“Every time you talk about the “great” Russian ballet, I will tell you the story of a young teacher from Brovary repeatedly raped in front of her parents and then kidnapped by Russian inhumans.

About dozens, maybe hundreds, raped Ukrainian women. Often in front of their children. About 15-16-year-old girls from Borodianka exposed to terrible violence by Kadyrov’s people. About the bodies of five raped young girls killed and left right on the road. About this vile “we’ll be f*ing these Khokhols” in intercepted conversations of Russians. Here’s what I will tell you when you mention the “great” Russian ballet.

Every time you tell me about “great” Russian composers, I will tell you a story of a girl and her little brother watching their mother dying in a Mariupol basement within several days. And then, with the corpse of their dead mother beside them, the children had to continue hiding from shelling in the basement. I will tell you about a boy from Gostomel, in front of whom Russian soldiers shot his father. And then they wanted to kill the boy himself but he survived. I will tell you about a girl who was shot dead directly in her face. About a kid and his grandmother fleeing in a boat. Grandma drowned. The boy has been searched for almost a month. This is what I will tell you when you mention “great” Russian composers.

Every time you tell me about the “great” Russian art, I will tell you about peaceful Ukrainians shot in their back in Makariv district. And before shooting, orcs tied their hands. About hundreds of bodies found on the streets of Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel. About mass graves in the yards of residential areas. Mass graves of civilians until recently living in cozy and safe cities. Mass graves. In the 21st century. This is what I will tell you when you mention“great” Russian art.

Every time you tell me about the “great” Russian theatre, I will tell you a story of a woman from Brovary district from whose house Russian looters removed all the metal tiles when retreating. About tanks and APRs of the “second army of the world” full of the stuff looted in Ukrainian homes: stolen phones, tablets, TV sets, washing machines, carpets, jewelry, bottles of alcohol, pans, clothes, toys, shoes – whatever happened in the way of those bastards. How they were sending loot to their families in Russia after reaching Belarus. How they were trading stolen goods in Belarusian market places. This is what I’ll tell you in response when you mention “great” Russian theater.

Кожного разу, коли ви будете розказувати мені про вєлікоє рускоє кіно, я буду розказувати вам про жорстоко розстріляних коней в конюшнях на Київщині. Про заморених голодом і спрагою тварин зоопарку в Ясногородці. Про спалену після вибуху шкіру оленяти. А тепер максимальне дикунство… Про вбитого і з’їденого російськими окупантами алабая. Так, алабая. Так, собаки. Так, з’їденої. Ось що я вам скажу у відповідь про ганімоє вєлікоє рускоє кіно.

Every time you tell me about the “great” Russian cinema, I will tell you about brutally shot horses in stables of Kyiv region. About starved and thirsty zoo animals in Yasnohorodka. About a baby deer whose skin was burnt after an explosion. And here is the maximum savagery. The Alabay dog killed and eaten by the Russian invaders. Yes, the Central Asian shepherd dog eaten by people. This is what I will tell you in response to your mentioning the “great” Russian cinema.

Every time you tell me about the “great” Russian literature, I will tell you about dozens of intercepted conversations of Russian soldiers with their mothers and wives. Conversations in which there is nothing but “what’s the f*?”. Conversations in which wives tell their husbands what to steal from Ukrainian homes. Conversations with mothers laughing when their sons tell how their mates rape Ukrainian women and girls. And if we omit all offensive and swear words in these conversations, there will be only “hello” and “bye” left. That is what I will tell you when you mention the “great” Russian literature.

There is no longer any “great” Russian culture, literature, cinema, art, theatre or ballet. There is a country of bastards, looters, rapists and murderers. Savage people who should not be living in the civilized world!

And what about long-suffering newly-minted Russian dissidents living in cozy apartments of Berlin, London, Larnaca, Milan, Tbilisi, Astana, Vienna and other temporary shelters? Let them follow the route of the Russian ship and proudly carry the “great” Russian culture in their hands!”

#OlenaPshenychna (с)

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