Digest 90. May 23, 2022. Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Facts and Evidences

Russian aggressors continue heavy shelling, launch air strikes and attempt the offensive in Donetsk oblast. On May 22, at least 6 civilians were killed, 12 injured.

Source: National Police Department in Donetsk Oblast


#BuchaMassacre. One more body of a civilian was found near Horenka and Moshchun village, Bucha district, Kyiv oblast. The man was murdered by russian troops during the occupation of these territories. He was tortured with legs and arms tied before killing.

Source: National Police Department in Kyiv oblast


The toll of casualties among Ukrainians since the large-scale russian invasion began has reached 4 600, including 232 children. The data does not include victims from the occupied territories, like Izium, Mariupol, Volnovakha.

Source: General Prosecutor’s Office


On May 22, russian shelling and air strikes injured 11 civilians in Mykolaiv. 

Source: Head of Mykolaiv Regional Council

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