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Since the large-scale russian invasion, the toll of losses among russian soldiers reached  31500 deaths. 

✅ According to the British Шntelligence, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were successful in counter-offensive in Kherson oblast. They also re-gained a foothold in the Eastern bank of Inhulets river.   

✅  Based on the General Staff data, the Armed Forces are successfully holding back the onslaught of Severodonetsk. There is fighting. The enemy tried to advance towards Ustynivka, but Ukrainian defenders repulsed the occupiers.

✅ Relying on Golos Ameriki, citing the high official from the White House, the US and allies are working on shipping the anti-ship missiles. 

✅  Norway sent 22 M109 self-propelled howitzers, including spare parts, ammunition and other equipment. 

✅  In Kyiv oblast, a 15-year-old guy helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine hold back the rashists’ advance during Kyiv oblast occupation. A guy named Andrew detected the coordinates of a large convoy of the russian military equipment and provided the data to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The convoy was destroyed. 

✅  Canada prohibited advertising and PR agencies to cooperate with russian oil companies under the auspices of a new wave of sanctions aimed at building up pressure at putin’s regime. 

✅  The World Bank additionally allocated $1.5 billion for payroll payout to public and social workers of Ukraine. 

✅ The Reintegration Issues Ministry informed that in Zaporizhzhia oblast, the bodies of killed servicemen were exchanged between russia and Ukraine on a 50 by 50 basis. There are 37 Azovstal defenders among them. 

✅  As of today, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence advised that 210 bodies of deceased soldiers were returned home. Most of them are Azovstal defenders. 

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