War in Ukraine today: latest news, October 06, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 590th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The enemy continues to violate the laws and customs of war, uses terror tactics, strikes and shells both military and civilian objects, which results in civilian casualties.

The operational situation in east and south of Ukraine remains complicated.

There were 28 combat engagements. The enemy launched a total of 2 missiles and 57 air strikes, 43 MLRS attacks at the positions of Ukrainian troops and various settlements. The russian federation launched yet another strike at Ukraine using 33 Iranian Shahed-136/131 strike UAVs. Air defense forces shot down 25 enemy Shaheds. The russian terrorist attacks have killed and wounded civilians. Private residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed or damaged.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, there were no significant changes and no signs of formation of an offensive group. Certain units of the armed forces of belarus continue their missions in the areas bordering Ukraine.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, the enemy  maintains its military presence in the areas of russia bordering Ukraine. The enemy continues to shell Ukrainian settlements from the territory of russia and increases the density of minefields along the state border of Ukraine. The enemy fired artillery and mortars at more than 15 settlements, including Vovkivka, Stepne, Novodmytrivka, Popivka, Sumy oblast, Vovchansk, Hatyshche, Zemlyanky, Kharkiv oblast. 

Towards Kupiansk, the Ukrainian defenders repelled enemy attacks in the vicinity of Synkivka and Ivanivka, Kharkiv oblast. They launched air strikes in the vicinities of Podoly, Synkivka, Ivanivka, Petropavlivka, Kharkiv oblast. Over 15 settlements, including Kamyanka, Dvorichna, Ivanivka, Kyslivka, Berestove, Kharkiv oblast came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Lyman, the Ukrainian defenders repelled 5 enemy attacks in the area east of Makiyivka, Luhansk oblast. The settlements of Pisky-Radkivski, Kharkiv oblast, Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast, Spirne and Vesele, Donetsk oblast, suffered enemy air strikes. The invaders fired artillery and mortars at over 10 settlements, including Nevske, Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast and Spirne, Rozdolivka, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Bakhmut, they made unsuccessful attempts to regain the lost ground in the vicinity of Andriivka, Donetsk oblast. The invaders launched air strikes near Klishchiivka, Andriivka, Donetsk oblast. Over  15 settlements came under artillery and mortar fire, including Khromove, Chasiv Yar, Klishchiyivka, Andriivka, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy launched an air strike near Avdiivka. The invaders fired artillery and mortars at around 10 settlements, including Avdiyivka, Sieverne, Pervomaiske, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Mariinka, Ukrainian defense forces successfully repelled about 10 enemy attacks in the vicinities of Mariinka and Novomykhailivka, Donetsk oblast. They launched air strikes near Novomykhailivka and Kostiantynivka, Donetsk oblast. About 10 settlements, including Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Pobieda, Novomykhailivka, Donetsk oblast were under artillery and mortar fire of the occupiers.

Towards Shakhtarsk, the Ukrainian defenders repelled enemy attacks near Vuhledar, Zolota Nyva, Staromaiorske, Donetsk oblast and to the north of Pryiutne, Zaporizhzhia oblast. The enemy launched an air strike in the vicinity of Vodiane. Over 10 settlements, including Vodyane, Vuhledar, Urozhaine, Storozheve, Donetsk oblast, came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Zaporizhzhia, the Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled enemy attacks in the area northeast of Novoprokopivka. The occupiers launched an airstrike Mala Tokmachka. Over 20 settlements, including Poltavka, Huliaipole, Mala Tokmachka, Robotyne, Pyatykhatky, Kamyanske, Zaporizhzhia oblast, came under enemy artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Kherson, the enemy fired artillery and mortars at Antonivka, Kherson oblast and the city of Kherson.

At the same time, the Ukrainian defense forces continue their offensive operation on Melitopol axis and offensive (assault) operations towards Bakhmut, inflicting losses in manpower and equipment on the occupation forces, exhausting the enemy all along the front line.

The Ukrainian Air Force launched 11 air strikes on the buildups of troops, weapons and military equipment, 3 air strikes on the anti-aircraft missile systems of the adversary.

The Ukrainian missile troops hit 1 command post, 1 anti-aircraft missile system and 6x artillery systems, 1 buildup of troops, weapons and military equipment, 1 electronic warfare station of the russian invaders.

The bodies of 64 fallen defenders were returned home. They will be handed over to law enforcement officers and medical examiners for identification.

In addition to the current budget, 300 billion hryvnias are allocated to defense. The decision was made by the Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on October 6.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, said that the enemy launched two missiles of Iskander type on Kharkiv in the morning. One of the missiles hit the roadway, windows were smashed in neighbouring houses.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo from social media

The second missile hit a 3-storey residential building, causing a fire.  Rescuers found the bodies of a 68-year-old woman and her 10-year-old grandson at the site of a russian missile hit. 30 people, including the 11-month-old brother of the deceased boy, were injured. 12 people were hospitalised.

Child’s body found in a blanket, who was most likely still asleep. Photo: Investigation Department of Kharkiv National Police

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo from social media

Today, a residential building with 3 apartments was destroyed as a result of shelling in Vovchansk, Chuhuiv region. The house caught fire as a result of the hit.  3 civilians living in the house were injured. A 76-year-old man received severe burns, a 75-year-old woman and a 25-year-old woman with a disability were poisoned by carbon monoxide. All three were hospitalised.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo: Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

Yesterday the enemy shelled settlements of Bohodukhiv, Chuhuiv, Kupiansk and Izium regions.

Emergency services continue to work in Hroza village, Kupiansk region, where an Iskander missile hit a cafe, killing 52 people. The rubble has already been cleared and some of the bodies are currently being identified. Six victims with critical injuries are currently in hospitals. The explosion left about 25 neighbouring houses without windows. Volunteers are working at the site to help people deal with the aftermath of the explosion. Dmytro Chubenko, Spokesman of the Prosecutor’s Office, said that russians killed more than half of the village with one missile: about 100 people lived there at the time of the hit. Three days, from 6 to 8 October, were declared as mourning days in Kharkiv oblast.  

Victim of russian shelling. Photo from social media

At night, the enemy attacked Pisky-Radkivski village, Izium region, with a Shahed UAV. A warehouse building and equipment of a civilian enterprise were damaged.

In addition, Vovchansk city, Vovchanski Khutory and Lyman villages of Chuhuiv region, Kupiansk city, Pershotravneve village of Izium region and other settlements were under hostile shelling. Residential buildings and outbuildings were damaged and fires broke out.

During the day, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service defused 80 explosive ordnance.

Donetsk oblast

According to Donetsk Regional Military Administration, russians injured two civilians on 5 October: in Pleshchiivka and Novomykhailivka. Towards Volnovakha, russians shelled Vuhledar twice and attacked Novoukrainka with phosphorus ammunition.

Destruction as a result of russian shelling. Photo: National Police

Towards Donetsk, 1 person was injured in Novomykhailivka of Marinka community. Krasnohorivka, Zoriane, Katerynivka and Yelyzavetivka were shelled. The night before, the private sector of Kurakhivka was under attack. Avdiivka suffered a massive artillery attack in the morning.

Towards Horlivka, 1 person was injured and 2 buildings damaged in Pleshchiivka of Illinivsk community. In Kostiantynivska community, 13 buildings were damaged in Ivanopillia and the outskirts of Markove shelled. In Toretsk community, a building in Druzhba was damaged and the enemy dropped a bomb on Nelipivka, causing no casualties. In Chasiv Yar community, 9 buildings were damaged. In Soledar community, Rozdolivka and Vasiukivka were shelled.

Towards Lysychansk, a building in Siversk was damaged. Pereizne of Zvanivka community and Torske, Zarichne and Yampil of Lyman community were shelled.

The press service of Donetsk State Emergency Service reported that in liberated Sviatohirsk, a 52-year-old man tripped over a PFM-1 Peliustok mine. He was taken to a hospital in Sloviansk with a lower limb injury.

An elderly couple was evacuated from Torske village which was destroyed by the enemy. The husband and wife hardly walk but they took their cat and dog with them.

The White Angel crew continues to evacuate people from frontline Krasnohorivka. About a thousand people still live in the town under daily shelling. Recently, the police crew evacuated two killed and three injured people. The evacuation was conducted under russian shelling.

Starosta Maksym Zahumonnyi said that out of eight thousand people living in Oleksiievo-Druzhkivka region, 90% have lost their jobs due to the full-scale invasion and fighting. The New Way International Charitable Foundation brings humanitarian aid to the people every three months.

Dmytro Pletenchuk, Spokesman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Navy, informed that russian invaders are deepening the bottom of the port of Mariupol to enable them to transport looted goods from Ukraine by cargo ships.

Referring to Pokrovsk City Military Administration, 40 boiler houses are ready for the heating season and will heat 27 healthcare facilities, 44 educational institutions, 30 cultural institutions and 6 sports facilities.

85-year-old Lidiia lives alone in a burned down five-storey building in the liberated Lyman. Her apartment, like the others in the building, was destroyed and her neighbours left. The woman does not want to leave, she arranged a room in the basement where she has been living for 19 months. Every day, Lidiia cooks for herself and the seven cats that live in the courtyard of the apartment building. The pensioner says that she was repeatedly offered to evacuate the city by volunteers and journalists but she is not going to leave the frontline city of Donetsk oblast.

Luhansk oblast

According to Luhansk Regional Military Administration, russians continue to storm near Makiivka. Defence forces repelled four more enemy attacks there. The enemy launched air and artillery strikes near Bilohorivka and Nevske. Nevske was hit four times with KAB-500 bombs. There were explosions on the territory of private households. The windows and roofs of several houses were damaged. Another 12 explosions were on the outskirts as a result of russian artillery fire.

Residents of the liberated villages cannot stand the constant enemy shelling and are gradually deciding to leave. Two residents of Makiivka and two more of Nevske were evacuated yesterday.

A Transparency and Openness working group is established at Luhansk Regional State Administration to control the use of resources from the fund for the liquidation of the aftermath of armed aggression.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

Bucha City Council reported that German parliamentarians from the Bundestag and representatives of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation visited the city. They saw how the city, destroyed during the full-scale invasion of the Kyiv oblast by russian troops, is being rebuilt.

Kyiv Regional Military Administration reported that another apartment building will be restored in Irpin on the Hostomel highway. Capital repairs are being carried out at the expense of the Fund for the Liquidation of the Consequences of Armed Aggression. Before the war, 126 people lived in a building with 42 apartments.

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Kyiv Regional Government reported that libraries of the oblast have written off more than 400,000 copies of books published in russian. There is an active process of replacing books in russian with those translated into Ukrainian. According to the State program for the replenishment of library funds and from other sources, the Kyiv Regional Children’s Library received and transferred more than 9,000 copies of books in Ukrainian to the libraries of territorial communities.

A commemorative event “Ghost of Kyiv – immortal” was held in the capital, dedicated to Major of the Air Force of Ukraine Andriy Pilshchikov, nicknamed “Juice”. The event took place at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. The pilot became famous thanks to his service in the unit, which received the collective name “Ghost of Kyiv” during the battles for the capital in the first months of the large-scale invasion of the russian federation. Also, he was more than once a member of official delegations and interdepartmental groups that lobbied for the provision of modern multi-functional fighter jets and other weapons to Ukraine.

Kyiv RMA reported that IDPs in the oblast will be provided with financial assistance to compensate for housing rent. Payments for a period of 6 months are initiated by the “Right to Protection” charity fund together with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In order to receive money, a displaced family must meet several criteria, in particular, families who left their native homes after February 24, 2022 and did not receive financial assistance for housing rent from international organizations can receive assistance.

The procurement of 45 diesel generators is carried out by the Department of Civil Protection, Defense and Cooperation with Law Enforcement Bodies. The procurement is organized as part of the works to strengthen the protection of energy facilities in the oblast.

A series of “Evenings of Invincibility” events were launched in Kyiv oblast, initiated by the Department of Culture and Tourism and the Department of Youth and Sports. The first cultural event took place in Vytachiv, where bread was baked for the armed forces in the Vytach wood-fired craft bakery.

Zhytomyr oblast

Zhytomyr RMA reported that a coordination headquarters has been established in the oblast for operational response and ensuring the creation of normal living conditions for the population during the restriction and/or termination of the supply of electric energy.

According to preliminary estimates, the number of veterans in Zhytomyr oblast may reach 70,000. That’s 3x the amount of people who lost health and had veteran status before a full-scale invasion. This was announced in Zhytomyr during a meeting of members of the congress of local and regional authorities under the President of Ukraine. Zhytomyr oblast has launched a number of programs to support veterans – 95% of communities in the region have created veteran hubs or places to provide social and administrative services on the basis of a single window.

Artwomen of Vinnytsia presented Zhytomyrs with an international towel of unity called “Embroidery Flower”. Ornaments of all regions of Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainian diaspora around the world, will be depicted on the twelve and a half meter long canvas. Craftswomen from 11 regions of Ukraine have already embroidered ornaments on the towel – Zhytomyr oblast will become the twelfth.

Sumy oblast

Sumy RMA reported that the russians carried out 4 shellings of the border, a total of 25 hits from mortars, artillery and MLRS were recorded. The communities of Bilopillia, Khotyn, Seredina-Buda and Druzhbivka came under shelling.

During the past day, the russians carried out 22 shelling of the border, a total of 131 explosions were recorded. Bilopillia, Krasnopillia, Yunakivka, Khotin, Velyka Pysarivka, Seredina-Buda, Znob-Novhorodske and Esman communities came under shelling. The enemy struck using artillery and mortars, Hrad MLRS, SPG-9, AGS, and also launched unguided missiles from a helicopter.

Sumy RMA reported that a 45-year-old woman died as a result of shelling between the villages of Stara Huta and Holubivka of the Seredyna-Buda community. On October 5, the russian army fired at a milk truck on which employees of the enterprise were going to collect milk from the population. The milk collector died, the milk truck driver was injured. The police reported that a private house and a car were also damaged as a result of shelling in the village of Stara Huta.

The National Police of Sumy oblast reported that an unknown explosive object exploded in the hands of a 14-year-old teenager in the Okhtyrka region. It happened when he was dismantling fishing nets in the yard. As a result of the explosion, the boy was seriously injured and died in the hospital.

Training sessions were held in Sumy oblast with the personnel of the Sumy and Shostka units of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service. The rescuers improved their skills in using special equipment.

Chernihiv oblast

During the past day, the russians shelled the border of Chernihiv oblast for 6 times from their territory. As reported in the SBGS, a total of 54 explosions were recorded. Three communities came under shelling: Novhorod-Siverskyi – 2 mortar hits in the direction of Krasny Khutor; Semenivka – 12 shots from barrel artillery and mortars in the direction of Karpovychi, Tymonovichi and Bleshnya; Horodnyanka – 40 strikes from AGS in the direction of Senkivka.

Chernihiv RMA reported that there are 250 Invincibility Points operating in the oblast, 207 of which were created by the executive power and local self-government bodies, 43 by the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in the region (13 of which are mobile).

Head of Chernihiv RMA Vyacheslav Chaus announced that another working meeting was held in the oblast on October 5 with representatives of the UNHCR in Ukraine and the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Austria to Ukraine Arad Benkö. Thanks to the support of the UNHCR and its partner, the Rokada Foundation, almost 1,400 houses have been renovated in the oblast, work is ongoing in 274, and 33 families are provided with their own modular housing.

The Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of Chernihiv Oblast reported that over the past six months, the residents of the oblast have submitted 2,680 applications for compensation for housing damaged by war through the state program “eRecovery”. The process of compensation for completely destroyed housing is also ongoing – in total, 248 such applications have been submitted in the oblast.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

Mykola Lukashuk, Head of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council, confirmed that the Air Force shot down an enemy drone over the region in the morning. The invaders attacked Nikopol region again. They shelled Marhanets community with artillery.  As a result of the shelling, a car was completely destroyed, a private building, an outbuilding and a power line damaged. The enemy attacked Nikopol again with drones and artillery in the afternoon. Four kamikaze drones hit the city and about fifteen shots launched. A 44-year-old woman was injured and hospitalised. An administrative building, an infrastructure facility, a hotel complex, 2 private buildings, 3 cars, a minibus and a power line were damaged.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo: Mykola Lukashuk/Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Council

In Kryvyi Rih, sappers neutralised a modern cluster munition from a Tornado-S multiple rocket launcher system. It remained after the shelling in 2022.

31 buildings were repaired by builders from Dnipropetrovsk oblast in the de-occupied Kherson oblast. More than 40 more are in progress. The specialists are working in Olhyne, Bobrovyi Kut and Starosillia villages.

Vinnytsia oblast

UAH 162Л was raised at a charity fair held at Vinnytsia Lyceum No. 29. The money will be used to buy a Mavic 3 and a Starlink for the defenders holding the line towards Kupiansk.

Kirovohrad oblast

Andrii Raikovych, Head of Kirovohrad Regional Military Administration, informed that Kirovohrad oblast continues to participate in the large-scale Side by Side project in the de-occupied communities of Kherson oblast.  Kirovohrad specialists have already examined 161 objects in 10 settlements of Velyka Oleksandrivka community. They are currently preparing inspection reports, defect reports and determining the cost of repairs. The first stage of the programme in Mala Oleksandrivka is also ongoing. Construction workers are working at 5 sites.

Poltava oblast

Dmytro Lunin, Head of Poltava Regional Military Administration, reported that there are 482 Invincibility Centres deployed in Poltava oblast. They remain safety centres for the population in case of power and heat cuts. People can use the internet, contact their families, recharge their gadgets and stay warm.

Cherkasy oblast

Ihor Taburets, Head of Cherkasy Regional Military Administration, said that 7 enemy Shahed drones were destroyed in the sky over Cherkasy oblast at night.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Yesterday, russian military personnel carried out 156 strikes at 23 populated areas in Zaporizhia oblast. Of these, 131 artillery strikes targeted the territories of Novoiakovlivka, Huliaipole, Zaliznychne, Charivne, Chervone, Malynivka, Poltavka, Temyrivka, Kamianske, Stepove, Piatyhatky, Lobkove, and other frontline cities and villages. The enemy conducted 11 MLRS attacks on Orikhiv, Mala Tokmachka, and Robotyne, 9 drone attacks on Robotyne, Novodarivka, and Novoandriivka, as well as aviation strikes on Orikhiv, Robotyne, Novodarivka, Mala Tokmachka, and Novodanylivka. There were 13 reports of residential buildings and infrastructure being damaged, but local residents were not harmed.

Yesterday, October 5, as a result of russian shelling, the fire and rescue unit of the State Emergency Service in the city of Orikhiv suffered additional damage. Two rockets landed near the unit, but personnel and equipment were not harmed.

The Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom, citing British intelligence data, reports that russians are building concrete fortifications and trenches towards Orikhiv. This indicates russia’s concern about the potential further advancement of Ukrainian forces in Zaporizhia oblast. On October 3, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, stated that russian forces were constructing additional fortifications on the Orikhiv bridgehead. Complex underground two-story bunkers with tunnels and trenches are being built in Novopokrovka.

Mykolaiv oblast

On the night of October 6, eight Russian drones of the “Shahed-136/131” type were shot down in Mykolaiv oblast. russian forces also launched attacks on the waters near Ochakiv and beyond the borders of the Radisnyi Sad community, causing no casualties. This information was reported by the head of Mykolaiv RMA, Vitalii Kim.

Mykolaiv sappers received safe spider boots from the charitable organization “International Charitable Foundation “Nova Ukraine.” These boots, known as the “URS Spider Boot System,” were developed by a Ukrainian inventor to minimize injuries to sappers during their work. This footwear is an analog of British “Spider Boots” that are no longer in production, but the need for them remains. Pyrotechnicians are already actively using these mine-resistant protective boots known as “Spiders.” This information was provided by the press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Mykolaiv oblast.

Four specially equipped Mercedes Sprinter school buses were delivered from Poland to Snihurivka community. These buses were purchased and donated to the community for the needs of educational institutions by the International Solidarity Foundation of the Republic of Poland (Fundacja Solidarności Międzynarodowej Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej). Each bus is equipped with a special lift to facilitate the boarding and disembarking of children with limited physical abilities. Two of the buses are partially armored.

Odesa oblast

This night, the russian military, attacked the border and port infrastructure of Podunavia, particularly Izmail region, launching drones from the Crimean Peninsula. A grain storage facility was damaged, and nine trucks caught fire. The fire has been extinguished. The air defense forces destroyed three drones over Odesa oblast. This information was reported on October 6 by the “South” Operational Command.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports a temporary halt in the operation of the ferry crossing point at “Orlivka” and asks travelers to choose alternative routes to Romania. Stabilization measures are being taken there after the enemy’s overnight attack on port and border infrastructure. There were no casualties as a result of the attacks.

The new extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Martin Eger, made an official visit to Odesa. During a meeting with the mayor of Odesa, Gennadii Trukhanov, he emphasized the significance of Germany’s relations with Odesa. This information was provided by the press service of Odesa City Council.

On October 5, the ships Beaver, Ability, and DSM Everton arrived at the ports of Greater Odesa for loading. This was announced by Andrii Klymenko, the head of the Institute of Black Sea Strategic Studies.

Kherson oblast

Today, the russians shelled the Dnipro district in Kherson city. The shell hit the are near near a high-rise building. Fragments of the projectile and the explosive wave shattered windows on the first to the third floors of the building. Preliminarily, one person was injured.

Yesterday, the enemy conducted 78 attacks, firing 330 shells from mortars, artillery, “Grad” MLRS, tanks, aircraft, and drones. The city of Kherson was hit by 27 enemy shells. Due to russian aggression, 2 people were killed, and 4 others injured.

The police documented 19 war crimes committed by russian occupiers against the civilian population of the right-bank Kherson oblast. The russian army carried out 5 airstrikes on Beryslav, targeting the central regional hospital and residential quarters. As a result of the explosions, the medical facility suffered significant damage, the upper floor was destroyed, ambulances were damaged, and a 40-year-old paramedic, a 68-year-old doctor, and a 60-year-old ambulance driver were injured. Powerful explosions also damaged surrounding high-rise buildings, from which 3 residents who couldn’t evacuate on their own were rescued.

Damaged hospital in Beryslav. Photo: Police of Khersoon oblast

Beryslav hospital continues to operate after russian airstrikes. Doctors are doing everything possible to provide medical assistance to the people. This was reported by the chief of the Beryslav RMA, Volodymyr Litvinov.

A 50-year-old tractor driver blew up on an anti-tank mine in the field between Novovoznesensk and Kostyrka. As a result of the explosion, the man suffered mine-explosive injuries, shrapnel wounds to the eyes, chest, abdomen, arms, and legs. The tractor sustained mechanical damage.

The russians shelled the civilian infrastructure of Kherson from the left bank of the Dnipro. The coastal area, the city center, the “Korabel” neighborhood, and the Dnipro district were under fire. Enemy shells hit multi-story and private houses, damaging shops and cars. During the artillery bombardment in the central part of the city, a 54-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman were killed.

Police officers together with volunteers and local authorities, evacuated a woman with three children aged 7 to 13 from Bilozerka shelled by the russian army. This family had to seek shelter for the second time. In March of this year, the woman and her children were evacuated from the combat zone in Donetsk oblast. The rescue operation was organized very quickly, with police providing the children with personal protective equipment, calming them down, giving them toys, and transporting them in an armored vehicle to the train station. The family headed to a safer region where volunteers and local authorities would help them settle.

Kherson City Clinical Hospital named after O. Luchanskyi received a water purification system from donors. The system is designed for mechanical water purification and will provide patients and medical staff with drinking water.

The distribution of humanitarian aid to residents of Kherson oblast continues. Yesterday, residents of liberated areas received 1,285 food packages, 4,061 loaves of bread, 250 servings of hot meals, and 14,400 liters of drinking water from international civic organizations, donors, and volunteers. People also received 496 hygiene kits, 3 QSB letters, and 7 rails. Thanks to the “Medical Forces” project of the “Kolo” charitable foundation, specialists provided 294 medical consultations to residents of Kochubeivka in Beryslav region. Volunteers delivered 177 construction kits to residents of Kherson oblast with the support of UNHCR Ukraine – the UN Refugee Agency, the “Prolyska” center’s.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

Lutsk City Council purchased a specialized vehicle for transporting the bodies of the fallen defenders from the front lines. Specialists of Volyn Regional Bureau of Forensic Medicine are engaged in this difficult mission as part of the implementation of the On the Shield humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Young residents of Rozhyshchen community collect funds for the needs of the Ukrainian military with their singing. Since the beginning of their volunteer activities, from July 14, 2022, they have collected over UAH 2 mln.

Zakarpattia oblast

Uzhgorod Art Lyceum Perspektiva received a powerful generator from the International Organization for Migration. Thanks to him, even in spite of possible emergency power outages, the educational process for almost a thousand students, in particular from among IDPs, will continue in the institution in comfortable conditions.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

From Ivano-Frankivsk, a generator, bags, clamps, medicines, camouflage nets, construction materials and products were sent to the 79th separate airborne assault brigades thanks to the Union of Volunteers.

Lviv oblast

The RMA held a meeting with representatives of the European Union. They discussed medical evacuation from frontline oblasts, creation of a center for mine action and assistance to IDPs.

Mensa kitchen school equipment worth almost EUR 40K, namely,combi steamers, tables, dishes, refrigerators and other accessories arrived to Truskavets community from Germany. It was purchased with the funds of GIZ Ukraine as part of the cooperation project between Truskavets and Watlingen. The two largest rural schools of the community Ulichnenska and Dobrohostivska will receive the equipment. Two cars were also sent to the department of education and communal services of Truskavet community: a Ford V363E Transit minibus and a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 pickup truck.

At the Office of the Coordination Center in Sambor, the mobile team of the charity foundation Right to Protection registered 45 IDPs to receive financial assistance from the UNHCR. The amount of the payment is UAH 2 220 per month per person. Payments will last 3 months.

Over UAH 25K was collected for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the students of Muzhilovytskyi general secondary education institution during the Cossack Family has no Translation charity fair. The action was organized by students of grades 1-9.

The RMA reported that in the regional archive, implementation of another project of cooperation with the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Zones – ALIPH foundation has started.

Rivne oblast

In the village of Ozero, Varas region, the 50th anniversary safety classroom for children was opened. Children will be able to gain knowledge and practical skills in matters of fire and mine safety, first aid and psychological relief, and life safety. Special attention will be paid to the safe handling of ammunition.

Ternopil oblast

In Ternopil, a commemorative plaque was opened to Viktor Melnychenko, police captain, senior inspector of the Sudden Action Corps. With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, he repeatedly went on business trips to the combat zone. On February 13, 2023, while on a combat mission in the city of Bakhmut, he came under enemy fire and received non-life-threatening injuries.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

Khmelnytskyi educational and training center continues to train residents in military and engineering training, tactical medicine, etc. Currently, there are regular classes at the shooting range. The center has a corresponding agreement with the Military Committee, which delegates the relevant groups here.The territorial defense group also trains once a week.

Chernivtsi oblast

In Bukovyna, the School of Help project was launched, which involves training young people to provide first aid and psychological aid. Training on providing pre-medical care is conducted by specialists of the Simulation Center of the Bukovyna State Medical University.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Paul Jonson, Swedish Minister of Defense, announced the 14th package of military aid to Ukraine for EUR 143 mln. It included ammunition, spare parts for armored vehicles, means of communication and infantry equipment.

The government of Spain reported that the country will provide Ukraine with 6 launchers for Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems.

Ingrid Simonite, Prime Minister of Lithuania, announced that the country will allocate EUR 340 mln to Ukraine in 2024.

The next meeting of Ramstein will be held on October 10 in Brussels. The US Ministry of Defense informed that Lloyd Austin, Head of the Pentagon, and Charles Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will fly to Brussels to personally participate in the 16th meeting in the Rammstein format.

The Center for Strategic Studies of the Warsaw Institute of Entrepreneurship is implementing the Polish Service for the Reconstruction of Ukraine project, the purpose of which is to support the reconstruction of Ukraine on the basis of economic development through Polish-Ukrainian economic cooperation. The project is financed by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with Charles Michel, President of the European Council. They discussed the Peace Formula and our preparations for the Global Peace Summit.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with Emmanuel Macron, French President. They discussed strengthening the air defense of Ukraine, as well as the security of Odesa oblast and the Black Sea.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany. Supporting Ukraine was discussed.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of Great Britain. Efforts to ensure long-term global support for Ukraine were discussed.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with King Philip VI of Spain. Supporting Ukraine was discussed.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament. They discussed further sanctions and steps to counter russian propaganda.

The UN confirmed the use of sexualized violence by the russian occupiers against over a hundred Ukrainians. Since February 24, 2022, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has documented that russian military personnel, employees of law enforcement agencies or penitentiary institutions committed sexual violence against 149 Ukrainians. The victims were 94 men, 51 women, and 4 girls.

The UN sent a group to investigate russia’s attack on Groza in Kharkiv oblast. ” Volker Turk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who saw terrible consequences of such attacks with his own eyes, is deeply shocked and condemns this murder,” said Elizabeth Trossell, OHCHR spokeswoman. According to her, experts will talk to residents and victims and will gather more information about the shelling by the russians of this settlement.

Myra Rose, Head of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, reported that Latvia informed 3 255 russians of the need to leave the country. Thus, persons who have not submitted documents for obtaining the status of a permanent resident of the EU within the set time and received information letters must leave the territory of the Republic of Latvia by November 30, 2023.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria summoned the russian ambassador due to the shelling of the village of Hrozy (Kharkiv oblast). “The russian ambassador in Vienna has just been summoned because of yesterday’s terrible rocket attack on a village in Kharkiv oblast, which took dozens of innocent lives. Attacks on the civilian population are a war crime. Those responsible must be brought to justice,” the ministry said.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania called the russian war genocidal and called for arming Ukraine. “There are no more refusals, no half-tones. russia commits genocidal acts in broad daylight and is proud of it. Arming the victims is not a choice, it is an obligation,” said Gabrielus Landsbergis, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

Ben Wallace, Former British Defense Minister, called on Germany to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine. According to him, there should be an appropriate reaction to the missile attack by the russian Armed Forces on Kharkiv.

A Ukrainian woman in Poland tried to draw attention to the russian shelling of the village of Hroza in Kharkiv oblast. In the Polish city of Toruń, artist Anastasia Tereshchenko took to the streets with a poster that read: “Calm in Ukraine? No. Today, russia hit a coffee shop and a store, 46 people died [the number of dead that was known at the time of the action], the search in the ruins continues.”

Rally of a Ukrainian woman in Poland. Photo from social networks

Global impact of russian aggression 

Reuters reports that a merchant ship from Turkey was blown up on a mine off the coast of Romania. The incident occurred near the mouth of the Danube. After the explosion, it anchored to assess the damage. Three hours later, the ship continued to move. The crew was not injured and the vessel sustained minor damage. A source in the Ukrainian government confirmed the incident to journalists.

Portuguese journalists were injured in the morning shelling of the center of Kharkiv by russia.  Serhii Tomilenko, Head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, says that the crew of the Portuguese TV channel RTP stopped in Kharkiv on their way to the front line in Donbas, and before that the journalists planned to visit the village of Hroza, where more than 50 people were killed the day before as a result of a russian missile attack on a shop-cafe. The journalists were not injured, but the blast wave broke the glass in the car, which also received numerous dents and a broken side mirror. The Portuguese were accompanied by Ukrainian producer Andrii Kovalenko. He said that the missile landed “almost at the hotel,” where representatives of the media and international organizations often stay. RTP has not yet reported the incident with its colleagues.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Аnna Efremova, Albahachiieva Helena

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Viktoriia Pushyna, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 

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