War in Ukraine today: latest news, September 11, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 565th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The russian army continues to violate the laws and customs of war, using terrorist tactics and conducting attacks on both military and civilian targets.

There were over 20 combat clashes. Additionally, during the night, the russian federation carried out another aerial strike using Iranian combat UAVs Shahed-136/131. Air defense systems successfully destroyed 12 russian Shahed drones. In total, the russian army launched 10 missiles and 46 aviation strikes, along with 37 artillery barrages on the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas. 

There are casualties and injuries among the civilian population as a result of russian terrorist attacks. Private residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure have also suffered damage and destruction.

The operational situation in the east and south of Ukraine remains complex.

Towards Volyn and Polissia directions, the operational situation did not change.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, the russian army conducted an aerial strike in the Leonivka area of Chernihiv oblast. Novovasylivka, Znob-Novhorodske, Starykove, Sadky in Sumy oblast, as well as Hatyshche, Vovchansk, and Budarky in Kharkiv oblast, were shelled with artillery and mortar.

Towards Kupiansk, Ukrainian troops successfully hold back the russian army in  Novoselivka area of Luhansk oblast. The russian army conducted aerial strikes near Synkivka and Ivanivka in Kharkiv oblast. Dvorichne, Kovalivka, and Kyslivka in Kharkiv oblast experienced artillery and mortar shelling.

Towards Lyman, aerial strikes targeted Nadia, Novoyehorivka, Dibrova, and Bilohorivka in Luhansk oblast, as well as Spirne in Donetsk Oblast. Bilohorivka in Luhansk oblast and Siverske, Verkhniokamianske, Spirne, and Berestove in Donetsk oblast were affected by russian artillery and mortar shelling.

Towards Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully held the russian army in Klishchiivka area of Donetsk oblast. Over  10 populated areas, including Vasiukivka, Minkivka, Bohdanivka, Ivanivske, and Kurdiumivka in Donetsk oblast, came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Avdiivka, Ukrainian soldiers repelled russian attacks in the areas of Keramika and Avdiivka in Donetsk oblast. The russian army conducted an aerial strike near Avdiivka. Keramika, Novokalynove, Stepove, Avdiivka, Karlivka, and Nevelske in Donetsk oblast were shelled with artillery and mortar. 

Towards Mariinka, Ukrainian troops repelled russian attacks in Mariinka throughout the day. About 10 populated areas, including Krasnohorivka, Marinka, Heorhiivka, Illinka, Novomykhailivka, Katerynivka, and Yelyzavetivka in Donetsk oblast, were shelled with russian artillery and mortar.

Towards Shakhtarsk, the russian army conducted aerial strikes near Prechystivka, Urozhaine, and Staromaiorske in Donetsk oblast. About 10 populated areas, including Vuhledar, Novoukrainka, Prechystivka, Staromaiorske, and Shevchenko in Donetsk oblast, were shelled with russian artillery and mortar. 

Towards Zaporizhzhia, Ukrainian troops repelled russian attacks in the Novodanylivka and Robotyne areas of Zaporizhzhia oblast. The russian army conducted aerial strikes on Malynivka, Mala Tokmachka, and Robotyne in Zaporizhzhia oblast. Novodarivka in Zaporizhzhia oblast, Stepnohirsk in Zaporizhzhia oblast, and Nikopol in Dnipropetrovsk oblast were shelled with artillery and mortar.

Towards Kherson, russian troops shelled Beryslav, Tomaryne, Antonivka, Kherson, and Veletenske in Kherson oblast with artillery and mortars.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue their offensive operation towards Melitopol, launching assault actions towards Bakhmut, destroying the russian army, and gradually liberating the occupied territories.

The aviation of the Armed Forces conducted 7 strikes on areas where russian personnel and military equipment were concentrated.

Units of the missile troops have successfully targeted and neutralized 5 artillery pieces belonging to the russian army.

Ukraine returned under its control the so-called “Boiko Towers”. “Boiko Towers” have been occupied since 2015, since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, russia used them for military purposes.

The Defense Forces of the South reported that first Ukrainian shock FPV drone was developed. The UAV is capable of carrying a payload of 1 kg over a distance of 7 km.

According to Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal, the amount of damage russia has inflicted on Ukraine to date is estimated at 411 billion dollars. Currently, Ukraine, together with international partners, is preparing a special compensation mechanism that will make it possible to receive the funds required for Ukrainian recovery.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defence, said that combat continues towards Kupiansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled russian attacks near Synkivka. According to her, towards Lyman, russia is conducting unsuccessful offensive actions near Berestove.

Illia Yevlash, Head of the press service of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported that yesterday there were more than 500 attacks towards Lyman-Kupiansk and russian troops used aviation 20 times: Mi-8, Mi-24, K-52 helicopters and Su-25 aircraft.  According to him, Ukrainian troops eliminated 65 invaders and a bunch of military equipment in this area.

Kharkiv oblast

Andrii Yusov, Representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, reported that after the successful special operation by Ukrainian Synytsia special services, during which a russian pilot brought an Mi-8 helicopter to Kharkiv oblast, the number of russian military personnel willing to surrender has increased.

Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, informed that towards Slobozhanske, the enemy continues to maintain a group of troops covering the state border, conducts active diversionary activities in the border areas to prevent the movement of our troops to threatening areas.

Regional Rescue Department said that a 71-year-old man was injured as a result of a Butterfly mine explosion on the outskirts of Snizhkivka village. The injured man was hospitalised with the amputation of the lower third of his foot.

According to the evening report of theGeneral Staff, russia conducted airstrikes near Synkivka and Ivanivka. At least six settlements were under artillery and mortar attacks.

Yesterday the invaders launched air strikes on Vesele settlement of Kharkiv region, Ohirtseve of Chuhuiv region, Synkivka, Kyslivka, Kotliarivka of Kupiansk region. About 20 settlements in the region were shelled with artillery.

Grass was burning on an area of 1 hectare as a result of hostile shelling in Rubizhne village of Vovchansk community, Chuhuiv region, at 8:23 pm. There were no casualties.

A domestic trailer was burning in the area of 15 square metres as a result of shelling in Vovchansk, Chuhuiv region, at 10:45 pm. There were no casualties.

A combine harvester exploded on an unidentified explosive device in a field in Andriivka village, Izium region, at approximately 10:33 am. The driver received light shrapnel wounds.

The press service of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine reported that in the autumn, employees of Vovchansk forestry plan to restore 13.4 hectares of forests in the areas examined by pyrotechnics. According to the agency, as a result of the occupation and shelling, buildings, wood processing workshops, garages with machinery, a cone dryer and other forestry property were damaged, and only some areas have been de-mined.

Donetsk oblast 

Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defence, reported that Ukrainian troops have liberated part of Opytne near Avdiivka and made progress south of Bakhmut. 

According to Donetsk Regional Military Administration, towards Volnovakha, russians attacked Vuhledar 31 times.

Towards Donetsk, there were isolated attacks on Avdiivka, the outskirts of Marinka and Ocheretyne communities.

Towards Horlivka, 3 buildings were damaged in Druzhba of Toretsk community and the outskirts of Kostiantynivka community were shelled. In Chasiv Yar community, 3 buildings and an industrial building were damaged.

Towards Lysychansk, 1 person was injured in Siversk and 5 buildings damaged in Zarichne of Lyman community.

The White Angels unit evacuated three children from frontline Niu-York. The evacuation from the settlement is difficult and dangerous as russian troops are targeting the road from the town with rockets, drones and artillery.

The I Am Mariupol support centre in Ternopil held a masterclass on creating an animated cartoon. It was dedicated to the anniversary of the centre’s establishment. According to animation coach Alla Melnychuk, adults and children created an animated film about the centre and the stories of Mariupol residents who were forced to leave their hometown because of the full-scale war. 

Luhansk oblast

According to Luhansk Regional Military Administration, the enemy is preparing a new wave of assaults. After the losses russians suffered by the Defence Forces, the enemy was forced to bring in significant reserves in both personnel and armoured vehicles. The invaders continue to launch air strikes along the entire frontline of the region, specifically, in Novoselivske, Novoiehorivka and Bilohorivka were targeted.

After the votes are counted, the so-called “LPR” expects another wave of forced mobilisation. It promises to be tougher than the previous ones. Employees of recruitment offices have already been informed of all the loopholes in russian legislation that allow them to officially cross the line. For instance, only after a verbal warning they can enter private property and carry out mobilisation activities. That means they can search an apartment, a house and the surrounding area.

Almost a thousand food parcels were delivered during the week in the hubs of Kreminna community. In Rivne, they also provided baby nappies and food for babies, also otolaryngology and family doctor were consulting. And the mobile team of the Right to Protection Charitable Foundation collected data for IDPs to receive financial assistance from UNHCR. In Kyiv humanitarian hub, IDPs received food, clothes and toys, and a psychologist’s consultation. In Dnipro, food and hygiene products were given out. They were received by specialists from the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the Employment Centre, medical workers and lawyers. In Volyn, food parcels were distributed and packaged, clothes and diapers for children were given. IDPs received consultations from a psychologist and therapist. In Andrushivka, IDPs received food and clothes and were treated by a therapist. In the humanitarian centres, specialists of Kreminna ASC continue to provide consultations to IDPs on compensation for damaged and destroyed property.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

Head of Kyiv RMA Ruslan Kravchenko announced that the restoration of damaged objects in three settlements of Bila Tserkva region after the night attack of the russians on September 10 continues. The priority is to restore housing, a school and a kindergarten, where windows and doors were knocked out by the blast wave, and facades and roofs were cut. UAH 2 million has been allocated for the work from the regional budget. International organizations are involved in the reconstruction: the GEM fund is replacing all damaged window structures, UNHCR, the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, Rokada will provide construction materials and humanitarian aid.

A gas control point was damaged in Kyiv oblast due to a russian drone attack. As reported in the Ministry of Energy, as a result, 200 consumers were left without gas. These are residents of apartment buildings in one of the settlements of the oblast.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbok arrived in the capital of Ukraine on an unannounced visit. This is Annalena Berbok’s fourth visit to Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. In Kyiv, she held a joint briefing with her Ukrainian colleague Dmytro Kuleba, at which Annalena Berbok condemned the abduction of Ukrainian children by the russian federation and called for their return.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbok arrived in Kyiv. Photo: from social networks

15 units of FV432 armored personnel carriers were handed over to the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kyiv. The vehicles were purchased by the World Congress of Ukrainians with charitable funds. In addition, TDF units received 10 trucks restored for the front and two armored tractors. All armored personnel carriers are additionally equipped with night vision devices from a Ukrainian manufacturer, after which they will go to the front.

Kyiv RMA reported that after the restoration, the Andriiivska gymnasium with a kindergarten, which has been located in its premises since the beginning of the new school year, has started functioning in a full-fledged format in the Makariv community. The building of the gymnasium was significantly damaged as a result of active hostilities during the occupation of the village in March 2022, and a separate building of a kindergarten with a food block, which was located next to it, was completely destroyed.

New shelters were built in four Kyiv educational institutions as part of the Freedom Space project. Shelters have appeared in schools #157, 206, 229 and kindergarten #373, which have not worked since the beginning of the full-scale invasion due to the lack of shelters. In total, about 30 shelters were set up in educational institutions of Ukraine as part of the project.

Ukrinform announced that the Ukrainer multimedia project about war crimes in the temporarily occupied territories was presented in Kyiv. Presentation of the project and the book “Deoccupation. Stories of Ukrainian resistance. 2022” by Bohdan Lohvynenko, which is a continuation of the Ukrainer multimedia project with the same name, was held at a briefing at the Ukraine Media Center.

Zhytomyr oblast

Department of Regional Development of Zhytomyr oblast reported that more than UAH 7 million in compensation for housing damaged as a result of shelling on May 28, 2023 was assigned to the residents of the Stanyshivka, Zhytomyr, and Novohuivynske communities of the oblast. Starting from the day of the shelling, residents of communities submitted 124 applications for compensation for damaged housing using the electronic public service “eRecovery”.

Five veterans with prostheses from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Cherkasy and Chernihiv oblast collected UAH 6 million for the needs of the military during a hike along the Black Mountain Range in the Carpathians. During this time, they covered more than 30 km and finished in Hoverla. In addition to the equipment, the veterans carried 10 kg of sand each – with every million they collected, they dropped a kilogram.

This year, the representative of Zhytomyr oblast – serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ihor Derman – will take part in the Invincible Games, which started on September 9 in the city of Dusseldorf (Germany). The athlete has to start in five different disciplines – athletics, rowing on simulators, basketball in wheelchairs, rugby in wheelchairs and swimming. The competition is part of the Paralympic style, in which wounded or veteran servicemen take part.

Sumy oblast

Sumy RMA reported that an educational institution in the Khotyn community was damaged due to hit by an enemy UAV. In total, during the night and in the morning, the russians carried out 4 shelling of the border: 5 MLRS strikes on the territory of the Khotyn community, 10 MLRS strikes on the Znob-Novhorodske community, 4 mines were dropped by the enemy on the territory of the Druzhbivka community.

During the previous day, September 10, the russians carried out 24 shelling of the border – a total of 123 explosions were recorded. The communities of Esman, Khotyn, Nova Sloboda, Znob-Novhorodske, Krasnopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Bilopillia, Shalyhine, Yunakivka were under enemy shelling. As reported in the Sumy RMA, the enemy used mortars and artillery to carry out the strikes, and also carried out airstrikes from airplanes and helicopters on the territory of the Khotyn community from the territory of the russian federation (13 missiles and 12 unguided missiles). As a result of mortar shelling, a mobile phone tower was damaged in the Nova Sloboda community.

Sumy RMA reported that the Air Defense Forces shot down an enemy drone in the oblast at night.

In Sumy, September 11 was declared a day of mourning for the person killed as a result of the russian attack. The woman died in the hospital from injuries sustained as a result of a rocket attack on the private sector of the city on September 8.

SES of Sumy oblast reported that rescuers provide assistance to internally displaced persons who are forced to leave their native homes located in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. On September 11, more than 50 citizens received help in Sumy oblast.

Rescuers help displaced people who left the territories occupied by russia. Photo: State Emergency Service of Sumy oblast

SES of Sumy oblast reported that since the beginning of the year, a total of 542 cases of detection of explosive objects have been recorded on the territory of the oblast. Last week, pyrotechnicians worked in the territories of Sumy, Okhtyrka, Shostka, Romny and Konotop regions. Among the discovered and destroyed arsenal are artillery shells, mortar and anti-tank mines, reactive artillery shells, explosives and underbarrel grenades.

Chernihiv oblast

Last day, the russians shelled the border of Chernihiv oblast 6 times from their territory. As reported in the SBGS, a total of 39 mortar, artillery and AGS fire strikes were recorded. The communities of Novhorod-Siverskyi, Semenivka and Snovsk came under shelling.

The Department for Civil Protection and Defense Work of the Chernihiv RMA reported that a strike by a “Shakhed” UAV was recorded in the village of Chaikine of the Novhorod-Siverskyi region at night. As a result of the explosion, a two-story residential building caught fire. There was no information about the victims.

Head of Chernihiv RMA Vyacheslav Chaus announced that during the week, the enemy shelled 21 border settlements of the oblast for 47 times, a total of 399 explosions were recorded. As a result of the shelling, one person was injured, civilian infrastructure and transport were damaged.

The consequences of the russian strike in the Novhorod-Siverskyi region, September 11, 2023. Photo: The ‘North’ Operational Command

In the summary of the General Staff stated that the enemy continues to hold groups of troops, conducts active diversionary activities in the border areas with the aim of preventing the transfer of our troops to threatening directions.

In September, the Latvian capital is expecting 101 children from Chernihiv to rest. Children aged 10 to 16 and their accompanying persons will be accepted at the request of the Ukrainian Embassy. The program includes rest in Riga, visits to the zoo, sports and excursions.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

During the night, the enemy attacked Nikopol region three times. Artillery fired at Nikopol itself, Marhanets and Myriv communities of the region.  About one and a half dozen shells were fired. As a result of shelling, a private enterprise, 2 residential buildings and a gas pipeline were damaged. In the morning, there was another shelling of Nikopol from artillery.

The enemy shelled Nikopol four times with artillery and hail. As a result of the shelling, two fires broke out, a utility enterprise, a shop, two private enterprises, an educational institution, a five-story building, 5 residential buildings, 5 farm buildings, a bus, 3 cars and a gas pipeline were damaged.

The victim, a 24-year-old man, received serious injuries to both legs. He is in serious condition. Two more men, aged 47 and 56, were hospitalized in moderate condition. 

Vinnytsia oblast

Vinnytsia community bids farewell to Defender Vorotniak Evgeny. This was reported by the Vinnytsia City Council.

Thanks to the deputies of the Vinnytsia City Council and the Interregional Coordination Humanitarian Headquarters, another car went to the front line. 

In Vinnytsia, more than 12,000 hryvnias were collected for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the “Pirogovsky Picnic”. The event was attended by more than 600 residents of Vinnytsia and guests of the city, and the program of the event included a wide variety of events: lectures, master classes, presentations, game activities. The main collection of the museum was supplemented by photos of Vinnytsia military medics and their personal belongings. In addition, during the day, pre-medical assistance training from the Red Cross Society of Ukraine continued. Oleksandr Vesheleni, director of the city marketing and tourism department of the Vinnytsia City Council, announced this.

Kirovohrad oblast

Pavlo Konopko, First Deputy Head of the Kirovohrad Regional Military Administration, reported that starting 1 October, the Invincibility Centres will reopen in Kirovohrad oblast, where people will be able to recharge their phones and keep warm during blackouts or power outages.

Following the Government’s instruction, the the Invincibility Centres centres are to be launched throughout Ukraine on 1 October. Currently, 138 centres in Kirovohrad oblast continue to operate during in accordance with the schedule.

Poltava oblast

Poltava paid farewell to the Hero of Ukraine Andrii Orlov, who perished on 6 September 2023. The man was wounded while performing a combat reconnaissance mission on Kozatskyi Island in Kherson oblast.

Dykanka community paid farewell to Vladyslav Sotnyk, who was killed on 31 August 2023 while performing a combat mission during an artillery shelling near the village of Verbove, Zaporizhzhia oblast.

On 11 September, the Kozelshchyna community commemorated Vitalii Fuga, who died during an artillery shelling near the village of Chervona Krynytsia, Zaporizhzhia oblast.

Cherkasy oblast

In Cherkasy, the funeral of Senior Sergeant Oleksandr Shevchenko, who was killed while performing a combat mission, was held. He was the deputy commander of a special forces group.

Tetiana Taranenko, a specialist at the Department of Social Policy, reported that within the framework of the state programme for the adaptation of veterans, military personnel, and family members of fallen defenders, can obtain free training in such occupations as driver, builder, electrician, or mechanic.  As of the beginning of September, 21 people have joined the initiative. UAH 280 thousand was allocated to implement the programme.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

On the night of September 11, 2023, russia attacked the territory of Ukraine with 12 Shahed-136/131 UAVs. As a result of the combat operation, 12 drones were destroyed within the territories of the Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, and Mykolaiv oblasts, as well as one unidentified type of UAV.

Yesterday, the enemy conducted 121 shelling attacks on 33 populated areas in Zaporizhzhia oblast. This included 101 artillery attacks targeting the territories of Huliaipole, Orikhiv, Zaliznychne, Robotyne, Malynivka, Temyrivka, Preobrazhenka, Luhivske, Kamianske, Stepnohirsk, Lobkove, Mali Shcherbaky, Plavni, and other front-line settlements. The enemy also carried out 7 UAV attacks on Huliaipole, Novodanylivka, Charivne, and Piatyhatky, shelled Novopavlivka, Bilohiria, and Novodarivka with multiple rocket launchers, dropped 6 aerial bombs on Orikhiv, Mala Tokmachka, and Robotyne, and launched 4 missile strikes on Trudove and Rizdviantka. A 65-year-old man was killed as a result of the missile strike on Novopavlivka. Additionally, there were 7 reports about the destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure objects.

Mykolaiv oblast

On September 11, russian invaders shelled the city of Ochakiv. As a result of the shelling, buildings and other property of the city’s residents were damaged. There were no casualties or injuries reported. This information was provided by the head of Mykolaiv Regional Police, Serhii Shaihet.

On September 10, a monument was unveiled near the village of Suvorivka in Yelanets community at the site of the Hero of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Vadym Blahovisnyi’s death. Vadym Blahovisnyi was one of the best pilots in the brigade. He engaged in his final battle with a russian fighter jet near Suvorivka. Vadym was 26 years old. Since the start of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, he conducted 95 combat sorties, destroyed more than 100 armored vehicles, and over 80 vehicles. The Hero was laid to rest in his hometown of Syndarivske, in Chernihiv olast. This information was provided by the 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade named after Lieutenant General Vasyl Nikiforov.

Monument to the Hero of Ukraine, pilot, lieutenant colonel Vadym Blahovisnyi. Photo from social networks

A bicycle race dedicated to the 234th anniversary of the founding of Mykolaiv and the celebration of Danish Days in the city took place. All interested residents could hop on their bicycles and ride along a designated route. The event was opened by Vitalii Kim, the head of Mykolaiv RMA, Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Ukraine, and Oleksandr Senkevych, the Mayor of Mykolaiv. After speeches, the column of cyclists set off through the streets of Mykolaiv to the 8th Pier, where a cultural and sports program was held.

On Friday, September 8, an exhibition titled “Dreams for Mykolaiv” was opened on Soborna Square, dedicated to the dreams of Mykolaiv residents for the future of their city. The event was prepared by the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, the Mykolaiv NGO “TUT,” and the Danish Cultural Institute. The exhibition features 16 portraits of young city residents, graduates of the “MykoMriyi” project, along with their stories, ideas, and hopes for the city’s development. The exhibition is interactive, and everyone can participate by sharing their dreams on special posters or by scanning QR codes. The event will run until October 8.

Odesa oblast

As of yesterday evening, there were no enemy missile carriers on duty in the Black Sea as they were stationed at their bases. However, it is known that among them are armed and ready to go out to sea. Therefore, the level of missile and drone threat remains very high for Odesa oblast. Furthermore, the threat of missile strikes, particularly on energy infrastructure, remains for Odesa. This information was reported by the “South” Operational Command.

The air defense forces destroyed a russian military UAV “Forpost” near Zmiinyi (Snake) Island in the Odesa oblast. The UAV was launched for reconnaissance and sabotage work. The drone was shot down over the sea. This was reported by the “South” Operational Command.

Ukrainian defenders gained control of the drilling gas and oil production platforms “Boiko Towers” located in the Black Sea between Odesa and Crimea. The towers had been captured by russian forces since 2015. The unique operation to regain control of the “Boiko Towers” was conducted by units of the Chief Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate. This included the return of drilling platforms “Petro Hodovalets” and “Ukraine,” as well as the “Tavryda” and “Syvash.” This information was provided by the  Chief Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s initiative “Grain from Ukraine” will now also apply to the Danube ports of Ukraine. During a meeting on September 8, the government supported a resolution to involve Ukrainian ports on the Danube River in providing humanitarian aid in the form of wheat and corn to countries in Africa and Asia. As of now, Ukraine has harvested 34 million tons of crops during the harvest campaign, including 22 million tons of wheat. However, the domestic demand is around 6-7 million tons per year. This information was provided by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal.

Kherson oblast

Today, the russian army shelled Bilozirka. Due to enemy shelling, a fire broke out in one of the houses, and about a dozen windows in an educational institution were shattered. Two individuals were injured.

Occupiers also attacked the central part of the village of Kizomys. As a result of the shelling, the roof of an administrative building was damaged, and windows and doors were blown out by the explosive wave and debris.

Due to the enemy strike on the clinic in Stanislav, windows and the roof of the medical facility were damaged. A paramedic sustained a blast injury and concussion.

Yesterday, the enemy conducted 57 shelling attacks, firing 250 projectiles from mortars, artillery, “Grad” rocket systems, drones, and aviation. The russians shelled Kherson 13 times. The occupiers targeted residential areas in the region’s settlements, the territory and buildings of an educational institution, and one of the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. They also hit a critical infrastructure object in Kherson and a mobile communication tower in Beryslav region. Two individuals were wounded as a result of russian aggression.

The police have recorded 18 war crimes committed by the russian army against the population of the right-bank part of Kherson oblast. A police service vehicle was damaged near Beryslav  due to enemy attack, and a 45-year-old law enforcement officer was injured and taken to the hospital.

On September 10, Ukrainian forces eliminated 12 russian occupiers and two field supply points on the temporarily occupied left-bank of Kherson oblast. Ukrainian soldiers also destroyed two self-propelled artillery units, a howitzer, six boats, and seven armored vehicles.

The so-called “elections” organized by the occupying authorities have concluded in the temporarily occupied part of Kherson oblast. The “election commission” reported a turnout of over 65% and announced the results of the pseudo-voting. According to Iurii Sobolevskyi, the deputy chairman of Kherson RMA, 28 candidates from “United russia,” four from the Communist Party of the russian federation, three from the LDPR, and one candidate from “A Just russia – For Truth” were elected to the so-called “Kherson Regional Duma.”

“Restoration Army” project has been launched in Dariivka community. This project aims to engage unemployed individuals in performing socially beneficial work and rebuilding settlements. They are involved in clearing rubble and restoring damaged buildings, improving public spaces, unloading cargo, and providing assistance to people with disabilities and the elderly. Currently, 12 community residents have been employed..

Efforts to restore the water supply are underway in Beryslav community. Water supply pipelines in residential areas were damaged by the russian army. Thanks to the support of the international humanitarian organization “Save the Children,” the first batch of technical humanitarian aid has arrived, including water and sewage pipes and other necessary components. Equipment for additional reserves will arrive soon.

From September 4 to September 10, 20K liters of drinking water, modern water purification equipment (OAZIS C300M unit), three large water storage tanks, twenty generators, hygiene products, animal feed, trash bins, garden carts, jerry cans, chains for chainsaws, rubber gloves, and roofing materials for repairs were delivered to the settlements in Kherson oblast.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the oblast has received 78 400 IDPs. Most people live in Lutsk and Kovel districts. In particular, among IDPs: 24 702 persons of working age; 2 212 people with disabilities; 7 176 pensioners; 93 large families; 8 single parent families.

Lutsk City Council presented state awards to defenders of Ukraine. Soldier Anatolii Safonov was awarded with the For Military Service to Ukraine medal. Senior soldier Yevgenii Lushkavych was awarded with the For exemplary service medal and the Steel Cross honorary medal.

Zakarpattia oblast

The Humanitarian Aid Center Owl’s Nest issued humanitarian aid to IDPs registered in Uzhgorod, namely: over 60 packages with necessary things for children under 2 years of age; 100 grocery sets for the elderly; 50 hygiene kits, 40 stationery kits for first-graders, as well as clothes, bed linen and dishes (a total of 3 150 units were issued) thanks to the PDUM Partnerschaft Deutschland-Ukraine/Moldova e. V., Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e.V., AMDA.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

In Ivano-Frankivsk, on the facade of Lyceum #18, an annotation board was opened to Vasyl Kutsia. Defender of Ukraine, combat medic of the mechanized platoon of the 30th OMBr named after Prince Konstantin Ostrovsky was killed during the assault in Donetsk oblast. Posthumously awarded with the For honor and victory award of the Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Lviv oblast

Lviv RMA financially supports startup projects of entrepreneurs who took part in the russian-Ukrainian war. This is one of the directions of the Concept of Support for Defenders, which was developed in Lviv RMA.

Rivne oblast

The first batch of American nuclear fuel was loaded into the VVER-440 reactor of the Rivne NPP. Previously, reactors of this type operated only on russian-made nuclear fuel.

Training for medics has started in Rivne oblast. They are aimed at improving the skills of providing medical care to critical patients. The training is conducted by the representative office of the MedGlobal CF. 

Over 70 houses in the village of Zahradivka, in Kherson oblast, have already been rebuilt by volunteers from Rivne oblast within the framework of the Side by Side initiative. First of all, they are repairing housing for people who are unable to repair what was destroyed by the enemy on their own – the elderly, families with children, or single people.

Ternopil oblast

The school feeding program of the UN World Food Program is being implemented in Ternopil oblast. The UN WFP school feeding program works in over 70 countries around the world, where school attendance is hampered by life-threatening conditions and poverty.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

Young participants of the Fighting Goose volunteer movement received the Thanks of the Regional Council on behalf of Violeta Labaziuk, Head of the regional council. The Fighting Goose volunteer movement started operating last year. The movement brought together students of different ages who make patriotic products with their own hands and sell them to the accompaniment of music and songs in order to raise funds for the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Chernivtsi oblast

The RMA reported that Volodymyr Yelesin, military man from Bukovyna, received the Golden Cross honorary award from Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

The Rheinmetall defense concern agreed with the German government to supply Ukraine with 40 more BMPs. Thanks to this, the total number of machines that will be delivered to Ukraine will increase to 80.

Ukraine received American nuclear fuel for the first time. According to Halushchenko, Energy Minister, this step put an end to the russian nuclear fuel monopoly. For the first time, Enerhoatom received fuel from the USA for the VVER-440 reactor of one of its NPP units. The nuclear fuel was produced by the Westinghouse company together with Ukrainian specialists.

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania reported that the country sent 1.5 mln units of ammunition to Ukraine. As noted in the department, the military support provided by Lithuania to Ukraine until the fall of this year includes Mi-8 helicopters, L-70 anti-aircraft guns with ammunition, M113 armored personnel carriers, millions of rounds of ammunition, and ammunition for grenade launchers.

The British publication The Telegraph  that Royal Air Force planes have been protecting cargo ships carrying grain from Ukraine in recent weeks. The Ministry of Defense of Britain intensified its activities after the russian federation began to attack the grain infrastructure in July, after the cancellation of the “grain agreement”.

Poland will insure Polish investors and investors from other countries who are interested in the reconstruction of Ukraine. This decision, among other things, allows the Polish state insurance corporation KUKE to provide more effective assistance to private businesses interested in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Annalena Burbok, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, arrived in Kyiv with a visit that was kept secret for security reasons. A week before the UN General Assembly in New York, the visit is seen as a gesture of solidarity.

The US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs in the administration of Joseph Biden appealed to allies because of the war in Ukraine. “No matter how serious the success and advancement will be in the next few days and weeks, everything will not end in these weeks. We have a long way to go in the development and restoration of Ukraine. We must be ready materially, psychologically, and mentally for this,” said Victoria Nuland.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Italy reported that the exhibition of modern Ukrainian art Ukrainian palette of Italy opened in the Italian capital, Rome.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аnna Efremova, Albahachiieva Helena

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Viktoriia Pushyna, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 


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