News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, August 26, 2022 Ukrainian Daily Wins

Materials prepared by Mila 

    According to the General Staff, as of the morning of August 26, the total death toll of the russians makes about 46,250 people.

✅ According to the General Staff updates, towards Bakhmut, the Russian invaders fought an offensive battle near Soledar, Bakhmut and Kodema, but it was to no avail.

✅ The Zaporizhzhia NPP is again generating electricity to the Ukrainian grid. One of the power units stopped on Thursday was connected to the grid and is currently regaining power.

✅  Explosions rang out in the occupied Kherson. Russian occupiers said it was the air defense was working, but local Telegram channels published videos of new strikes on the Antonovsky Bridge.

✅ The Armed Forces of Ukraine targeted the Darievsky Bridge over the Ingulets River in  Kherson oblast, as a result of which its operation was stopped.

✅ Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov reports: “In the Melitopol region of the Zaporizhzhia oblast, explosions were heard at enemy warehouses”.

✅ In the occupied Kadiivka, Luhansk oblast, Ukrainian fighters killed about 200 russian paratroopers, striking the occupiers’ base at the Donbass Hotel, says the head of the RMA Haidai.

✅ In the occupied Berdiansk, an explosion sounded killing the so-called “deputy head of the traffic police” of the city, Oleksandr Kolesnikov.

✅ SSU investigators announced Ramzan Kadyrov on suspicion under three articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

✅ Baykar Makina CEO Haluk Bayraktar said there was “no question” of selling his drones to Russia regardless of the money offered.

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