Ukrainian daily wins. May 24, 2022. News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Ukrainian defenders destroyed 205 russian aircraft, 1303 tanks and eliminated 29350 invaders.

✅ Ukrainian defenders destroyed 205 russian aircraft, 1303 tanks and eliminated 29350 invaders. 

✅ In Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, Ukrainian fighters repelled 16 attacks, destroyed 11 enemy’s armored vehicles and one vehicle. 

✅ Ukrainian soldiers brought down the fighter jet. Its pilot retired General Mayor of the russian Air Defense Forces Kanamat Botashev was killed. 

✅ Iryna Venediktova claims that as of May 23, 13K cases on alleged war crimes are being investigated, 49 suspicions are issued.

✅ The EU Council canceled all export taxes and quotas for Ukraine for a year.

✅ The EU President Ursula von der Leyen assumes that the arrested russian assets can be allocated for financing post-war rebuilding of Ukraine. 

✅ Based on KMIS survey results, 82% of Ukrainians consider that any surrendering the Ukrainian territory to stop the war is unacceptable. 

✅ The President Office Head and former NATO general secretary Andres Vog Rasmussen chaired the international consulting group in charge of developing proposals on security guarantees for Ukraine.  

✅ Estonian President Alar Karis claims that the support of the military marine operations to export Ukrainian grain is growing in Europe. It implies accompanying the bulk ship by military ships, notably by minesweepers.  

✅ In Kropyvnytskyi, by the verdict the judge obligated a 19-year-old guy who promoted the so-called “russian world” to learn the words of the song “Bandera is our father. Ukraine is our mother!”. 

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