Українські щоденні перемоги. 13.07.2022 Новини Української Жіночої Варти

News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, July 13, 2022. Ukrainian Daily Wins

Materials prepared by Mila Rosik 

  In the war against Ukraine, russia has lost 37,570 servicemen, 3,832 armored combat vehicles and 839 artillery systems. 

 The Ukrainian military successfully repelled several assaults of the russian army near Dementiivka in Kharkiv oblast and stopped the enemy’s attempt to advance in towards Bakhmut, as reported by the General Staff.

✅  After explosions in Luhansk, the so-called LNR authorities said that the Ukrainian army struck a military unit of enemy air defense. Later, the representative of the People’s Militia of the so-called LNR Andriy Marochko said that the Ukrainian army carried out a massive strike on the military air defense unit (air defense), which protects the sky over Luhansk.

 ✅ In proximity of Dovhenke and Dolyna settlements, Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled an enemy assault, says the General Staff.

 ✅ Under fire, a Belarusian border guard  crossed the border to join the Defense Forces of Ukraine in the war against Russia, reports  the spokesman of the state border service Demchenko.

 ✅ Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced the transfer of another batch of Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine.

 ✅  During a visit to Kyiv on Tuesday, Mariusz Blaszczak discussed the possibility of training Ukrainian servicemen in Poland.

 ✅  Ukraine has become an associate member of the NATO Military Technology Cooperation Program. This implies that Ukraine has the right to jointly develop and amend key NATO standards related to interaction of combat control systems and related standards.

 ✅  Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba states that Ukraine is ready to export grain to the international market and negotiations on unblocking supplies are at the final stage.

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