Україна Оперативна інформація з регіонів 11.07.2022

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news July 11, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Halyna Radevych, Ioanna Kryvenko

It has been the 138th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

Ukraine briefly:

It has been the 138th day of Ukraine’s heroic resistance to the russian invasion.

Here is operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 6pm:

The main efforts of the enemy focus on establishing final control over Luhansk oblast, making attempts to encircle grouping of the Defense Forces in Donetsk oblast, maintaining a land corridor with the temporarily occupied Crimea and blocking Ukraine’s maritime communications in the Black Sea.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, the situation has not drastically changed.

Towards Siversk, enemy units continue staying in the border areas of Bryansk and Kursk oblasts, demonstrating their presence with the use of artillery. Thus, the enemy shelled the areas of Karpovychy and Mykolaivka, Chernihiv region.

In the Sloboda Ukraine region, the enemy focuses on maintaining the occupied borders towards Kharkiv and preventing the advance of our troops to the state border.

Basaliivka, Blahodatne, Cherkaski Tyshky, Kharkiv, Korobochkine, Kutuzivka, Nove, Petrivka, Peremoha, Pytomnyk, Prudianka, Rubizhne,  Ruska Lozova, Ruski Tyshky, Slatyne and Zolochiv were shelled with barrel artillery, multiple launch rocket systems and tanks.

The enemy fired from Ka-52 helicopters at Lebiazhe, Prudianka  and Verkhniy Saltiv. Near the latter, there was air reconnaissance by means of UAVs.

Towards Sloviansk, the enemy attacks from barrel and rocket artillery in the areas of Adamivka, Bohorodychne, Cherkaske, Dibrivne, Kurulka,  Krasnopillia, Maiaky, Mazanivka, Novomykolaivka. There was an airstrike near Bohorodychne.

Towards Krasnopillia, our soldiers repelled another enemy assault and halted all the attempts of the invaders to advance.

Towards Kramatorsk, enemy units did not conduct active hostilities. Bilohorivka, Hryhorivka, Ivano-Darivka,  Serebrianka, Siversk, Spirne, Verkhnokamianske, Vyimka, Zakitne and Zvanivka  were shelled with barrel artillery. There were airstrikes near Ivano-Darivka, Serebrianka and Spirne.

Towards Bakhmut, the invaders fired mortars, barrel and rocket artillery into the areas of Berestove, Chasiv Yar, Klishchiivka, Kodema, Novoluhanske, Niu York, Pokrovske, Soledar, Vershyna and Zaitseve. Airstrikes were launched from Su-25 assault aircraft near Pokrovske and Yakovlivka.

Towards Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavlivka and Zaporizhzhia, the enemy fired artillery of various calibers near Avdiivka, Bilohiria, Huliaipilske, Huliaipole, Kamianske, Karlivka, Malynivka, Mariinka, Mala Tokmachka, Novodanylivka, Nevelske, Novomikhailivka, Novosilka, Orikhiv, Pavlivka, Perebudova, Poltavka, Sribne, Velyka Novosilka, Volodymyrivka, Vremivka, Vugledar, Zahorne, Zaliznychne and Zherebianka. There were airstrikes near Shevchenko and Zolota Nyva.

Our soldiers forced the enemy to withdraw when they tried to advance towards Maryinka.

Towards South Buh, the enemy is trying to keep the occupied positions and prevent the offensive of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Enemy fire attacks to suppress the actions of our troops continue. Bilohirka, Bila Krynytsya, Blahodatne, Chervona Dolyna,  Dobrianka, Karierne, Kalynivka, Kobzartsi, Kotliareve, Kyselivka, Liubomyrivka, Osokorivka,  Olhyne, Partizanske, Prybuzke, Posad-Pokrovske,  Shevchenkove, Ukrainka, Velyka Kostroma, Zelenyi Hai, and Zoria were shelled from barrel and reactive artillery.

In the Black and Azov Seas, two carriers of high-precision weapons are ready to launch missile strikes. The fire potential is up to 16 Kalibr-class cruise missiles.

The Defense Forces of Ukraine inflict losses on the enemy in all directions where hostilities continue and are ready for any changes in the operational situation.

There are more and more cases of desertion and open disobedience to the command in the russian troops. 

On the morning of July 11, russian invaders fired 10 missiles at Kharkiv. Four people were killed and 31 injured, including two children. 

The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with heavy weapons, armored vehicles and self-propelled howitzers. This was announced by Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, who visited Ukraine for the first time and held a meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy. A special conference will be held in the Hague this week, organized by the European Commission and the International Criminal Court of the United Nations “so that russia’s nemesis for crimes against humanity, war crimes become closer,” said the Dutch prime minister.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy submitted to the Verkhovna Rada an urgent bill on granting a special status to  Poles in Ukraine. This will help simplify the conditions of Polish citizens’ stay on the territory of Ukraine. The draft law stipulates that Polish citizens can stay on the territory of Ukraine for 18 months.

The well-known oligarch Rinat Akhmetov refuses in favor of the state from all television channels and licenses of print media and online media, which are part of his media holding “Media Group Ukraine”. Akhmetov’s statement says that such a decision is dictated by the law on deoligarchization.

There will be an exam for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy instructed the government to consider introduction of a mandatory test for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. The exam may include a test of knowledge of the language, history of Ukraine, the Constitution and the National Anthem of Ukraine.


Eastern regions

Kharkiv  oblast

The invaders continue shelling Kharkiv oblast with different types of weaponry. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they launched strikes on settlements in Chuhuiv,  Izium and Kharkiv districts of the region. The airstrikes were carried out from Ka-52 helicopters near Lebiazhe, Prudianka and Verkhniy Saltiv.

A russian missile strike partially destroyed a residential six-storey building in the downtown of Kharkiv. One porch was destroyed – flats from the 6th to 1st floors were destroyed. According to the regional State Emergency Service, as of 4:30 am, one elderly woman was rescued from the rubble. The rubble is being cleared.

Photo: Head Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Kharkiv oblast

8 people were injured as a result of the tire shop shelling. One of the shells hit the car directly. The driver, born in 1971, and a passenger, born in 2004, were killed.

A man was killed in the morning shelling on Tiurinska Street. Russian missiles also struck a school in Sloboda district and near a warehouse building in Osnova district.

Photo: telegram-channel Oleh Syniehubov, head of Kharkiv Regional Civil Administration

According to the head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, 31 people were hospitalised with injuries of different severity, including 2 children, aged 4 and 16. The condition of both children is moderate. The victims suffered shrapnel wounds. 5 people were killed.

The enemy shelled Zolochiv village in Kharkiv oblast with artillery. According to Zolochiv village mayor Viktor Kovalenko, 13 houses and outbuildings were damaged.

Donetsk oblast

The occupiers in Donbas shelled the Armed Forces of Ukraine positions and, having received a decent response, withdrew after an onslaught near Maryinka. The enemy shelled Bilohorivka, Hryhorivka, Ivano-Darivka, Serebrianka, Siversk, Spirne, Verkhnokamianske, Vyimka, Zakitne and Zvanivka settlements with barrel artillery. Airstrikes were reported near Ivano-Darivka, Serebrianka and Spirne. The enemy shelled Berestove, Chasiv Yar, Klishchiivka, Kodema, New-York, Novoluhanske, Pokrovske, Soledar, Vershyna and Zaytseve with mortars, barrel and rocket artillery. The enemy launched air strikes with Su-25 aircrafts near Pokrovske and Yakovlivka.

In the morning, the enemies shelled Toretsk twice. One of the strikes hit the territory of an outpatient clinic and the other private garages. 

The shelling of Avdiivka, Siversk and settlements of Chasiv Yar, Illinivka and Sviatohirsk communities does not stop. Houses and infrastructure facilities are damaged. The district centre was shelled with Uragan cluster shells, and pyrotechnics are working on the scene.

In Bakhmut, a russian missile damaged the city’s sports complex.

Photo: telegram-channel of Pavlo Kyrylenko/ Donetsk Regional Civil (Military) Administration

Rescuers found 31 bodies and rescued 9 from the rubble in Chasiv Yar. State Emergencies Service workers removed 65% of the rubble. They removed 170 tonnes of destroyed parts of the house. To carry out this work, 56 rescuers were involved. Search operations continue.

Photo: telegram-channel of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Luhansk oblast

According to the head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, a small part of Luhansk oblast is still holding the line, fierce fighting continues and the Ukrainian troops hold their positions, destroying enemy equipment and eliminating the invaders themselves.

To identify firing targets, the russians are using people, calling on the ´russian world’ in the recently occupied territories, as cannon fodder. The focus of Luhansk Regional Civil-Military Administration is now on helping our displaced.

Northern regions

Kyiv oblast

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte went to Borodianka, Bucha, and Irpin during his visit to Ukraine to witness the consequences of the russian aggression. During his visit to the towns affected by the occupation, the head of the Dutch government expressed his support and stressed that countries must unite to help Ukraine.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte visited Ukraine. Photo found on a social network.

The Department of Municipal Security of Kyiv City State Administration has launched military defense and civil protection training for all interested residents of the capital. Volunteers can be trained in several areas – combat first aid, weapons handling, engineer training, and actions in the event of radioactive and chemical contamination.

The public organization Protasiv Yar demands that the Kyiv City Council immediately decide on creation of landscape preservation on both slopes of Potasiv Yar. This was the bequest of the community activist Roman Ratushnyi, killed on June 9 in the battle near Izium.

The Bucha community received medical supplies from the Liberec Region of the Czech Republic. The humanitarian cargo includes asthma medications, skin sanitizers, blood thinners, wound treatments, cold remedies, and pain relief medications.

Fruit and vegetable markets will be open for an entire week in Kyiv. From July 12 to 17 they will be held in all districts of the capital.

A young man from Kyiv went on a charity hike to Zaporizhzhia to raise money for Ukraine. The daring boy’s name is Yevhen Tselyk and he plans to walk more than half a thousand kilometers in 20-25 days.

Zhytomyr oblast

There are no changes in the situation on the border with Belarus. No offensive or preparations for such an offensive have been recorded so far. The belarusians are building engineering structures to prevent our border guards from observing them. The State Border Guard Service reported this. There are currently no changes in the number and structure of military units of Belarus at the border areas within Brest and Homel regions. No signs of formation of offensive groups have been observed either.

A ceremony was held in the meeting hall of the Zhytomyr City Council to award relatives and friends of the fallen soldiers of the Airborne Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who had lost their lives in the fight against the russian invaders. This was reported by the command of the Airborne Assault Troops of the AFU.

Photo: Zhytomyr City Council

The Malyn territorial community donated a vehicle for the 95th Zhytomyr brigade in the east, said city mayor Oleksandr Sitaylo. Together with the car, the servicemen received medical supplies, hygiene products, drinking water, food, and other things.

Stanislav Rafalskyi, a 97-year-old resident of Bondarivka village who survived the Holodomor years and lost his father to the World War II, donated part of his pension to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Today I can’t take up arms, but I can’t stand idly while these things are happening,” the pensioner says.

Stanislav Rafalskyi, 97, photo found on social network

Chernihiv oblast

The russian occupiers shelled the oblast border settlements once again. The State Border Service reported that almost 80 explosions were recorded in the villages of Sumy and Chernihiv regions. The enemy fired from barrel artillery and 120 mm mortars.

Regular tactical medicine classes were held for both the military and the city’s civilians in Chernihiv. Tactical medicine instructor Oleksandra Starodub taught participants how to render first aid according to the standards of the American army.

Another congregation in the Chernihiv oblast was transferred from the UOC of the moscow Patriarchate to the OCU. The parishioners of Kholmy, Koryukiv district, voted by a majority to reject the moscow spiritual trace. The local priest has not yet decided whether he supports the community’s decision.

Sumy oblast

The russian aggressor shelled the oblast border settlements once again. The State Border Service reported that almost 80 explosions were recorded in the villages of Sumy and Chernihiv regions. The enemy fired from barrel artillery and 120 mm mortars.

The Shostka urban territorial community has been added to the updated list of territorial communities located in the temporary occupation or hostilities areas.

Over the past week, the Interregional Rapid Response Center of the State Emergency Service in Sumy oblast pyrotechnic team discovered 57 explosive objects. There are artillery shells, mortar mines, hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers and aviation missiles among them. Dangerous finds were also found in the territories of Okhtyrka, Konotop, Romny and Sumy districts.

The RMA reported that residents of Sumy oblast, who sheltered internally displaced persons in their houses, will receive compensation from the state and international organizations.

Public discussions on de-russification of the community’s streets began in Romny. The results of the public discussion, which will last until August 8, will be published on the official website of the Romny City Council within 5 days after the public hearing. The organizer of the discussion is Romny City Council.

The head of the Bilopillia community Yuriy Zarko announced that from now on, internally displaced persons will be able to receive humanitarian aid in Bilopilla. 

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast  

In the night, russian troops shelled several times  Kryvyi Rih district.They hit Apostolovo and Zelenodolsk communities – villages Novosemenivka and Maryanski. According to the preliminary information, there are no victims. Some buildings were destroyed and damaged.

10 residents of the region, from Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Kamianskyi, Nikopol and Ilarionovo have become Honored Donors of Ukraine. Each of them shared their blood more than 100 times, and one of them – 207 times.  Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration informed that the number of Honored donors of the region has increased to 34.

Vinytsia oblast   

A new veteran business has opened in Vinnytsia – franchise pizzeria “Veterano Pizza”.

Lviv veteran Mykola Novikov, owner of a pizzeria in Lviv, and Oleksandr “Grom” Gramarchuk, military man from Vinnytsia, are co-owners of Vinnytsia “Veterano Pizza”. Part of the profits will be donated by owners to their units. They also plan to prepare food for the wounded defenders.

Pizzeria “Veterano Pizza” in Vinnytsia

State Security Service reported that assets of the russian company worth more than two billion hryvnias were seized in Vinnytsia. The company, specializing in production of household chemicals, tried to withdraw its assets in the interests of russian owners when the full-scale invasion began. To hide the products from nationalization, top management tried to take them to Odesa region in trucks bearing the symbols of the humanitarian organization Red Cross.

A household chemicals company that sent assets to Russian owners. Photo: Office of SBU in Vinnytsia region

Kirovohrad oblast

Regional military administration reported that 82 875 internally displaced persons remained in Kirovohrad oblast for temporary residence.

Poltava oblast

More than 300 migrant medics are employed in Poltava oblast, 125 of them are doctors and 139 are nurses.

 Poltava volunteers continue to collect humanitarian aid for the residents of Northern Saltivka in Kharkiv, heavily damaged by the enemy artillery shelling.

Decommunization continues in Poltava oblast. The illegal communist monument “Fighters for Soviet Power” was dismantled in Kobelyaki.

In Poltava, issuing coupons for products for internally displaced persons has been resumed. Families with minors can obtain vouchers for over 2K hryvnias from the regional organization of the Red Cross Society.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

In the direction of Zaporizhzhia the situation didn’t drastically change. The enemy is focusing its main efforts on improving the tactical position and identifying weak points in the defense of our troops.

The enemy carried out 64 shellings of Ukrainian defenders’ positions using tank shells, artillery and MLRS along the entire contact line.

There were 9 reports of destruction of civilian  infrastructure as a result of shelling by russian occupying forces in the settlements of Huliaipole, Prymorske, Kamianske.

The police received 70 reports of armed crimes committed by russian military personnel against the civilian population over the past two days.

The enemy continues shelling the populated areas of the region, especially actively in Polohy and Vasylivka directions. About 20 residential buildings and several high-rise buildings were destroyed and about 250 hectares of wheat fields burned in Huliaipole.

The most difficult situation is in the Vasylivka direction, the city of Stepnohirsk and nearby settlements of Kamianske. Primorske, Lugove and Mali Shcherbakhy suffered the most. More than 20 facts of destroyed infrastructure and injured local residents were recorded there.

1300 people, including 344 children, were evacuated.

According to the Ukrainian Intelligence, the occupiers are trying to resume the export of Ukrainian grain.

Volunteers from Zaporozhzhia have created psychological support groups focused on working with internally displaced people. Professional psychologists and Gestalt therapists will render the required medical aid on a voluntary basis. 

Mykolaiv oblast

Russian troops have launched numerous strikes on Mykolaiv and the region over the past few days. Bashtanska and Mykolaiv districts were under the enemy fire. This is reported by the Police of Mykolayiv Oblast. More than 40 objects of civilian  infrastructure were damaged and destroyed. There are injured people.

A damaged house in Mykolayiv Oblast. Photo: Police of Mykolaiv Oblast

The new academic year will begin in the form of remote learning in Mykolaiv. This decision has been made since Mykolaiv is under constant russian firing.

The State Security Service detained the organizer of the channel of illegal transportation of Ukrainian citizens across the state border in Mykolaiv oblast. The law enforcement authorities established that the organizer of the illegal scheme is a resident of Mykolaiv, one of the former members of a local organized criminal group. He together with his accomplices abroad promised the citizens of Ukraine to cross the state border without hindrance.

Odesa oblast

The enemy launched 2 missile strikes on Odesa oblast. 4 Kh-31 missiles were launched from Su-30. A missile hit a private one-storey house in one of the coastal villages. There are no casualties. The port infrastructure object was also struck. 3 more Kh-31 missiles hit agricultural lands of the region.

Rescuers are working at the site of the missile strike. Photo: South Operational Command

The enemy’s ship group has been reduced to 2 large amphibious ships and 2 missile ships with 16 Calibers on board.

The State Security Service detained a russian agent scouting the positions of anti-ship systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Odesa.

Kherson oblast

The Ukrainian military hit with missile strikes the command and observation post of the russian artillery brigade, the command and control post of the russian guard, located in Kherson oblast. The enemy’s confirmed losses are 38 occupants and 10 pieces of equipment. 2 ammunition depots were also destroyed.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, Iryna Vereshchuk, called on the residents of the occupied regions in the south of Ukraine to evacuate not to expose themselves to danger and facilitate the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against russian armed aggression.

The russian military seized the Institute of Animal Husbandry of the Steppe Regions “Askania Nova”, located in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson oblast. The police opened criminal proceedings.

The so-called “authority” urges people in Kherson to pay for communal services in cash or to bank accounts that do not have a license from the National Bank of Ukraine. Most residents of Kherson, as before, pay for utility services via the Internet to Ukrainian accounts.

Western regions

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the security situation towards Volyn and Polissia has not changed significantly, but a strict ban was imposed on citizens visiting forests in the north of Volyn oblast. The border with belarus has been guarded. In case of provocations of the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense  and volunteer units are ready for decisive action.


The author of the drawing, which became an illustration of the new Ukrposhta stamp “Ukrainian Dream”, Sofiyka Kravchuk from the city of Lyubomlia, together with her classmates, sells donuts, baked by her mother, in the city center. In the month since the children have been volunteering, they have managed to collect UAH 65K. They have already bought a generator for the 39th separate anti-aircraft missile regiment and binoculars.

In the village of Khmelivka of the Zimniv community, the spouses Vitaly and Natalia Lyasnikov planted a field of fragrant lavender and welcomed tourists. Some proceeds are transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces.

Zakarpattia oblast

Since the war began, Ihor Koropchak from Uzhhorod has been making iron “grapnel” for detecting anti-tank mines. Today, they are already used for demining victims of the occupation of the territories of Ukraine. Ihor Koropchak set out to make inexpensive mini-stoves for field conditions that can fit in an ordinary pocket.

Metal constructions by Ihor Koropchak. Photo from the official website of the city of Uzhhorod.

Vienna YOUKRAINE charity fund donated disinfection and sterilization products for medical equipment, orthopedic equipment for seriously ill patients care and for rehabilitation of people with disabilities to the Uzhhorod city center of primary medical and sanitary care.

Over UAH 21 million will be allocated by Mukachevo in aid to forced migrants. About 4K immigrant families will receive these funds.

Medical gowns, disinfectants, a lift for people with disabilities, and medicines were donated to the team of the Uzhhorod city polyclinic, serving palliative patients, from the YOUKRAINE charity fund.

 Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

On July 16 and 17, in Ivano-Frankivsk, graduates of the Department of Theater Arts of Prykarpattya National University will present a charity play “Superstitions, but I don’t believe in them” based on the Italian comedy “Superstitions…” by Pippo de Filippo. Any banknote can be used as the entrance fee. All funds collected will be sent to the Armed Forces.

 Lviv oblast

215 people arrived on two evacuation trains in Lviv, including 12 patients (two of them children) from medical facilities in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts. Doctors assess the condition of patients from medium to severe.

A musical festival, involving Ukrainian artists, was hosted for over 50 kids from Luhansk and Donetsk regions residing at the Lviv regional children shelter. Children came to visit the restaurant of the famous chef Yevhen Klopotenko. 337 internally displaced children reside in ten children’s institutions.

Children visiting chef Yevhen Klopotenko. Photo from the LRMA website.

In Yavoriv oblast, rescuers trained the staff and visitors of one of the shopping centers on how to act in case of the air raid siren. Rescuers emphasize that no one should stay in the shopping centers after the air raid siren.

The Stryi district humanitarian headquarters “Klaptyk Nadiya” held a charity art event “Ukraine needs strength to mend souls and wings”, during which the mother of one of the captured fighters of the “Azov” regiment, Oksana Huda, presented her paintings. Collected UAH 18K will be used for the needs of the military.

Oksana Huda, mother of the captive from “Azovstal”. Photo from LRMA.

Employees of the Zolochiv district police department purchased a Mitsubishi L200 at their own expense, which will be sent to the 80th separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The final of the charity football tournament in support of the defenders of Ukraine took place in the town of Ivano-Frankivsk, Yavoriv oblast. UAH 21K was collected during the sports tournament. The collected funds will be used to purchase a night vision device for the soldiers of the Armed Forces.

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, together with the Main Directorate of the Regional Internal Security Service, initiated a decision to expel a russian citizen staying in Ukraine without documents that would give him the right to live here legally. This was done to prevent using this person by the special services of the aggressor state to the detriment of the national security of Ukraine.

 Rivne oblast

Restart business website (, which helps entrepreneurs relocating to any region of Ukraine, identified Rivne oblast as the most attractive. It is about real estate objects, land plots, housing for staff.

Mayor Vitaly Koval visited the relocated coffee business from Kyiv to the Duben region. Photo from the FB of the RRSA

Residents of the Bilokrynytsk community have set up a muffin baking shop in their own yard. Ingredients for pies, buns and cookies are collected by the whole community. Every day, 2-4K cakes are sent to military personnel in hot spots in Kharkiv and Mariupol. While mothers bake pies, their children draw postcards for defenders of Ukraine.

 Ternopil oblast

Viktor Chornopyskyi, a native of Ternopil Oblast, Canadian businessman, children’s writer, amateur astronomer, bought a Land Rover jeep in Germany and gave it to the 10th separate mountain assault brigade.

Representatives of the evangelical churches of the oblast, with the support of the American charity organization “Open Door Foundation”, organized a camp for children of military servicemen, children from low-income families and immigrants. The camp has already accepted over 400 children.

 Khmelnytskyi oblast

Soldiers of Khmelnytskyi oblast were recognized for personal courage and selfless actions shown in the defense of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Head of the regional military administration, Serhii Gamalii, awarded soldiers with the orders of Bohdan Khmelnytsky III degree, “For Courage” III degree and Danylo Halytskyi.

Awarding Khmelnytskyi residents with orders. Photo from KRMA website.

Chernivtsi oblast

Head of the village Georgy Nikitovych reported that residents of Marshyntsi bought an SUV for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In Nedoboivska hromada, the event “Sports rallying” was held. Residents of TG played football, volleyball, chess, checkers, etc. A concert and a charity exhibition-fair were also held , during which over UAH 50K were collected. All funds will be transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

International support

The Minister of Education and Science of Poland  Przemyslaw Charneka announced that starting from September, 400K Ukrainian children will study in Polish schools. According to Czarnek, the ministry proposed to create Ukrainian classes in Polish schools and teach them mainly Polish, which, according to him, made it possible to enter the new academic year at an appropriate educational level.

As part of the “1000 cars of freedom” project, Spanish benefactors sent 23 cars to the State Border Service. These are off-road vehicles and ambulances equipped with a defibrillator, cardiac monitors and other medical equipment allowing them to provide first aid. Philanthropist Raul Marketa, the director of the social department of the Spanish bank KaishaBankGroup, notes that 75 cars will be given to Ukrainian soldiers.

An anti-war rally in support of the Ukrainian people was held in Rome.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the US undertook to provide Ukraine with four additional highly mobile HIMARS artillery missile systems and ammunition.

The Lithuanian government has extended restrictions on transit through its territory to Kaliningrad. Transportation of cement, wood, alcohol and alcohol-based industrial chemicals were banned.

On July 19, the Ukrainian ethnic band DakhaBrakha will play a concert in the American city of Madison, Wisconsin. The head of the city, as a sign of respect for the heroic struggle of Ukraine in the war with russia, declared this day DakhaBrakha Day.

Ukrainian ethnic band DakhaBrah. Photo from social networks.

An exhibition of russian military equipment destroyed during fighting by the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened in the Czech capital, Prague. The exhibition features the russian T-90 tank, artillery installations, anti-tank systems, the Buk anti-aircraft missile system and “some of the 3K rockets and projectiles fired by the russian invaders in Ukrainian cities.”

Equipment brought to the Czech Republic for the exhibition. Photo from the official website of the city of Uzhhorod.

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