News by the Ukrainian Women’s Guard, July 12, 2022. Ukrainian daily wins.

Russian forces suffered heavy losses since the invasion began: 37 470 soldiers, 1649 tanks and 3729 armoured fighting vehicles.

✅   Based on the General Staff data, Ukrainian soldiers forced the rashists to withdraw once again when they were attempting the onslaught on Maryinka, Donetsk oblast. 

✅  Ukrainian soldiers informed that three higher rank russian commanders, including second in command and headquarters commander, were eliminated. Relying on AFU Stratcom, every commander made the so-called ‘good will gesture’ by officially denazifing and demilitarizing. 

✅  There were heavy explosions in the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka. The invaders’ ammunition depot was destroyed. 

✅   Based on the General Staff information, russians were unsuccessfully attempting the onslaught to gain a foothold towards Mazanivka, Ivanivka and Dolyna (Sloviansk region), but the AFU pushed them back. 

✅  The EU Council approved granting 1 billion euro macrofinancial aid to Ukraine for the economic support during the war.

  The EUhas  frozen russian assets in the amount of 13.8 billion euros since the invasion began. 

  The phone calls, intercepted by the State Security Service of Ukraine, prove that russian invaders are jealous of highly skilled and precise work of Ukrainian mortar and artillery men. 

  Five Ukrainians were freed from the russian captivity, including a Ukrainian soldier, a former policeman and three civilians.

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