News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, August 30, 2022 Ukraine’s Daily Wins

Material prepared by Mila 

  According to the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, as of 30 August, the death toll of the russian military is about 47,550.

✅  The russian occupiers used at least 10 expensive Kalibrs to hit wooden mock-ups that they mistakenly believed to be advanced American HIMARS missile systems. The Washington Post reports about this with reference to a Ukrainian official and an American diplomat who spoke to them on condition of anonymity.

✅ During the night, 159 russians and 60 single units of their equipment were eliminated, according to the “South” operational command.

✅  Ukrainian soldiers liberated four villages, that had been under the russian occupation, on the south near Kherson. However, their primary goal is Kherson, according to CNN with reference to the Ukrainian source in the army that is not disclosed for security reasons.

✅  The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the crossing of the russians across the Dnipro near ​​the village of Lvove in the Beryslav district, Kherson Oblast.

✅ In russia-occupied Kherson, there were 5 explosions heard in the morning. The russian mass media report about the successful operation of their air defense, however local Telegram channels write about at least one stroke.

✅ Poroshenko provided a remote-controlled robot that will evacuate wounded fighters from under fire. He says that this combat robot is already in service with NATO countries.

✅ Zelenskyy said that the Ukrainian defenders would chase the invaders all the way to the border. Yet, no one is going to reveal the plans of the Armed Forces, and it is time for the russian military to flee or surrender.

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