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News by the Ukrainian Women’s Guard Ukrainian Daily Wins May 11, 2022

Anti-aircraft gunners of the separate 95th air assault brigade brought down Ka-52 helicopter in Kharkiv oblast.

✅  In the south, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 79 invaders and destroyed 12 units of the enemy military equipment. 

 ✅  According to the General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the settlement of Pytomnyk, Kharkiv oblast as a result of successful counter-attack against russian invaders. 

 ✅  The Armed Forces of Ukraine have already eliminated 26350 russian invaders during the war. Russia has lost almost 1200 tanks and 160 helicopters. 

 ✅ Anti-aircraft gunners of the separate 95th air assault brigade brought down Ka-52 helicopter in Kharkiv oblast. 

 ✅  Bundeswehr started training Ukrainian soldiers to use self-propelled Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers.

 ✅  The US House of Representatives voted for the additional 40 billion aid package to Ukraine. 

 ✅ In Trostianets, Sumy oblast, the investigators of the State Investigation Bureau detected important documents of the russian soldiers revealing russian plans to invade the territory of Ukraine.  

✅  The resolution on recognizing russia as terrorism perpetrator state was registered in the US Senate. Earlier, the Seimas (Lithuania) adopted a similar resolution. 

✅ Luna yacht, owned by russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov, was arrested in Hamburg port.

✅  The Pentagon claims that russian president putin didn’t reach any key strategic goals. His army is lagging behind for 2 weeks. 

✅ Azov battalion warriors defending Mariupol are positive that the siege on Mariupol can be relieved through military force and defenders can be released. 

For the time being, wives of Mariupol defenders Denys Prokopenko and Arsenii Fedosiuk, who are now being blocked in Azov steel works, met Pope Francis today. 

✅ Czech President Milos Zeman, who was considered to be putin’s friend, let 130 Czech citizens fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the russian aggression. Now the resolution should be signed by Prime Minister Peter Fiala. 

✅ Bulgaria agreed with the US about the gas supply on lower rates than the ones offered by Gazprom. 

✅ Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau made terms with German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz in their phone conversation to work together to intensify economic isolation of russia. 

✅ A 4-year old girl Alisa, separated with her mother by hostile russian troops during evacuation from Azov steel works, was brought to her relatives.  

✅  “RuTube is most likely gone forever”: Anonymous hackers state that they hacked the russian videoservice.

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