News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, August 27, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

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 The General Staff reports that the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated another 250 russian soldiers and 3 tanks. The enemy suffered the greatest losses towards Donetsk.

✅ According to the General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have repulsed enemy offensives in six directions. The losses of the russian occupation forces in manpower are growing.

✅ The ‘South’ Operational Command states that in Kherson, tactical aviation of Ukraine hit the enemy air defense, as well as buildups of russian manpower and equipment in Novopetrivka and Olhyne.

✅ The Pentagon has signed a contract for more than $ 182 million to purchase NASAMS air defense systems for Ukraine.

✅ The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine says that this autumn will be a decisive period in the war. The measures planned by Ukraine will be successful and the enemy’s plans will be disrupted, despite the difficult winter.

✅ The US Army has signed a contract with the Raytheon Missiles & Defense Corporation to manufacture NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems. How many systems were ordered by the US Army and how long it will take to produce them is not specified. Ukraine needs these installations to destroy Russian cruise missiles as they are able to hit targets at a distance of over 160 km

✅ The Public Fund Sumy informs that resident of Sumy, 85-year-old Mykola Ivanovych, sold his property and transferred USD 35 K (about UAH 1.4 million) to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

✅ According to the Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, russia possesses no more than 45% of those missiles that were before the start of the war, in particular, experiencing difficulties with Kalibr, Iskander, and Dagger missiles.

✅ The Main Directorate of Intelligence reports that the russian military, stationed in Kazakhstan, refuses to return so as not to participate in the war against Ukraine.

✅ Reuters informs that Slovakia has signed an agreement with the Czech Republic and Poland, which enables the transfer of the MiG-29 to Ukraine.

✅ German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbok announced her readiness to compromise on entry restrictions for Russian tourists.

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