Digest 89. May 22, 2022. Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Facts and Evidences

#BuchaMassacre. Ukrainian law enforcement officers found two bodies of Ukrainians, killed by russian invaders in Kyiv oblast in February and March. An elderly lady who died as a result of the russian shelling and her grandson shot by russian troops in Buzova village. The toll of civilian casualties in Kyiv oblast has already been 1290.

Source: Chief of National Police Department in Kyiv oblast


Russian troops continue heavy shelling, launch air and missile strikes and attempt the offensive in Donetsk oblast. On May 21, 6 civilians were killed, 10 injured.

Source: National Police Department of Donetsk oblast


On May 22, one civilian was killed in Malyn as russian aggressors carried out a series of missile strikes on Zhytomyr oblast.

Source: Head of Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration, Prosecutor’s Office of Zhytomyr oblast


Russian invaders continue heavy shelling and attempt the offensive in Luhansk oblast. 1 civilian was killed, 2 injured. The city of Severodonetsk is practically in ruins. Hostile russian troops try to turn it into the same wrecked condition as Mariupol.

Source: Head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration

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