News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, July 11, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

Since the beginning of the full-scale aggression, about 37,400 russian soldiers have been eliminated in Ukraine.

✅ The Russian Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile system, crushed by the Armed Forces, is already fighting on the side of Ukraine and shot down the first enemy target.

✅ According to the General Staff, the Ukrainian military repelled an enemy combat reconnaissance towards Sloviansk. Meanwhile, the invaders continue carrying out missile strikes on civilian targets.

✅ In Kherson oblast, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit a command and observation post of the russian artillery brigade and a control and command post of the russian national guard.

✅ The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled an enemy assault towards Krasnopillia (Sloviansk direction) and Mariinka. Towards Kramatorsk and Bakhmut, the enemy is preparing to intensify hostilities, as reported by the General Staff.

✅ During a telephone conversation, one of the occupiers said that towards Kherson, the Ukrainian army struck a command post, killing 12 people.

✅ Billionaire Rinat Akhmetov says that he has to withdraw his investment company SCM from the media business. This week Media Group Ukraine will refuse from all licenses of its channels in favour of the state.

✅ Lithuania has expanded restrictions on transit of goods to Kaliningrad despite the rf’s warnings. The import of cement, alcohol and a number of other goods of russian origin is prohibited from entering the EU.

✅ Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte arrived in Ukraine and visited the settlements of Kyiv oblast, which suffered from the russian invaders.

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