Українські щоденні перемоги 3.07.2022

Ukrainian Daily Wins. News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard. July 3, 2022

materials prepared by: Mila Rosik

  The invaders have already lost almost 36,000 servicepeople and 187 helicopters.

 The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the Russian offensive in Kharkiv and Sloviansk directions.

✅  According to Ivan Fedorov, Melitopol City mayor, early in the morning of July 3, the Armed Forces incapacitated one of the 4 Russian military bases.

 ✅  Turkish customs detained a Russian cargo ship with the Ukrainian grain stolen by the occupation forces and taken out of the port of Berdiansk.

 ✅  Slovakia might send its MiG-29 fighters and Soviet-time tanks to Ukraine.

 ✅ Kateryna and her seven-year-old daughter are near to being discharged from the hospital — they were taken there injured after a rocket had hit their home in Kyiv last Sunday. Kateryna is Russian and now plans to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

 ✅ A part of the Russian ZRGK “Pantsir” missile fell on a high-rise building in Belgorod. The Insider, with reference to military expert Oleh Zhdanov and CIT investigators, writes that the Ukrainian army does not have such weapons.

 ✅ Israeli court obliged the government to cancel restrictions introduced after February 24 on the entry of Ukrainians into the country. Now, Ukraine’s citizens can enter Israel for three months without having to submit a special request for this.

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