Ukrainian children were killed

Digest 50 April 13, 2022 Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Facts and Evidences/Дайджест 50 13 квітня 2022 Російські військові злочини в Україні Факти і докази

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191 Ukrainian children have been killed, 349 wounded since the war started. The data is being verified since it is hard to accurately estimate casualties in war conditions. 

Source: General Prosecutor’s Office


Over 100 civilians were killed in the Sumy Oblast during russian offensive and occupation. The data is not accurate and is being verified since Ukrainian law enforcement officers are still finding new evidence of russian war crimes. Since April 8, the Sumy Oblast has been liberated from russian troops.

Source: Head of Sumy Regional Military Administration


On April 12, seven civilians were killed, 15 wounded, including 3 kids, following 53 russian artillery hits on Ukrainian-controlled territories of Kharkiv Oblast. 

Source: Head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

On April 12, one civilian was killed, ten houses were damaged, as russian aggressors intensified shelling of Ukrainian-controlled towns and villages of Luhansk Oblast. 

Source: Head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration.


Ukrainian law enforcement officers are discovering more and more evidence of  war crimes committed by hostile russian troops in Chernihiv Oblast. Russian MLRS fired on the car with three people inside during russian offensive in the region. Three bodies were exhumed near Novyi Bilous village.

Sources: Suspilne Chernihiv Media, police

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