup’yans’k axis: the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled 2x attacks near Petropavlivka and Tabaivka (Kharkiv oblast), where the occupiers made attempts to dislodge Ukrainian troops from their positions. The adversary launched an air strike in the vicinity of Nadiya (Luhansk oblast). The invaders fired artillery and mortars at more than 10x settlements, including Dvorichna, Syn’kivka, Petropavlivka, Ivanivka, Berestove (Kharkiv oblast).

Lyman axis: the Ukrainian defenders repelled 11x assaults near Terny, Yampolivka (Donetsk oblast) and Bilohorivka (Luhansk oblast), where the adversary, with air support, made attempts to breach Ukrainian defense. The enemy fired artillery and mortars at more than 10x settlements, including Nevs’ke, Bilohorivka (Luhansk oblast), Terny, Tors’ke, Serebryanka, Verkhn’okam’yans’ke, Spirne, Rozdolivka (Donetsk oblast).

Bakhmut axis: the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled 2x attacks in the vicinities of Ivanivske, Klishchiivka (Donetsk oblast), where the occupiers made attempts to improve their tactical situation. The invaders launched air strikes near Virolyubivka and Mykolaivka (Donetsk oblast). Around 10x settlements came under artillery and mortar fire, including Vasyukivka, Bohdanivka, Chasiv Yar, Ivanivske, Andriivka, New York (Donetsk oblast).

Avdiivka axis: the Ukrainian defenders repelled 22x attacks in the vicinities of Berdychi, Orlivka, Tonen’ke, Pervomais’ke, Nevel’s’ke (Donetsk oblast). The adversary launched air strikes near Oleksandropil’, Novooleksandrivka, Ocheretyne, Novobakhmutivka, Soloviove, Semenivka (Donetsk oblast). The invaders fired artillery and mortars at around 20x settlements, including Ocheretyne, Vovche, Berdychi, Stepove, Orlivka (Donetsk oblast).

Novopavlivka axis: the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue to hold back the invaders in the vicinities of Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Novomykhailivka and Pobjeda (Donetsk oblast). In that area, the invaders, with air support, made 22x attempts to breach Ukrainian defense. The adversary launched air strikes near Kostyantynivka, Vodyane, Urozhaine, Staromaiors’ke (Donetsk oblast), Novodarivka (Zaporizhzhia oblast). The enemy fired artillery and mortars at more than 20x settlements, including Maksymil’yanivka, Heorhiivka, Novomykhailivka, Kostyantynivka, Blahodatne, Staromaiors’ke, Rivnopil’ (Donetsk oblast).

Orikhiv axis: the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled 1x attack in the vicinity of Robotyne (Zaporizhzhia oblast). The enemy launched air strikes in the vicinities of Levadne, Mala Tokmachka, Robotyne, Novodanylivka, Yurkivka (Zaporizhzhia oblast). Around 20x settlements, including Levadne, Poltavka, Hulyaipole, Mala Tokmachka, Novoandriivka, Stepove (Zaporizhzhia oblast), were under artillery and mortar fire of the occupiers.

Odesa operational-strategic group, Kherson axis: the occupiers do not abandon their intention to drive Ukrainian units out of their footholds on the left bank of the Dnipro. During the day, the enemy made 4x attempt to assault positions of Ukrainian troops. Around 10x settlements, including the city of Kherson, the settlements of Mykhailivka, Beryslav, Ponyativka, Inhulets (Kherson oblast), came under artillery and mortar fire of the occupiers.

During the day of February 29, the Ukrainian Air Force launched air strikes on 10x concentrations of enemy troops.

On top of that, the Ukrainian Air Force units destroyed 3x Su-34 fighter-bombers.

The Ukrainian missile troops hit 2x concentrations of troops, weapons and military equipment, 3x BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems, 1x ammunition depot, 1x electronic warfare station of the russian invaders.

Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, reported that russia spreads 168 million disinformation posts every week. Specifically, 23.5 million russian posts were aimed against the unity of Ukrainians.

Yurii Ihnat, Spokesman of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, informed that the Air Alert app has been updated. The app will now warn about objects approaching a particular region.

Serhii Marchenko, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, stated that Ukraine needs about USD 3 billion in external financing every month. He also noted that since February 2022, financial support from the G7 and the EU has reached about USD 63 billion.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

The General Staff reported that Ukrainian defence forces repelled 84 russian attacks towards Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Novopavlivka on February 28. Most of the attacks were towards Novopavlivka and Avdiivka.

The enemy attacked over 800 times towards Lyman and Kupiansk yesterday. According to Illia Yevlash, Head of the press service of Khortytsia operational-strategic group, there were 17 combat engagements.

Russians used aviation 13 times. Once – a Mi-8 helicopter, 12 times – Su-34 and Su-35 fighters. Each of the aircraft tried to hit the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with two or three missiles.

The enemy losses over the day amounted to 343 people eliminated and injured. 73 pieces of russian weapons and military equipment were destroyed.

Kharkiv oblast

Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, reported that about 20 settlements in Kharkiv oblast suffered enemy artillery and mortar attacks: Zapadne, Synkivka, Ivanivka, Kotliarivka and others. The enemy launched airstrikes on Ploske, Budarky, Varvarivka, Kupiansk, Synkivka, Kyslivka and others.

At night, at 1:30 am, a pharmacy building was hit in Vovchansk. There was no information about the casualties. Earlier, at 7:15 pm, a private residential building was damaged by shelling. There were no casualties.

At 4:50 pm, russians launched aerial bombs at the railway station in Velykyi Burluk, Kupiansk region. The shelling killed a 6-year-old girl and a 48-year-old man. The girl’s mother was critically injured and is receiving medical assistance.

Around 4:25 pm, the enemy shelled Vovchansk city. There were no casualties. The shelling started again at 4:40 pm, damaging 2 private houses.

At 1:52 pm, there was a repeated shelling of Kupiansk. The roof of a residential building and an outbuilding were on fire. There were no casualties.

At 1:40 pm, a church, a residential building were destroyed as a result of the shelling by the enemy’s aerial bombs in Kupiansk. A cafe and 16 residential buildings were damaged. 2 people were killed and 5 people injured.

At 1 pm, the enemy shelled Vovchansk. There was neither destruction nor casualties.

At 11:10 am, two private houses were damaged as a result of the enemy attacks on Hryhorivka, Kupiansk region. There was no information about the victims.

At 10:50 am, Moskovka village, Kupiansk region, was shelled. A private residential building was damaged. There were no casualties.

At 10:13 am, an outbuilding was on fire as a result of the enemy hit in Kindrashivka village, Kupiansk region. There were no casualties.

Ukrainian defenders repelled 2 enemy attacks near Synkivka and Tabaivka.

Combined teams of bomb experts cleared 25.39 hectares of territory and destroyed 92 explosive ordnance.

Donetsk oblast

During the first half of February 29, the enemy had already lost two Su-34 aircraft. According to the RMA, one was shot down towards Avdiivka and the other towards Mariupol. The press service of Donetsk police reported that the invaders dropped a KAB-500 bomb on a residential area in Mykolaivka in the morning. As a result of the shelling, 8 private houses, a hospital, a garage, two civilian cars, a gas pipeline and power grids were damaged.

Destruction as a result of russian shelling. Photo: National Police

Russian troops attacked civilians 26 times and a total of 1,833 shelling attacks were recorded. The police documented every war crime committed by the russian federation. 17 settlements were under attack: Kurakhove, Pokrovsk, Siversk, Chasiv Yar cities, Hostre, Ocheretyne settlements, Bohoiavlenka, Zhelanne, Katerynivka, Nova Poltavka, Novoselivka Persha, Pereizne, Pyskunivka, Rusyn Yar, Sokil, Soloviove, Stepanivka villages.

64 civilian objects were damaged, including 30 residential buildings, three educational institutions, a cultural centre, a post office, a bank, administrative buildings, an agricultural enterprise and critical infrastructure.

Destruction as a result of russian shelling. Photo: National Police

Donetsk Regional Military Administration informed that towards Volnovakha, an agricultural enterprise and a house were damaged in Bohoiavlenka of Vuhledar community.

Towards Pokrovsk, a person was injured and a house of culture damaged in Zhelanne of Ocheretyne community. Krasnohorivka, Kostiantynivka, Heorhiivka and Maksymilianivka of Marinka community were shelled with artillery. 4 houses were damaged in Kurakhove community: 2 in Kurakhove and 2 in Hostre. An administrative building, a shop, a private house were destroyed and 3 other houses damaged in Hrodivka.

Towards Kramatorsk, a garage and an infrastructure facility were damaged in Nova Poltavka of Illinivka community. In Lyman community, 3 houses were damaged in Torske, 1 in Yampolivka and 1 in Ozerne.

Towards Bakhmut, 1 person in Siversk and 1 in Pereizne of Zvanivka community were killed.

In total, russians shelled settlements in Donetsk oblast 26 times over the day. 173 people, including 26 children, were evacuated from the frontline.

Destruction as a result of russian shelling. Photo: Donetsk Regional Military Administration

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck at the invaders in Olenivka. The strike killed 19 russian soldiers, including a deputy commander, and injured 12, including the commander of russian military unit.

The 3rd separate assault brigade said that their units pushed russian invaders out of Krasnohorivka after they managed to enter the town the day before. As of now, Krasnohorivka is under the control of the Ukrainian military.

In the midst of the fighting, White Angels units evacuated 26 people and a dog from Avdiivka. The oldest rescued person was 95 years old.  With the frontline approaching, over the past 12 days, more and more residents of Ocheretyne community have been contacting the police for rescue. In addition, the police continue to bring humanitarian aid, even to the places where only three residents remain. Over the past 12 days, law enforcement officers have delivered more than a tonne of goods to Umanske, Berdychi, Orlivka and Semenivka villages, including ready-to-eat meals without cooking, bread, drinking water and hygiene kits.

Mykola Kovalenko, Head of Ocheretyne Village Military Administration, confirmed that over 100 residents were evacuated from Novoselivka Persha which is under constant shelling.

The Ministry of Reintegration has provided 199 frontline communities with mine warning signs. As part of the Ministry’s budget programme, de-occupied communities received about 96,000 Mine Danger signs.

Luhansk oblast

According to Luhansk Regional Military Administration, the enemy intensified airstrikes along the entire frontline. Bombers attacked Novoiehorivka, Makiivka and Bilohorivka. Mortars and artillery were used in Nevske and Bilohorivka. In the area of the latter, russians again tried to succeed, but were stopped by the Defence Forces. Food packages and bread were delivered yesterday to villages where civilians are still living and distributed in Novoliubivka and Nevske.

The fate of coal mining enterprises, which are being given away by the occupation authorities of Luhansk oblast for nothing and without bidding, is decided exclusively by investors from russia. Specifically, russians are going to dismantle the equipment at Bilorichensk mine and the processing plant of the same name, as they do not need to develop the longwall.

To get a voucher for an appointment at a state institution in occupied Rubizhne, you have to queue in the evening.  The local collaborators are aware of the problem but they are not going to increase the number of appointments. Recently, a middle-aged woman died in line at the passport office.

Lviv hosted the world premiere of Symphony No. 3, entitled Victorious by contemporary Ukrainian composer Zoltan Almashi. The work was commissioned by Lviv Organ Hall and performed by Luhansk Philharmonic Orchestra, which has escaped from russian occupiers for the second time, first moving to Sievierodonetsk and then to Lviv during the full-scale invasion.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

Albania plans to open an embassy in Kyiv. The agreement was reached during a meeting between Dmytro Kuleba and his foreign colleague Igli Hasani during the Ukrainian delegation’s visit to Albania.

According to Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn, Irpin has approved 19 reconstructions on its own land for more than UAH 86 million under the eRestoration programme. In addition, they have approved estimates for the repair of a number of high-rise buildings and issued permits for contractors to carry out the work. The city also approved the issuance of 36 housing certificates for the purchase of new apartments worth UAH 114 million.

According to Fight For Right NGO, shelters accessible to people with disabilities will be set up in Kyiv. Such shelters have already been presented on Borshchahivska Street and Vaclav Havel Boulevard. They have handrails, information signs on the walls in Braille and toilets accessible to people in wheelchairs.

According to Irpin City Council, a series of training courses in tactical medicine for members of the Volunteer Formation of the city’s territorial community has begun in Irpin. On February 21, the first course to prepare residents for the National Resistance was completed.

According to Anatolii Fedoruk, Mayor of Bucha, the city has received two new garbage trucks under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine, funded by the governments of Japan and the EU. The trucks will be useful for cleaning the city, as a large part of the municipal vehicle fleet was stolen or destroyed by russians during the full-scale invasion of the oblast.

Bucha community allocated UAH 6.2 million to purchase drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The city council also considered the construction of a new outpatient clinic in Babyntsi.

The car from Irpin, which was shot by the russian military at the beginning of the invasion, was installed near the russian embassy in the German city of Bonn. The damaged car had previously been shown to Europeans on the streets of Berlin and Meckenheim. The car was driven and this memorial event was organised by the head of Meckenheim Helps association, Stefan Pohl, with the assistance of ATO Foundation.

Civilian car vandalised by the russian military in front of the russian embassy in Bonn. Photo: Oleksandr Markushyn

Zhytomyr oblast

According to the Department of Social Protection of the Population of Zhytomyr RMA, 2.3 thousand households in the oblast received compensation under Shelter programme in 2023 for a total of UAH 33.3 million.  

According to the Northern Border Guard Detachment, 27 border guards, who defended the country in Donetsk oblast, were awarded in Zhytomyr for courage and professionalism in the performance of their military duty. 

Border guards of Zhytomyr detachment received a Renault car and tactical ammunition from philanthropists. The aid was handed over to the Ukrainian military by Zhytomyr Humanitarian Hub Charitable Foundation.

Sumy oblast

According to Sumy RMA, the enemy attacked the industrial infrastructure of Sumy oblast. They shelled Vorozhba community with artillery. One person was injured as a result of the shelling. The warehouse of a production facility caught on fire. The fire has been extinguished and all the necessary services are working at the scene.

Enemy attack on an industrial enterprise in Sumy oblast, February 29, 2024. Photo: Sumy RMA

According to Sumy RMA, russians fired 8 times at the border areas of the oblast. There were 66 attacks with mortars, artillery and MLRS. Khotin, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Esman and Seredyna-Buda communities were shelled.

On February 28, the russian military fired 42 times at Sumy oblast. There were 204 explosions. Yunakivka, Khotin, Bilopillia, Vorozhba, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Nova Sloboda, Esman, Seredyna-Buda, Znob-Novhorodske and Svesa communities were shelled. The enemy fired at the communities with mortars, artillery, MLRS, a tank, attacked with FPV drones, launched NAR missiles from a jet aircraft, and dropped VOG ammunition from a UAV.

Volodymyr Artiukh, Head of RMA, reported that concrete stationary fortifications are being built in Sumy oblast. The construction pace is increasing, equipment and assistance is being brought in from other oblasts of Ukraine. The construction of the fortifications will allow the Armed Forces to increase their defence capabilities on the border.

According to Taras Savchenko, First Deputy Head of RMA, in 2023, international partners provided assistance for the restoration and development of Sumy oblast communities in the amount of over UAH 720 million.

Chernihiv oblast

According to the State Border Guard Service, russian troops fired 12 times at the border of Chernihiv oblast. The enemy fired 76 times from mortars, cannon artillery, MLRS and ATGMs at the territory of Semenivka, Snovsk and Novhorod-Siverskyi communities.

Battle For Chernihiv documentary was presented in Kosovo. The presentation of the film took place in Pristina for students of Rothschild Institute of Technology. The participants of the event had an online conversation with the film’s author Andrii Titko. 

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Mykola Lukashuk, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, reported that during the day the occupiers attacked Nikopol region 9 times. They launched 5 kamikaze drones and fired 4 times from artillery.

Nikopol, Marhanets and Chervonohryhorivka communities were hit. A 72-year-old man was injured in Chervonohryhorivka. He was provided with all necessary medical assistance.

In total, 12 private houses, 5 country houses, 9 outbuildings were damaged and one more destroyed, 3 cars, 2 power lines and a gas pipeline were damaged.

Consequences of russian shelling. Photo: Serhii Lysak, Head of Dnipropetrovsk RMA

Vinnytsia oblast

According to Vinnytsia RMA, hospitals in the oblast have received another donation from German philanthropists. This time Vinnytsia oblast received 12 multifunctional beds and medicines worth EUR 24K. They will be transferred to hospitals in the region according to the needs.

Kirovohrad oblast

Oleksandr Korenkov, coach of Dolynska Legion sports club, reported that an all-Ukrainian professional pankration tournament was held in Dolynska city of Kirovohrad oblast, in memory of the soldier Mahomed Haniev who was killed in action. A total of 42 fighters competed in 10 weight categories. Mahomed’s brother Sultan Haniev, a member of Dolynska Legion sports club competed in the 77 kg weight category.

A Social Wardrobe has been opened in Kropyvnytskyi. IDPs from Donetsk oblast communities, who have moved to Kirovohrad oblast, can get clothes there.

Poltava oblast

Defenders from Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv and Donetsk received more than 3500 trench candles from the volunteers of Poltava Polytechnic.


Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

On February 28, russian forces shelled 9 settlements in Zaporizhzhia oblast 250 times:

  • Malynivka, Shcherbaky and Stepove were targeted by airstrikes;
  • Robotyne was shelled 14 times with MLRS;
  • Huliaipole, Malynivka, Novodanylivka, Robotyne, Mala Tokmachka were attacked by 48 UAVs;
  • Huliaipole, Novodanylivka, Malynivka, Mala Tokmachka, Prymorske and other frontline settlements were shelled 185 times by artillery.

On February 29, the press service of Zaporizhzhia RMA reported 30 cases of damage to residential buildings and infrastructure facilities. There were no casualties or injuries reported.

Ivan Fedorov, Head of Zaporizhzhia RMA, informed that on February 29, 1 person was killed as a result of a russian airstrike on Yuliivka village. Information about injuries and damage is currently being clarified.

Additionally, he added that on the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia oblast, russian occupiers are intensifying terror against residents, using various technologies. In the occupied Melitopol, the occupiers use quadcopters for surveillance. Locals receive SMS messages informing them that all phone calls will be recorded “for security purposes”. Additionally, metal fences are installed along the streets to ensure people remain within the view of surveillance cameras.

Also, as of February 27, due to constant occupant shelling, 50 settlements of Zaporizhzhia oblast in the government-controlled territory were completely or partially powered off. Municipal services are working to restore power supply, including near the frontline. Zaporizhzhia residents have almost no blackouts, only due to enemy attacks.

According to the OSINT-project KibOrg, occupiers’ ships are transporting grain from the occupied south, including from Melitopol, through Crimea to Syria. Yesterday 2 russian ships, ZAID and ZAFAR, loaded 71,500 tons of wheat in the occupied Sevastopol. The grain is intended for delivery to a state-owned Syrian enterprise.

On February 29, during a briefing, Ivan Fedorov, Head of the Zaporizhzhia RMA, announced that the budget of Zaporizhzhia oblast plans to allocate 1 billion hryvnias for defense capabilities to purchase necessary equipment for the military.

Mykolaiv oblast

Vitalii Kim, Head of Mykolaiv RMA, reported that on February 28, russian forces conducted artillery strikes on the water area of Ochakiv community in Mykolaiv oblast. There were no casualties or injuries reported.

According to a statement on the official website of Denmark’s government, they have allocated an additional grant of DKK 10 million (approximately USD 1.45 million) to strengthen Danish-Ukrainian municipal cooperation for Ukraine’s recovery. During the meeting, the possibility of resuming multipurpose ship construction for the Ukrainian Navy and search and rescue service, which was suspended since the beginning of the full-scale war, was discussed. Additionally, the development of other joint projects continues, including the project for the recovery of Mykolaiv oblast.

Mykolaiv and foreign volunteers from Operation Aid international organization have donated an ambulance to Kherson Aid Center. This marks the delivery of the 22nd vehicle by volunteers from the Scandinavian countries.

According to the Information and Public Relations Department of the South-Ukraine NPP, the team of the South-Ukraine Energy Complex has handed over 2 Mavic 3T quadcopters and modern equipment to one of the units of the Special Operations Forces. While military officials do not disclose all the details, they emphasize that this reinforcement will pose additional troubles for the enemy. 

Yevhen Hladkov, Head of the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Mykolaiv RMA, stated that a total of 2,737 (98.6%) damaged infrastructure objects have already been restored through operational procedures. Comprehensive capital repairs and reconstruction measures are gradually being implemented, including with international technical assistance. These objects include energy, gas, heat, water supply and water disposal.

Odesa oblast

According to Flightradar portal data, American aviation activity has been observed near the southern borders of Odesa oblast. Over the Black Sea, an American reconnaissance aircraft, Boeing P-8A Poseidon, has been detected. The NATO aircraft patrols the airspace of Romania and monitors the situation in the Black Sea. 

Oleksandr Kubrakov, Minister for Communities and Territories Development and Infrastructure of Ukraine, reported that he had met with representatives of the Committee on European Affairs of the Danish Parliament. They discussed the expansion of export corridors, specifically through the Danube region.

Kherson oblast

According to Kherson RMA, the russian military attacked Beryslav in Kherson oblast from a drone, dropping an explosive device onto the courtyard of a residential building. A 91-year-old woman and a 58-year-old man got concussions, explosive injuries and shrapnel wounds to their arms and legs. They have been hospitalized and doctors assess their condition as moderate.

On the evening of February 28, occupying forces targeted Dniprovskyi district of Kherson, injuring a 32-year-old man who was inside his own home. He was hospitalized with explosive trauma and a shoulder injury.

Oleksandr Prokudin, Head of the Kherson RMA, reported that on February 29, around 5:40 AM, the russian military shelled Dariivka community in Kherson oblast, in a result a 35-year-old man was killed.

The Command of the Special Operations Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that during a confrontation with russian occupiers while carrying out a combat mission in Kherson, Ukrainian soldiers from the 73rd Special Operations Marine Center were killed. The fallen soldiers were providing cover for the withdrawal of the main group’s forces after completing a special mission. 

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Ukrainian forces attacked the russian military in Pischanivka-Pidstepne settlements area  towards Kherson  to divert attention from Krynyky

Mykola Kuleba, Founder of Save Ukraine charitable foundation, reported that 6 children have been returned to Ukraine from the occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts. 5 of these children are from Kherson oblast. Among the returned children are 3 boys and 2 girls aged 4 to 16, one of whom is an orphan. Since the beginning of this year, 25 children from Kherson oblast have been returned home. In total, with the support of Save Ukraine foundation, 251 children have been returned to Ukraine from the occupied territories. 

According to Kherson RMA, the distribution of humanitarian aid to residents of Kherson oblast continues. Yesterday residents of the liberated territories received assistance from international NGOs, philanthropists and volunteers. They received 2703 food sets, 8913 loaves of bread, 250 portions of hot meals and 27736 liters of drinking water. Additionally, they received 10 sets of mattresses, pillows, blankets, 13 OSB slabs, 420 LED lamps, 15 sets of bedding, repair kits, 66 tons of fuel briquettes and 51 small stoves. 

Oleksandr Prokudin, Head of the Kherson RMA, informed that projects for repairing and constructing 6 medical facilities have been presented on the de-occupied territory of Kherson oblast, with plans to equip shelters.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

The 5th special purpose battalion of the 12th brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine Azov received two trucks thanks to Swedish Aid Center CF.

Lutsk City Council reported that they sent 6 CoVi Security AHD-4W PRO KIT video surveillance complexes to the 1st infantry company of the A4940 military unit, two DJI MAVIC 3T Enterprise (Thermal) and two DJI MAVIC Fly more combo quadcopters.

Zakarpattia oblast

The RMA reported that the wife of Anatolii Varvara Tehza, fallen hero of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was awarded with the III degree For Courage Order (posthumously).

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Ivano-Frankivsk City Council reported that the community sent 50 FPV drones and Mavik for the defenders of the 80th separate airborne assault brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Lviv oblast

This week, a specialized working group at Lviv RMA decided to direct over UAH 47 mln to support the Defense Forces. 

Yavoriv City Council allocated UAH 10 mln from the budget for the needs of the military in the 24th separate mechanized brigades. With these funds, over a hundred FPV drones, a dozen powerful quadcopters, tablets and radio stations for combat missions will be purchased.

Lviv community sent 750 FPV drones for defenders worth UAH 10 mln.

Families of the fallen Heroes who live in Mostyska community received food packages thanks to Mosty City Council, the Red Cross Society of Ukraine and Yavoriv district organization of the Red Cross Society organized the issue.

Senior Sergeant Yurii Sikyrynskyi, serviceman of the 125th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the award of the Golden Star Order (posthumously). The hero was killed on June 14, 2023 in ​​Rozdolivka, Bakhmut region.

Oleh Hladkyi, junior sergeant of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the village of Opilska, Sokal region, was awarded with Golden Cross and Cross of Valor. The soldier stood up for the defense of Ukraine back in 2016.

Rivne oblast

Mayor of the American sister city became the ambassador of Rivne oblast. During the week, Steve Patterson, Mayor of the city of Athens (Ohio, the USA), was in the oblast on a working visit. Impressed by the challenges that Ukrainians face every day in war conditions, he promised to make maximum efforts to help Rivne oblast and Ukraine in general.

Rivne RMA continues a series of exercises on the implementation of veteran policy. Experts visited Sarny region. The key issues are rehabilitation, mental health and the system of providing social services for veterans and their family members.

Ternopil oblast

In Ternopil, the bright memory of courageous, indomitable, unconquered soldiers, who gave their lives for a free and independent Ukraine, was honored. Representatives of Ternopil RMA presented the families of 37 fallen defenders with posthumous awards, which were awarded by the Decrees of the President of Ukraine.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

6 off-road vehicles and the necessary equipment were sent to the air defense forces of Khmelnytskyi, including 4 Toyota Hilux SUVs provided by the Joint Ukrainian-German Enterprise 2K, 2 cars donated with the assistance of Kamianets-Podilskyi RMA and the Sobutsky Family CF.

Chernivtsi oblast

The RMA reported that last year, for the total amount of UAH 74.5 mln, cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, construction and fuel-lubricating materials, generators, tires, communication equipment, spare parts and other necessary items were purchased and sent to the defense forces. 

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Ukraine received a USD 760 mln grant from Japan and Norway. The funds came through the World Bank’s PEACE in Ukraine mechanism. They will be aimed at covering the priority expenses of the state budget.

Belgium will finance for EUR 200 mln a Czech initiative to purchase 800K shells for Ukrainian artillery. Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo promised the first shipments of ammunition in the coming weeks.

Albania declared its readiness to join the special tribunal for the russian federation, which was created due to large-scale military aggression against Ukraine.

North Macedonia signed a declaration of support for Ukraine’s membership in the EU and NATO. The declaration establishes North Macedonia’s support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and the country’s invitation to NATO “when the conditions are right”.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced that the EU will direct revenues from the frozen assets of the russian federation to the purchase of weapons for Ukraine.

The Netherlands ordered 9 newest 155-mm self-propelled guns DITA for Ukraine from the Czech Republic. The Netherlands previously ordered 100 MR-2 anti-aircraft guns from the Czech Republic and, together with the USA and Denmark, the modernization of 100 T-72 battle tanks. As Dutch ministry emphasizes, after inspection, the weapons go directly to Ukraine.

New Zealand introduced new sanctions against russia and belarus. Organizations, that purchase technologies for the russian defense industry and individuals involved in the purchase of weapons in North Korea, have been sanctioned.

The President of Ukraine held a number of bilateral meetings within the framework of the UkraineSouth-Eastern Europe Summit. Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with Andrej Plenkovic, Prime Minister of Croatia, Jakov Milatovic, President of Montenegro, Stevo Pendarovski, President of North Macedonia, Maja Sandu, President of Moldova, Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia, and with Borjana Krsto, Head of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They discussed support and assistance to Ukraine.

A round table dedicated to the second anniversary of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine was held in Bucharest. Organizers of the meeting are the Union of Ukrainians in Romania in cooperation with the parliamentary faction of national minorities. It was about tripartite cooperation and Romania’s support of Ukraine and Moldova in their European aspirations, the threat of russian aggression to the entire civilized world, and the reconstruction and consolidation of Ukraine.

A group of Physical Therapists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine successfully completed training in rehabilitation and prosthetics for amputees at the Protez Academy in Minnesota. The two-week training program will help in further rehabilitation work.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Аnna Efremova, Albahachiieva Helena

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Viktoriia Pushyna, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova 

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