Ukrainian Daily Wins. June 15, 2022. The Ukrainian Women’s Guard News

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have eliminated 250 russian invaders, destroyed six tanks, 25 armoured vehicles, one multiple rocket launch system, one helicopter and three unmanned aerial vehicles.  

✅The “South” Operational Command reports that over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces killed 70 aggressors and destroyed 60 units of their equipment.

✅   According to the General Staff, near Novopavlivske and Bakhmut, the Ukrainian defenders repulsed the russians’ attacks and made them retreat to the previously occupied positions

✅   Lithuania has agreed with the company manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar on additional supplies of munitions for the drone which is to be handed over to Ukraine.

✅   The United States and its European allies are working on the way to export Ukrainian grain by railway, namely constructing temporary granaries on Ukraine’s borders.

✅  The USA is planning to provide intelligence data for Ukraine to strike by multiple launch rocket systems. According to the Pentagon, the Ukrainian military is already completing training on how to use HIMARS and MLRS.

✅  During the first 100 days into the aggressive war in Ukraine, russia has used most of its military potential. No wonder in a few months, it will have to slow down its offensive. According to Bloomberg, general mobilisation is quite probable in the aggressor-countries.

✅  NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that President Zelenskyy will attend the NATO summit, which is to be held in Madrid on June, 29-30. Given the circumstances, the President will take part in any acceptable format.

✅   The Minister of Defense Oleksii Reznikov has arrived in Brussels to take part in the “Rammstein -3” meeting and discuss the supply of heavy weaponry to Ukraine.

✅   At the summit in Madrid, NATO leaders are to agree a long-term military aid package for Ukraine. The package will include helping with transition from Soviet-era equipment to the up-to-date NATO one, as well as improving interoperability with the alliance.

✅  On Wednesday, the White House  will announce new military assiatance of about $1 billion for Ukraine. It includes anti-ship rocket systems, artillery rockets, and ammunition for howitzers.

✅  Prime-Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis says that Greece can send up to 30 Soviet-style infantry fighting vehicles after exchanging them for the ones from Germany.

  The survey claims that citizens of Germany, the Netherlands and France support the EU candidate status for Ukraine. Among those who have already made their mind, 68% of Germans, 65% of French and 65% of Dutch support Ukraine’s candidacy, while 32% of Germans and 35% of French and Dutch disagree.

✅  Bloomberg reports that Biden’s administration is planning another trunche for military weapons of over $650 that includes Harpoon anti-ship missiles.

✅   The Appeal Court of Lviv banned the Socialist party. The property of the party and all its branches will be transferred to the state.

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