08/10 – 14/10 Section : Russia’s disintegration. collapse russia’s

“Countries where fleeing Russians are not accepted” (source: www.statista.com)

“Russia never straightens things out, it has overtly waged war against minorities and those countries which the Kreml does not put up with. These were murders, destruction, deaths of kids, genocide of nations. The same scenario, as if created by the same person, was fulfilled in Ukraine and Chechnya. The same plan was put into action in Bucha, Irpen, as well as in Samashki, Mahkety, Grozny, Shali, Aldy and other settlements in Chechnya 25 years ago. The war lasted 25 years for me.”, human rights activist Fatima Gazieva claims. 

 Realities of War

The losses suffered by Russian forces have reached 64300 people.

Over 1 233 kids were affected in Ukraine : 423 kids were killed and various degrees of injuries were inflicted on over 810 kids. Russian occupiers are deporting Ukrainian kids from the temporarily occupied territories. 239 kids are missing. Since the full-scale war began, 234K Ukrainian kids were forcibly taken to the territory of Russia (The data was provided by Dariya Gerasimchuk, President’s Advocate for Children and Rehabilitation). 

On October 09, Russian aviation launched 12 S-300 and X-22 missiles on residential buildings of Zaporizhzhia by killing 13 people. 60 Ukrainians were hospitalized, 6 among them were children. A 9-storey building was partially destroyed and 5 private houses were completely destroyed. 20 vehicles were damaged. In Russia, they celebrated a small victory and called Zaporizhzhia locals ‘special operation forces’. 

On October 10, Russia committed the mass terrorist act on Ukraine. 84 missiles (34 of them were shot down by air defense forces), 24 UAVs (13 of them were brought down), 6 hours of nonstop air raid sirens, 19 people killed, 105 wounded. The critical infrastructure facilities were hit in 12 regions and Kyiv where 30 fires broke out. There was a blackout at 1K settlements in Ukraine. However, service teams promptly restored the electricity in all regions. As a result of strikes on Shevchenkovskiy district of Kyiv, 8 people were killed and 24 wounded, 6 vehicles ignited and over 15 were damaged. 45 residential buildings were damaged, 6 institutions (schools and kindergartens), a philarmony house, museums of Shevchenko and Khanenko and other civilian buildings were damaged. 

Russia continued committing terrorist acts against Ukraine. On October 11, 28 missiles were launched, 20 of them were brought down. Over 15 UAVs, almost all of them attack drones, were launched. Most of them were brought down. 

Early on October 12, the power station Dneprovskaya, Dnipropetrovsk oblast, was damaged following the missile strike. There was an emergency shutdown of 750 kW power line of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. There was a power outage of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Diesel generators automatically turned on. 



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