News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard. July 26, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

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    Ukrainian defenders destroyed a command point, an ammunition depot, as well as 48 invaders and russian equipment in the south.

✅ According to the General Staff, towards Kramatorsk and Bakhmut, Ukrainian defenders repulsed several enemy assaults and rejected the enemy.

✅ Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted 7 strikes on areas of Russian units’ deployment in Kherson oblast. The “South” command reports that the Ukrainian military has eliminated 48 invaders, 4 tanks, a control point of the russian air assault brigade and an ammunition depot in the south.

✅ Ukraine will receive EUR 7.4 million from the German state-owned bank KfW for preferential lending to small and medium-scale enterprises, said the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine .

✅ The EU Council has extended sanctions against a number of Russia’s economic sectors following Ukraine’s invasion for another six months. Restrictions apply to finance, energy, technology, transport, dual-use goods, industry and luxury goods.

✅ Germany has handed over three MARS-II multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine, as stated by Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht. Also, Germany, according to Lambrecht, has transferred three self-propelled artillery installations to Ukraine and is preparing to send the IRIS-T air defense system.

✅ Britain has imposed sanctions against the leaders of the regions of Russia and the Minister of Justice.

✅ EU energy ministers have reached a political agreement on voluntary reduction of gas consumption in the coming winter by 15% and only Hungary voted against it. However, a qualified majority is enough to make a decision.

✅ Kharkiv will begin installing safe public transport stops with reinforced concrete protection structures for people to be able to wait out the air raid.

✅ The Cabinet of Ministers appealed to the US government to provide “gas lend-lease” for a  stable heating season.

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