Український «Руслан» доставив компанії SpaceX супутник для запуску. фото

Ukrainian Daily Wins. October 27, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

According to the information provided by Politico, US will deploy upgraded B61-12 tactical nuclear bombs in Europe in December, not in spring 2023.


•   The Air Force destroyed enemy Ka-52 Alligator and Cy-25 attack aircraft in Kherson Region today within 40 minutes.

•   Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has conducted 28 exchanges, returning 978 people from Russian captivity. As Hanna Maliar, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, reported, 99 of the prisoners were civilians.

•   Ukrainian Ruslan delivered a satellite to SpaceX for launch.

•   Antonov, a Ukrainian state enterprise, delivered Airbus Defense and Space, the civil telecommunications satellite, to NASA launch site in the USA by Ruslan plane from Toulouse (France) for launch by the SpaceX company.

•   SHARK, a new unmanned aerial vehicle, was created in Ukraine: it conducts deep reconnaissance and can adjust HIMARS. Ukrspetssystems, the Ukrainian company  has developed a SHARK unmanned aerial complex that is resistant to work in EW conditions, which, among other things, can adjust American HIMARS reactive artillery systems.

•   NATO will not allow Putin to win a war against Ukraine. This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference following a meeting with Nicolae Chuke, the Prime Minister of Romania. “War is unpredictable by its nature, so I will not speculate on how long this war will last. I will say only two things. We are ready to support Ukraine as long as it is needed. We cannot allow President Putin to win this war, this could become a disaster and a tragedy for Ukrainians, and it would also make us, NATO allies, more vulnerable.”

•   The Latvian Parliament passed a ban on former communists being elected to the European Parliament. The New Unity, the ruling party, advocated these changes. Now, persons convicted of serious crimes and those who continued their activities in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union or Latvia after January 13, 1991 cannot be elected.

•   Starting tomorrow, buses donated by the Czech Republic will appear on the streets of Kharkiv. Seven buses will go on the routes.

Materials prepared by Olena Biletska

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