Ukrainian Daily Wins. November 21, 2022. News from Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Oksana Demchyna 


Yehor Cherniev, Head of Ukraine’s permanent delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Alliance reports that the NATO Parliamentary Assembly called for the creation of a special International Tribunal for russia’s aggression and recognized it as a terrorist state.


•   Defense Minister of Luxembourg Francois Bausch said that  the country handed over HMMWV SUVs to Ukraine.


•   The Norwegian government has agreed to provide financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of NOK 2 billion (USD 195 million). The money will be spent on the purchase of gas in winter.


•   Ihor Kopytin, a representative of the Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War reports that the command of the Ukrainian Navy and the marines managed to organize the escape of Ukrainian intelligence officers from captivity, and then transport them to the territory controlled by Ukraine, said .


•   In Moldova, a rally was held near the russian Embassy in memory of Ukrainian children who died as a result of the war unleashed by russia.


•   Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that in Kyiv, equipment, generators, medical equipment, food and warm clothes were prepared and sent to Kherson oblast. The Kyiv City Council will also consider the allocation of UAH 50 million in financial assistance to Kherson.


•   Yulia Perepeliatnik, Spokeswoman for the Kremenchuk city council informs that in Kremenchuk, a monument to the russian poet Alexander Pushkin was dismantled.


•   In Kyiv oblast, the SSU detained an ex-head of the terrorist organization “LPR” with the call sign “Soty”, who in 2014 participated in hostilities against Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine and was in contact with the russian military.


•   In Ukraine, the first battalion of the Turkic peoples called “Turan” was created.

It was headed by Kyrgyzstan citizen Almaz Kudabek.

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