War in Ukraine today: latest news, November 15, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 630th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

There were 58 combat engagements. The enemy launched a total of 4 missiles and 29 air strikes, 46 MLRS attacks at the positions of Ukrainian troops and various settlements. Moreover, the russian federation launched another attack on Ukraine with S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles against civilian infrastructure in the city of Selydove, Donetsk oblast and the city of Zaporizhzhia. Russian terrorist attacks have resulted in civilian casualties and injuries. Over 20 private residential buildings, 7 multi-story residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged.

The operational situation in east and south of Ukraine remains difficult.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, there were no significant changes and no signs of formation of an offensive group. Certain units of the armed forces of belarus continue their missions in the areas bordering Ukraine.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, the enemy maintains its military presence in the areas of russia bordering Ukraine. They continue sabotage and reconnaissance activities, shelling Ukrainian settlements from the territory of russia and increase the density of minefields along the state border of Ukraine. Around 30 settlements were under enemy artillery and mortar fire, including Prohres, Baranivka, Turia, Stepok, Sumy oblast, Kozacha Lopan, Veterynarne, Starytsya, Budarky, Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Kupiansk, the enemy conducted assault operations in the vicinities of Synkivka, Petropavlivka, Ivanivka, Kharkiv oblast. The Ukrainian defenders repelled 7 attacks in the area. The invaders fired from artillery and mortar at over 10 settlements, including Ivanivka, Kyslivka, Kotliarivka, Tabaivka, Krokhmalne, Pischane, Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Lyman, the enemy launched assaults near Nadiia, Luhansk oblast. The invaders launched air strikes in the area of Serebrianske forestry, Luhansk oblast, and Spirne, Donetsk oblast. The occupiers fired from artillery and mortar at around 15 settlements, including Nevske, Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast, Siversk, Verkhniokamianske, Vesele, Rozdolivka, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Bakhmut, the invaders conducted assault operations with air support in the vicinities of Klishchiivka and Andriivka, Donetsk oblast. Over 20 settlements, including Minkivka, Bohdanivka, Ivanivske, Klishchiivka, Andriivka, Pivdenne, Donetsk oblast came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy conducted failed assault operations east of Novokalynove, Avdiivka, and Pervomaiske, Donetsk oblast, where the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled 17 attacks. The occupiers launched an airstrike near Oleksandropil, Donetsk oblast. The enemy fired artillery and mortars at more than 15 settlements, including Berdychi, Lastochkyne, Avdiivka, Sieverne, Pervomaiske, Nevelske, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Mariinka, they launched unsuccessful assaults with air support in the vicinities of Mariinka  and Novomykhailivka, Donetsk oblast, where Ukrainian defenders repelled 19 attacks. The settlements of Krasnohorivka, Maksymilianivka, Mariinka, Pobieda, Novomykhailivka, Katerynivka, Donetsk oblast were under artillery and mortar fire of the occupiers.

Towards Shakhtarsk, the invaders conducted assault operations near Prechystivka and Staromaiorske, Donetsk oblast, to no success. The enemy launched an airstrike near Vuhledar, Donetsk oblast. Around 10 settlements, including Vodiane, Vuhledar, Prechystivka, Zolota Nyva, Blahodatne, Urozhaine, Donetsk oblast, came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Zaporizhzhia, the invaders made unsuccessful assaults near Novodarivka, Zaporizhzhia oblast. Over 30 settlements, including Malynivka, Huliaipole, Charivne, Stepove, Pavlivka, Zaporizhzhia oblast, came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Kherson, the settlement of Lvove, Ivanivka, Sadove, Antonivka, Chornobaivka, Komyshany, Veletenske, Kherson oblast and the city of Kherson, and Ochakiv, Mykolaiv oblast suffered from enemy artillery shelling.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue their offensive operation towards Melitopol  and offensive (assault) operations towards Bakhmut, inflicting losses in manpower and equipment on the occupation forces, exhausting the enemy all along the front line.

The Ukrainian Air Forces launched 10 air strikes on the buildup of troops, weapons and military equipment, 3 strikes on air defense systems of the occupiers.

The Ukrainian missile troops hit 2 buildups of troops, weapons and military equipment, 13 artillery systems, 1 air defense system, and 1 ammunition depot of the russian invaders.

Another four Ukrainian children and their families were returned from the temporarily occupied territories. During the occupation, the entire academic year two of these children studied in a Ukrainian online school, while there were constant russian raids through their village. 

Ukraine submitted an open letter to the Red Cross due to russia’s non-compliance with the requirements on the prisoners’ treatment. The International Committee of the Red Cross received all approvals required to start the mission. In turn, as of mid-November, the ICKG did not receive approval from russia.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

A 42-year-old man tripped over an anti-personnel mine in Sorokivtsi village of Vilkhivka community. According to Kharkiv State Emergency Service, the man lost a leg as a result of the explosion.

According to Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, the enemy shelled the settlements of Bohodukhiv, Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, Kupiansk and Izium regions yesterday.

As a result of a guided bomb strike on Cherneshchyna village of Izium region, a private building was damaged and a fire broke out.

3 residential buildings were damaged, men aged 70 and 77 were injured and hospitalised in moderate condition in Kozacha Lopan village, Kharkiv region.

As a result of a missile strike on Spodobivka village, Kupiansk region, 2 private buildings were damaged.

In Ivashky village, Bohodukhiv region, a grain cleaning complex was damaged by mortar shelling.

Kupiansk, Vovchansk, Lyptsi, Starytsia, Budarky, Dvorichna and other settlements were under enemy attack.

 A civilian car exploded on an explosive device in Hryhorivka village, Izium region. A 33-year-old man was killed, a 35-year-old man injured and hospitalised.

Towards Kupiansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 8 russian attacks near Synkivka and Petropavlivka yesterday.

Over the day, pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service examined more than 7.7 hectares of territory and defused 86 explosive ordnance.

As of 15 November 2023, 268 children have been evacuated from dangerous communities of Kupiansk region. The forced evacuation of children from 10 settlements of Kupiansk region is scheduled to be completed in a week, with 26 children remaining to be evacuated. All children have been evacuated from Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi, Kindrashivka and Tyshchenkivka.

In Pisochyn near Kharkiv, digital educational spaces for school students were opened in two shelters. Students, who do not have gadgets or stable internet at home, can come to study after school hours.

The St Nicholas Walks from Ternopil to Kharkiv charity event was organised at school No. 10. During the campaign, students and teachers collect stationery, toys and sweets for school students from Kharkiv.

Mariia Chernenko, Head of Rohan Village Military Administration, said that in Rohan near Kharkiv, they decided not to demolish the water tower damaged by shelling, but to restore it.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo from social media

Donetsk oblast

Anastasiia Miedviedieva, Spokeswoman of Donetsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office, informed Suspilne that russian troops shelled Yevhenivka village of Pokrovsk region and Pivdenne village of Bakhmut region with artillery in the afternoon, injuring two women.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo: Donetsk Regional Military Administration

Towards Donetsk, russians launched a missile attack on Selydove around midnight, killing 2 people. According to the State Emergency Service, two more people are probably under the rubble. One of the victims is in critical condition, with an open fracture and numerous injuries. In addition to the apartment building in Selydove, 20 private and 6 apartment buildings were destroyed and damaged. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office reported that russians launched four S-300 missiles at different parts of the city.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo: Donetsk Regional Military Administration

According to Donetsk Regional Military Administration, Kurakhove community was shelled twice: an industrial area was hit in Kurakhove, 4 buildings were damaged in Kurakhivka. In Marinka community, three streets of Krasnohorivka were hit, Katerynivka and Yelyzavetivka shelled. An agricultural enterprise was damaged in Soloviove of Ocheretyne community. There were isolated attacks in Avdiivka.

Aftermath of russian shelling. Photo: Donetsk Regional Military Administration

Towards Horlivka, 6 objects in Yablunivka of Illinivka community and 4 private buildings in Mykolaivka of Kostiantynivka community were damaged. In Toretsk community, a building, 2 infrastructure objects in Toretsk and 4 buildings in Zalizne were damaged.

Towards Lysychansk, a building in Siversk and 2 social facilities in Torske of Lyman community were damaged.

In Sloviansk, social canteens were opened in the Invincibility Centres where citizens can have a free lunch. They operate in five neighbourhoods of the city. Up to a thousand residents can get free hot meals at the canteens.

Luhansk oblast

According to Donetsk Regional Military Administration, the enemy is using the reserve and continues to storm Nadiia and Serebrianka forest. Also russian troops used tactical and attack aircraft near Pishchane and areas where they are trying to advance. Nevske, the surrounding areas and Bilohorivka were shelled with artillery and mortars.

In Rubizhne, advertisements for the sale of apartments have begun to appear more and more often and the remaining locals do not see any positive moves by the occupation authorities even after the so-called “first elections”. The streets of the city are in a state as if the assault happened yesterday, not in the spring of 2022. So, people are trying to sell the surviving apartments.

Russian volunteers are exchanging stolen property of Luhansk residents for things needed by the locals.

Lysychansk community received 722 laptops from UNICEF and by the end of the year, all school students in Luhansk oblast will be provided with gadgets.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

The International Atomic Energy Agency conducted a mission to Ukraine from November 6 to 11. They visited the city hospital in Slavutych, the Slavutych Local Health Centre, the industrial site of the State Specialised Enterprise Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the exclusion zone, a health care centre, places for inter-shift rest of the plant’s personnel, and got acquainted with the sanitary and living conditions of employees, needs and challenges that have arisen since the Chornobyl NPP switched to a shift mode of operation. 

On November 15, units of the State Emergency Service will be destroying explosive devices in Bucha district. The Kyiv RMA warns residents of the region and the outskirts of the capital about the sound of explosions and asks them to stay calm.

According to Kyiv RMA, the inspection of the reconstruction of facilities funded by UNITED24 and the Armed Aggression Relief Fund is ongoing. 21 of the 56 facilities being rebuilt at the expense of the Armed Aggression Relief Fund have already been inspected. UNITED24 funds are being used to rebuild 17 residential buildings out of 18 planned.

A radiation shelter with an area of over 1,000 square metres was opened at Novoselivske Lyceum. It was renovated over 4 months. It can accommodate 590 people. The ventilation system allows people to stay there for at least 48 hours in a row.

On November 14, Kyiv honoured the funeral of Serhii Petrenko, a soldier of the Azov regiment. He died as a result of a terrorist attack in Olenivka, Donetsk oblast, on the night of July 29, 2022. The funeral ceremony was attended by the family, friends and comrades-in-arms of the deceased. At the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion, the soldier took part in the defence of Mariupol, was seriously wounded in the leg and taken prisoner.

Vitalii Klychko, the mayor of Kyiv, took part in the opening of a major German-Ukrainian conference on municipal partnerships in Leipzig. The event brought together many mayors and representatives of local governments from Ukraine and Germany. It is planned to discuss partnerships and effective cooperation between cities, strengthening local governance and assistance to Ukrainian cities in post-war recovery.

Psychological support groups are being organised in Hostomel for residents who have lost loved ones as a result of the full-scale invasion of russian troops. 

In the capital, wounded soldiers who are currently undergoing prosthetics held a flash mob called Minute of Gratitude on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. The action was organised to unite citizens during the national minute of silence and to remind them of the heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine.

In Kyiv, Roman Zdorovylo, 16-year-old student from the Junior Academy of Sciences, has developed a device that protects the legs from the explosion of anti-personnel mines. The invention was presented at the Sikorsky Challenge 2023 competition of innovative start-up projects at Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. According to the young man, the development will help farmers, emergency responders, foresters, railway workers and power engineers in the de-occupied territories.

Zhytomyr oblast

Zhytomyr city council reported that an anti-radiation shelter was opened at the Zviahel Medical Specialist College. Now students can study full-time in safe and comfortable conditions. Almost UAH 907 thousand was allocated from the community budget for the repair work.

The creation of the Zhytomyr Drone platform for the procurement of unmanned aerial vehicles for the military was announced at a meeting of the executive committee of the Zhytomyr City Council. The platform will be linked to the Diia app. The programme provides for the participation of the city council on a co-financing basis.

According to the regional employment service, 7 families of veterans in Zhytomyr oblast will receive almost UAH 3 million for business development under the Own Business grant programme. Since the start of the programme, residents of the oblast have submitted a total of 23 applications for veteran grants. On November 19, applications for participation in the project will be closed.

Sumy oblast

According to Zhytomyr RMA, russians fired 21 times at the border areas of Sumy oblast. There were 121 explosions. The Khotin, Krasnopillia, Bilopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Nova Sloboda, Putyvl, Esman, Seredyna-Buda communities were shelled. On the territories of the border communities, the enemy dropped a VOG explosive device from a UAV (2 strikes), fired 79 mortar attacks, 10 from cannon artillery, 7 from an SPG-9 grenade launcher, 20 from AGS, and 8 from MLRS. The night in Sumy oblast passed without any attacks.

According to State Emergency Service of Sumy Oblast, on November 14, pyrotechnics found and destroyed an unguided aerial missile and a high-explosive cluster munition in Sumy and Okhtyrka districts. 

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink reported that Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts will receive mobile boiler houses from the United States. 22 mobile boiler houses that will provide heat to vulnerable communities were delivered to Chernihiv, Odesa, Vinnytsia, Sumy and Donetsk oblasts.

Chernihiv oblast

According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, russians shelled the border of Chernihiv Oblast 5 times. There were 47 explosions. 4 communities of the oblast were shelled. Novhorod-Siverskyi community: 10 rocket attacks towards the village of Hremiach. Semenivka community: 1 strike dropped from an enemy UAV towards the village of Leonivka. Snovsk community: 7 attacks from 120mm mortars towards the village of Kliusy. Horodnia community: 29 attacks from 120mm mortars and an AGS towards the village of Senkivka.

According to the Main Department of the National Police of the Chernihiv oblast, on November 13, an 18-year-old boy was injured in Chernihiv oblast as a result of careless handling of an explosive device. The victim sustained a mine-blast injury and was hospitalised with the amputation of three fingers. 

Viacheslav Chaus, head of the RMA, reported that the Chernihiv Central District Hospital will receive more than €600,000 for its reconstruction as part of the UNITED24 initiative. The donation is provided by the French charity foundation Mesenat Servier. The funds will be used to repair the roof of the institution’s outpatient department building and install windows and doors.

According to the Main Department of the State Tax Service of the region, almost a 1000 more individual entrepreneurs have opened in Chernihiv Oblast this year than before russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

The Repair Together volunteer organisation has released a new episode of its documentary series about an international construction camp in Chernihiv Oblast. In this episode, volunteers tell how people in villages built houses 100-200 years ago, and how Repair Together and its Toloka project were born.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

The enemy attacked Nikopol region twice. They fired artillery at Marhanets community and Nikopol itself. Half a dozen shells were fired. In the morning the occupiers used kamikaze drones in Nikopol. The enemy fired artillery at Kryvyi Rih.

In the morning the occupiers shelled Marganets community of Nikopol district with artillery. More than half a dozen shells were fired. There were no casualties.

The patronage service of the regional state administration and representatives of local self-government inspected shelters in two communities of the Nikopol district. The works are carried out at subventions expense from the state budget co-financed by local budgets. The number of warehouses in the district will increase by four new ones equipped according to existing security requirements.

Vinnytsia oblast

In Vinnytsia, a meeting with a doctor was held for multi-child families, IDPs families and those who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. During the meeting they talked about prevention, symptoms and basic methods of infectious treatment  and viral diseases among adults and children. The doctor also reminded about vaccination against flu and coronavirus. In Vinnytsia there is a Health of Vinnytsia municipal program for the community residents, in particular with the IDPs status within which refund of half a vaccine cost is provided.

Pysarivka Lyceum body collects and prepares raw materials for energy bars for the Armed Forces. The staff of the lyceum and Pysarivka residents managed to collect lots of nuts, honey, dried apples, and raisins in a short period of time. Students are engaged in husking grains, school employees crack and shell nuts. The finished raw materials they later give to volunteers who make and send ready-made energy bars to the frontline.

Kirovohrad oblast

Serhiy Kovalenko, Head of the Department for Emergency Situations of the City Council, announced that in Kropyvnytskyi the commission is summarizing the damages after the russian missile attack on November 14. In several houses windows’ and balconies’ glass was cracked, two cars were damaged. A balancer works on the houses. The commission inspects the neighborhood where there is damage. Owners of damaged property can report damages to the City Council hotline.

Natalya Humenyuk, Head of the Press Center of the South’s Security and Defense Forces, informed The missile attack on Kropyvnytskyi which took place on November 14 is connected with an attempt by the russian military to detect Ukrainian air defense systems.

The Kropyvnytskyi Veteran Center on issues of assistance to defenders of Ukraine receives about two thousand requests from military men from Kirovohrad oblast every month. The center provides legal and psychological assistance, rehabilitation, helps families of missing people, those who released from captivity. The centers keep records of defenders, their families members, families of killed or dead, captured and missing people. They provide social assistance and support, contribute to the satisfaction of priority needs, cooperate with international partners, monitor projects and grants. The main directions  Veteran Center work are legal assistance at the regional level, psychological issues. For the second year together with public organizations the School of Crisis Counselor is being implemented. About 200 people passed it.

Poltava oblast

As a part of the national project Poltava oblast takes care of Chkalov and Pravdyn villages of Kherson oblast. Crews of workers continue to restore the houses of local residents. Roofs, doors and windows are replaced. Currently repairs have been completed in 17 houses in which 53 people live. In total, 89 households have been rebuilt since the beginning of the works in two villages.

A new rehabilitation center for veterans is being built in Poltava. There soldiers will be offered free inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Work on the base of one of the medical institutions began in early October and should be completed in mid-January. Dismantling works have been completed, plasterboard structures, new electricity, ventilation, heating and water supply systems are being installed. Repairs are being carried out simultaneously on all three floors. Floor coverings, screeds and laying of linoleum remain unfinished. Two lighting groups are provided. Night lamps, emergency lighting, convenient placement of sockets. The institution is designed for 50 beds, and defenders who were wounded in the war, they will be rehabilitated free of charge. Wards will be arranged on the second and third floors and halls will be on the first floor: physical therapy rooms, psychological support rooms, an assistive technology room, a department in which the selection, adjustment, production and training in the use of technical means of rehabilitation are carried out. A multidisciplinary team, doctors of physical and rehabilitation medicine, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, neurologists, and orthopedic traumatologists will work in the rehabilitation center. The center will have one-, two-, three- and four-bed wards. Rehabilitation treatment will be both inpatient and outpatient. You can get to the facility with a referral from a family doctor or specialist. Each ward will have a call button for medical staff, air conditioner and a wide doorway according to the inclusivity requirements, so that patients with limited mobility can enter the ward easily. Each ward will be equipped with a sanitary room with a shower. Repair work and purchase of equipment is carried out by a charitable organization. The institution will be able to accept the first patients in February 2024.

Cherkasy oblast

Ihor Taburets, Head of RMA announced that five specialized trucks from the city were sent to Cherkasy territorial defenders. And six pickups were added the Air Defense Forces car park operating in the Cherkasy oblast. Trucks for the territorial defense were purchased from the local budget. Six pickup trucks for the Air Defense Forces that protect Cherkasy sky were sent by entrepreneurs from Uman region.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Today, from 09:50 to 10:18, russian forces launched three missile strikes on the civilian infrastructure of a settlement in Zaporizhzhia region. As a result of the shelling, two people were killed, and seven were injured. Both casualties were rescuers from the State Emergency Service who arrived to deal with the aftermath of the initial strike. The explosion wave and debris damaged buildings, two vehicles, and utility structures located near the impact site.

Consequences of the rocket shelling in the Zaporizhzhia region on November 15, 2023. Photo: National Police

Yesterday, the enemy carried out 114 strikes on 21 populated areas in Zaporizhzhia oblast. 96 artillery strikes targeted Huliaipole, Orikhiv, Robotne, Novoandriivka, Novodanylivka, Levadne, Poltavka, Bilohiria, Kamianske, Plyavni, Piatykhatky, and other frontline towns and villages. The enemy shelled Mahdalynivka, Robotyne, and Novodarivka with multiple rocket launchers, conducted 14 drone attacks on Huliaipole, Charivne, Malynivka, Levadne, Luhivske, Mala Tokmachka, Novodarivka, and Mali Shcherbaky, as well as an aviation strike on Novodarivka. There were 14 reports received on the destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure objects.

It is reported that russians are preparing for “russian presidential elections” in the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia oblast. Commissions and campaign groups are being formed, and the registration of local residents is taking place. Local residents are also refusing to cooperate with russia en masse. russians are moveng tens of thousands of russian officials, teachers, prosecutors, and police officers. These individuals will form the commissions.

Mykolaiv oblast

On November 14, the russian army attacked Ochakiv and the surroundings of Dmytrivka village in the Kutsurubska community. No one was injured or killed. This was reported by the head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration Vitaliy Kim.

A delegation of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) arrived in Mykolaiv on a working visit as part of the activities of the Regional Office for International Cooperation (ROIC). The parties discussed the activities of the IOM office in Mykolaiv, in particular, the implementation of the project to improve grant writing and budgeting skills “Human Dimension – Inclusive Data for Stability and Development”, as well as the project to strengthen support for Ukrainian war veterans and their families “The Path of Resilience”. This was reported by the press service of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration.

Odesa oblast

On November 14, the russian army targeted Odesa oblast with an X-31P anti-radar system, but it landed in a field. This was reported by the Southern Defence Forces.

In Odesa oblast, 55 “points of invincibility” have already been launched at the fire and rescue bases of the State Emergency Service (SES).  All the invincibility points are connected to the internet and equipped with facilities that allow people to recharge their gadgets, keep warm, relax, make hot tea or coffee, and heat up food. They have special corners for children where they can read, draw, and chat. There are even changing tables for babies. The invincibility points are located both in permanent buildings and in large tents throughout the oblast, including Odesa. Last year, during the blackout, one of these centres successfully served almost 300 people at a time. This was reported by Marina Martynenko, a spokesperson for the SES in Odesa oblast.

Kherson oblast

The enemy conducted 81 shelling attacks, firing 571 shells from mortars, artillery, “Grad” MLRS, tanks, heavy machine guns, UAVs, and aviation. The city of Kherson was targeted with 18 shells. Seven people were wounded due to russian aggression. The police of Kherson oblast documented 19 war crimes committed by russian occupiers against the civilian population.

The russian military conducted airstrikes on Beryslav, Novoberyslav, and Tiahynka. One of the workshops of a local enterprise was completely destroyed in Beryslav. The territory of an agrofirm suffered significant damage from a guided bomb strike in Tiahynka. Using small arms artillery, the enemy shelled Oskorivka, causing a 66-year-old man to sustain multiple fragment wounds, and a 63-year-old woman suffering a concussion. A 49-year-old woman was injured during artillery shelling in Beryslav.

The enemy shelled residential areas in Kherson with various weapons, attempting to cause maximum damage to vital facilities in the regional center. Coastal areas and suburbs suffered the most, with residential buildings being damaged.

A 48-year-old man entered an abandoned bunker used by russian military in Novoraisk, stepped on an unknown object. The object detonated, resulting in traumatic amputation of his right leg.

According to the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Ukrainian forces are capable of holding and securing their positions on the left bank of Kherson oblast, controlled by russia. Defense forces have been conducting more extensive ground operations on the left bank of Kherson oblast since mid-October 2023. As of November 13, Ukrainian forces have advanced to Krynka (30 km northeast of Kherson oblast and 2 km from the Dnipro River).

According to the “South” Operational Command, southern defense forces continue to carry out fire tasks. During the past day, Ukrainian defenders eliminated 47 occupiers, 12 guns, and 7 armored vehicles. An ammunition depot and an observation post were also destroyed.

There is a significant deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson oblast. russians are imposing a total restriction on access to medical services for Ukrainian citizens, creating a noticeable shortage of medicines, and making it impossible to purchase certain medical supplies. Occupiers announced that the launch of heating plants would not take place in the 15 km zone from the Dnipro River. Systematic preparation for the start of heating is not happening in other settlements. The enemy actively uses jamming devices to suppress mobile communication and mobile internet in some locations along the Dnipro. There is even a lack of electricity in some settlements.

It was reported that 91 children, along with 38 adults, were evacuated from settlements of Kherson oblast, where there is the most complex security situation. All evacuees are heading to Yaremche and Korosten.

Mobile brigade doctors visited Borozenske, Chkalove, and Vysoke, providing medical consultations and necessary assistance to 123 local residents. Over three days, residents consulted with a family doctor, surgeon, therapist, neurologist, underwent ultrasound examinations, blood tests for sugar, hemoglobin, cholesterol, and had electrocardiograms. In addition, residents received necessary medications.

The International Committee of the Red Cross delivered wooden fuel briquettes to the Mylove community. Each household will receive one ton of solid fuel.

The Kherson and Mykolaiv branches of Ukrposhta collected and delivered cookies, sweets, canned goods, hygiene products, candles, and other necessary items for the needs of Ukrainian defenders. The marathon began on October 14, 2023. Ukrposhta customers could contribute to support, purchasing items in post offices, writing postcards, and expressing gratitude to the soldiers. During the first stage of the marathon, more than 150 boxes of products and hygiene items were collected.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

10 Volyn communities received excavators worth over UAH 23 mln from the USAID HOVERLA Project.

Zakarpattia oblast

The Owl’s Nest humanitarian aid center issued aid to IDPs, namely: 50 packages with necessary items for children under 1 year old; 55 food sets; clothes, shoes, bed linen and dishes (2K units) thanks to PDUM Partnerschaft Deutschland-Ukraine/Moldova e. V., Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help eV and other benefactors.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Ivano-Frankivsk City Council reported that the 79th separate amphibious assault brigade received a car and brought FPV drones and a Mavic. The 110th separate mechanized brigade named after Marka Bezruchka received FPV drones and a mavic. The 72th separate mechanized brigade named after Black Zaporizhzhia received FPV drones.

Fighters of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after Black Zaporozhians received 7 For honor and victory awards. 9 soldiers of this brigade received name watches

Lviv oblast

The RMA reported that the first four Ukrainian UAV manufacturers will receive assistance from the Lviv City Council. The amount of the grant is up to UAH 1 mln for each company.

The 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade received equipment, namely, 42 quadcopters, 4 rangefinders, 45 units of day optics, 90 tablets, 10 laptops, 3 ISS, 88 7.62-mm machine guns and 120 grenade launchers, worth almost UAH 50 mln from the Return Alive CF. The total aid for units of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the Return Alive Fund for the past year amounted to over UAH 400 mln.

The RMA reported that Zhovtanets community, the village of Novyi Yarychiv, the abbot of the church in Starii Yarychiv, and the Comfort Lines company collected about UAH 200K and purchased a car for the unit of the 4th brigade of the operational assignment named after the Hero of Ukraine Sergeant Sergii Mikhalchuk.

Khrystyna Holdak, defender from the village of Soroky-Lvivsk, was awarded with the Badge of Honor badge by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. She entered the defense of the state in August 2022.

An Alley of International Support for Ukraine has appeared in the Svobody Avenue in Lviv. From now on, representatives of the embassies of European countries that support Ukraine, being on official visits to the oblast, will be able to join the planting of trees. Ricardo Lopez-Aranda Hagu, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Spain to Ukraine, was the first to plant a tree on the avenue.

Rivne oblast

During the war, alternative energy in Rivne oblast increased by almost 25%. In Rivne oblast during the war, the process of “decentralization” of the energy industry showed an increase of 24,4%. During this difficult period, +210 households switched to green energy. In general, over a thousand households in the oblast have installed solar panels for their own needs and sell electricity at the “green tariff”. The total capacity of such stations is 29,5 MW.

Ternopil oblast

Ternopil City Council announced a tender for the purchase of 1,5K FPV drones. The expected purchase price is UAH 24 mln.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

The regular 35th session of Khmelnytskyi City Council decided to create a Heroes’ Park in the city. The area of ​​the park will be over 23 hectares.

Chernivtsi oblast

The Schwaben-Bukowina eV non-profit German association from the district of Swabia, which in cooperation with the district administration deals with humanitarian aid, sent a powerful generator to Kelmenets community. It will be used to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the waterworks.

Chernivtsi received 3 buses for patrol police from the sister city of Dusseldorf.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

The German Rheinmetall will deliver 25 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine. Delivery is scheduled for 2024. Also, Ukraine will receive five armored repair and evacuation vehicles (BPz 2) and 2 armored vehicles for a driving school for the training of the Armed Forces.

The EU allocates €110 mln for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. In total, since February 2022, the EU has provided €843 mln in humanitarian aid. This includes €785 mln for Ukraine and €58 mln for refugees who have fled to neighboring Moldova. The European Union will also provide another 84 power generators from its rescEU strategic reserves amid the approaching winter and likely Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Denmark will provide €7 mln for the purchase of equipment for the restoration of the energy infrastructure damaged by the strikes of the russian federation.

The USA will allocate $1 mln to an international center that investigates russian war crimes against Ukraine. The ICPA will assist in the investigation of russian crimes by ensuring that Ukraine cooperates with partners in creating evidence for future prosecutions. Prosecutors from different legal systems already work at ICPA to obtain and share key evidence and to conduct credible and independent investigations.

Enerhoatom and the Holtec International American company plan to build a plant in Ukraine where containers for spent fuel from nuclear power plants will be produced. Parties discussed the transfer of technology to Ukraine and the production of containers for spent nuclear fuel, which are currently manufactured in the USA.

Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President, held a series of meetings with members of both houses of the US Congress. Andrii Yermak met with representatives of the Ukrainian caucus in the House of Representatives, Marcy Kaptur, Mike Quigley, Gregory Meeks, and Congressman Tom Keen. They discussed urgent needs of the defense of Ukraine.

Andrii Yermak, Head of the Office of the President, met with representatives of American expert circles and opinion leaders. They discussed ways to strengthen work to accelerate Ukraine’s victory and strengthen democratic forces in the world.

Roman Mashovets, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, met with the management team of the Northwell Health American medical corporation. They discussed treatment and rehabilitation of wounded servicemen in Ukraine.

Black Box collects UAH 15 mln for special appointees of the GUR of the Ministry of Education and Culture. As soon as the necessary amount is accumulated, organizers of this collection will partially disclose the details of the secret initiative. The purpose of the Black Box project is to reduce the offensive potential of the enemy. In 2022, without disclosing any details, benefactors collected over UAH 230 mln on Black Box in 5 weeks. As of the beginning of June, this initiative has caused at least $700 mln in losses to the occupiers.

Authors of the World of Tanks game collected a $1 mln for emergency funds for Ukraine. Wargaming started fundraising in October to help Ukrainian medics. People from 115 countries donated 2 weeks. Players purchased 90K charity kits in World of Tanks and the company’s other 5 games, raising $1 074 940. All funds will be donated through UNITED24 for the purchase of emergency vehicles.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Аnna Efremova, Albahachiieva Helena

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Viktoriia Pushyna, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 


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