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Ukrainian daily victories 06/28/2022 News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

 materials prepared by: Mila Rosik  

 Russia has already lost 35,250 soldiers, 185 helicopters and 1,567 tanks in the war with Ukraine.

✅ In Snihuriv, Kryvyi Rih and Beryslav districts, Ukrainian aircraft struck 5 blows at the concentration of the enemy and his equipment — Operational Command South.

✅ In the direction of Dovhenke – Dolyna in the Slovyansk region, the Ukrainian defenders stopped the assault of the enemy and pushed him back — the General Staff.

 ✅ US military intelligence believes that units of the Armed Forces inflicted significant damage on the Russian occupiers before the tactical retreat from Severodonetsk.

 ✅ Ukraine won an intermediate victory in the UN maritime arbitration against Russia.

The UN Arbitration Tribunal for the Law of the Sea supported Ukraine’s position and ruled that it had jurisdiction to consider the case of Russia’s seizure of three ships and sailors in November 2018.

✅ The Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War exchanged prisoners according to the 17 to 15 formula. 16 Ukrainian servicemen are returning home, including 2 officers and 14 soldiers. One civilian was also released.

 ✅ The Ukrainian military has already begun to master Norwegian-made NASAMS air defense missile systems to be delivered by the United States — Politico.

 ✅ The Minister of the Armed Forces of France Sébastian Lecornu stated that Ukraine will receive from Paris a “significant number” of VAB armored vehicles.

 ✅ The United States has banned the import of Russian gold and added 70 legal entities and 29 individuals to the sanctions list, the country’s finance ministry said.

 ✅ Due to the increase in fuel supplies to Ukrainian gas stations in July, restrictions on the purchase of fuel for one visit will disappear for motorists — the chairman of the Energy Committee of the Council Andriy Herus.

✅ The manufacturer of Bayraktar drones is touched by the solidarity of Ukrainians in raising funds through the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation, so it will donate drones free of charge. The saved funds, which the Prytula Foundation raised for three Turkish “Bayraktar TB2”, will go to ensure the victory of Ukraine — Serhiy Prytula.

 ✅ Boris Johnson condemned Russian missile strike in Kremenchuk: Putin once again showed the depth of cruelty and barbarism. The British prime minister also said that “there is no alternative” to support Ukraine, and that the consequences of the unhindered capture of Ukrainian territories by Russian troops would be “absolutely terrible.”

 ✅ The nature and results of Russia’s use of combat units near Severodonetsk, as well as missiles during the last series of strikes, indicate the growing depletion of the resources of Russian forces — British intelligence.

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