War in Ukraine today: latest news, November 01, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 616th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression. 

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The enemy continues to ignore the laws and customs of war, uses terror tactics, and attacks both military and civilian targets.

On November 1, there were 43 combat engagements. The enemy launched a total of 4 missile and 59 air strikes, 36 MLRS attacks at the positions of Ukrainian troops and various settlements. Moreover, the russian occupiers launched another missile and air strike against Ukraine, using 3 Kh-59 guided missiles and 20 Shahed-136/131 attack UAVs. Air defense forces destroyed 3 missiles and 18 attack UAVs. Unfortunately, the attacks have wounded civilians. Private residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed or damaged.

The operational situation in east and south of Ukraine remains difficult.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, there were no significant changes. No signs of formation of an offensive group. Certain units of the armed forces of belarus continue their missions in the areas bordering Ukraine.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, the russian miitary maintains its military presence in the areas of russia bordering Ukraine. The enemy continues its sabotage and reconnaissance activities, shelling Ukrainian settlements from the territory of russia and increasing the density of minefields along the state border of Ukraine. More than 10x settlements came under enemy artillery and mortar fire, including Chuikivka, Holyshivs’ke, Pavlivka, Stepok, Vysoke (Sumy oblast), Borysivka, Vovchans’k, Okhrimivka, Stroivka (Kharkiv oblast).

Towards Kupiansk, the enemy conducted unsuccessful assault operations in the vicinities of Syn’kivka and Ivanivka (Kharkiv oblast), as well as Stelmakhivka (Luhansk oblast). The Ukrainian defenders repelled 8 attacks in the area. The adversary launched air strikes in the vicinities of Petropavlivka, Kupiansk, Kurylivka, Stepova Novoselivka and Cherneshchyna (Kharkiv oblast). The invaders fired artillery and mortars at various settlements, including Dvorichna, Masyutivka, Synkivka, Ivanivka, Kyslivka, and Berestove (Kharkiv oblast).

Towards Lyman, the enemy did not conduct any offensive (assault) operations. The invaders launched air strikes in the vicinities of Serebryanka forestry, Vyimka, Spirne and Vesele (Donetsk oblast). The invaders fired artillery and mortars at more than 10x settlements, including Nevske, Bilohorivka (Luhansk oblast), Torske, Serebryanka, Spirne, Rozdolivka (Donetsk oblast).

Towards Bakhmut, the enemy made 10 unsuccessful attempts to regain lost ground near Klishchiivka and Andriivka (Donetsk oblast). At the same time the invaders conducted assault actions near Pivdenne (Donetsk oblast), to no success. The occupiers launched an air strike near Ivanivske (Donetsk oblast). More than 15 settlements came under artillery and mortar fire, including Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Markove, Klishchiivka, Predtechyne, Bila Hora, Shcherbynivka (Donetsk oblast).

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy conducted unsuccessful assault operations in the vicinities of Sieverne and Pervomaiske (Donetsk oblast), where the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled 5 attacks. Also, the adversary launched air strikes in the vicinities of Kalynove, Novooleksandrivka, Semenivka, Orlivka, Lastochkyne and Avdiivka (Donetsk oblast). The enemy fired artillery and mortars at about 15 settlements, including Oleksandropil’, Keramik, Lastochkyne, Avdiivka, Tonenke, Pervomaiske (Donetsk oblast).

Towards Marinka, the enemy conducted unsuccessful assault operations in the vicinity of Marinka (Donetsk oblast). The Ukrainian defenders repelled 16 attacks in that area. Also, the adversary launched an airstrike near Marinka and Novomykhailivka (Donetsk oblast). Around 10 settlements of Donetsk oblast, including Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Mar’inka, Pobieda, Novomykhailivka, were under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Shakhtarske, the enemy conducted assault operations in the vicinity of Staromaiorske (Donetsk oblast), to no success. Around 10 settlements, including Vodiane, Bohoiavlenka, Prechystivka, Zolota Nyva, Blahodatne (Donetsk oblast), came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Zaporizhzhia, the enemy did not conduct any offensive (assault) actions. The occupiers launched air strikes near Novoselivka, Novodanylivka, Robotyne (Zaporizhzhia oblast). More than 20 settlements, including Poltavka, Huliaipole, Charivne, Orikhiv, Mali Shcherbaky, Kamianske (Zaporizhzhia oblast), came under artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Kherson, the occupiers launched airstrikes in the vicinities of Beryslav, Lvove (Kherson oblast). The settlements of Tomaryne, Zmiivka, Beryslav, Mylove (Kherson oblast), Ochakiv (Mykolaiv oblast), and Hrushivka (Dnipropetrovsk oblast) suffered from enemy artillery shelling.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue their offensive operation towards Melitopol and offensive (assault) operations towards Bakhmut, inflicting losses in manpower and equipment on the occupation forces, exhausting the enemy all along the front line.

During the day of November 1, Ukrainian Air Force launched 9 enemy airstrikes on the concentrations of troops, weapons and military equipment, and 3 air strikes on the anti-aircraft missile systems.

Ukrainian rocket troops hit 5 radar stations, 2 command posts, 3 air defense systems and 11x artillery systems of the russian invaders.

Russia has already launched more than 3K missiles at Ukraine. According to Forbes, russia spent $22.8 billion on missile strikes. This is equal to the cost of half of all US military aid to Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

Michael Brodsky, Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the State of Israel to Ukraine, reports that  25 Ukrainians were killed in Israel. Some of the dead Ukrainians had dual citizenship, their families were in Israel.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Nikolenko, says that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began preparations for the evacuation of Ukrainians from the Gaza Strip after the Egyptian authorities allowed foreigners to leave through the Rafah crossing. There are currently 358 Ukrainians known to be willing to leave, mostly women and children.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Over the previous week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminated 1,500 russian servicemen in the Liman-Kupyansk sector,” said Volodymyr Fitio, head of the public relations service of the Land Forces Command. On 30 October, Ukrainian defence forces in the Liman and Bakhmut sectors killed 235 russian servicemen and over 60 pieces of military equipment.

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff, towards Kupiansk, Ukrainian defenders repelled eight russian attacks. Five settlements suffered air strikes. Previously the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled about 10 enemy attacks near Synkivka and Ivanivka. 

Kharkiv State Emergency Service informed that a combine harvester tripped over an anti-tank mine between Andriivka and Pokrovsk, Izium region, at around 3:20 pm. 

Kharkiv Regional Military Administration said that a 35-year-old resident of Pisky-Radkivski village was blown up on an explosive device in his own yard. The man probably stepped on a Butterfly mine. He was hospitalised with an injury to his left leg. 

The press service of Kharkiv police stated that a 61-year-old resident of Zelenyi Hai, Borova community, was injured as a result of russian shelling at 11:30 am. The injured woman was hospitalised.

At about 8 am, the enemy fired on Kupiansk. Preliminary, there were no casualties.

Yesterday evening, around 11:30 pm, the enemy attacked Podoly, Kupiansk region, with a guided missile, damaging 2 private buildings. There were no casualties.

During the day, the enemy massively shelled civilians in Bohodukhiv, Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, Izium and Kupiansk regions with artillery, mortars, aircraft and other weapons.

In Petropavlivka, Kupiansk region, shelling damaged a residential building. A man of about 50 years old died. A 52-year-old woman was wounded and hospitalised.

In Vovchansk, Chuhuiv region, hostile shelling damaged 4 private houses and the building of a municipal landscaping company. 

In Cherneshchyna village, Izium region, 2 private houses and the building of an agricultural enterprise were damaged by shelling.

Kupiansk-Vuzlovyi, Dvorichna, Yurchenkove, Udy, Vetarynarne, Kurylivka, Kucherivka and other settlements were also under enemy fire. In total, more than 25 settlements in the region were shelled.

In Velyka Komyshuvakha, Izium region, around 1 pm, a 60-year-old man was blow up on an unknown explosive device in his own yard. He was hospitalised with an injury.

Yesterday pyrotechnics of the State Emergency Service examined almost 16.8 hectares of territory and defused 127 explosive ordnance.

In October, it became known that 50 defenders from Kharkiv oblast were killed. The deaths of Ukrainian defenders were officially reported by communities or universities.

Oleksandr Terntyshnyi, Head of Borova City Military Administration, reported that residents of the community, Izium region, are leaving because of the intensification of shelling. They also leave the villages near the border of Luhansk oblast, where fighting is ongoing. As of 30 October, 77 children and their parents left the community. As of 31 October, 696 children remained in Borova community, including 299 in Borova.

Kharkiv police confirmed that on 31 October, 32 people, 16 of them children, were evacuated from Kupiansk community. 

The Regional Power Company said that the modular boiler houses in Izium have been connected to the electricity supply, and their operation is currently being adjusted. To connect the boiler houses, power engineers installed new equipment. The 10 modular boiler houses in Izium will provide heat to 33 residential buildings, home to more than 4K people. 

As of 1 November, 10 communities in the region have already completed the connection of consumers to heating. 408 boiler houses out of the planned 534 are operating in the region.

After the russian federation struck Hroza village on October 5, a blast wave damaged 16 houses. They are to be repaired by  December 1 at the expense of charities and foundations, and some of the damage has been repaired by volunteers. 

Valerii Marchenko, Head of Izium City Military Administration, reported that six apartment buildings damaged by the fighting are being restored. According to him, windows are being installed and roofs repaired. The work started on 25 October and is expected to be completed by winter, with funding from the fund for the liquidation of the aftermath of russian aggression. As a result of russian shelling, 120 out of 204 houses in Izium need major repairs. About 3K of the city’s 10K private houses were damaged or destroyed.

Valerii Marchenko added that in Izium, preparatory work on the construction of the surgical department of the hospital, which was destroyed by the russian army in March 2022, was completed. According to him, the pit has already been dug and they want to have time to pour the foundation before the cold weather.

Referring to the press service of the eco-park, deer that fled to the forest at the beginning of the invasion and were hiding there from shelling, returned to the eco-park near Kharkiv.

Donetsk oblast

Oleksii Roslov, RMA Head, reports that in the evening, russian troops shelled the town of Kostiantynivka in Donetsk oblast for an hour. No casualties are reported.

It is reported that russian troops shelled Yelizavetivka and Maksymilianivka in Pokrovsk region with cannon artillery. The prosecutor’s office reported that two men were injured.  The day before, the russians shelled Andriivka community, which is relatively remote from the front, damaging an enterprise.

Towards Volnovakha, 1 person was wounded and 3 houses damaged in Novoukrainka. 

Consequences of russian shelling. Photo: Donetsk Regional Military Administration

Towards Donetsk, 3 people were wounded in Marinka community: 2 in Elizavetivka and 1 in Krasnohorivka. In Kurakhove community, Kurakhove, Illinka and Novoselydivka came under fire, with no casualties. In Selidove, a missile hit near a pond. Avdiivka came under massive shelling in the morning. In Novohrodivka community, 3 houses in Halytsynivka were damaged. Berdychi, Stepove and Novokalynove in Ocheretyno community came under fire.

Towards Horlivka, 1 person died in Pivdenne, Toretsk community. 8 houses were damaged in the community: 3 in Shcherbynivka and Pivnichne, 1 in Zalizne and Pivdenne. In Chasiv Yar community, 4 houses and an infrastructure facility were damaged. Near Soledar, Rozdolivka village was shelled .

Towards  Lysychansk, a house in Serebrianka of Siversk community was damaged.

The National Resistance Center reports that since the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, more than 400 K people have been filtered in the occupied territories of Donetsk oblast.

The RMA reports that the first ground modular shelter was installed in Selydove. Up to fifty people can hide from the blast wave and shrapnel wounds there.

Modular shelter. Photo from social networks

Residents of Selydove community have been living without gas supply for a year and a half. By the end of the year, five coal-fired boilers will be installed to heat 179 apartment buildings and a hospital in Selydove, and two more in Ukrainske. 

A raccoon was brought to the Home for Rescued Animals in Lviv. The animal was rescued by an Armed Forces serviceman, Kostiantyn, near Kostiantynivka, Donetsk oblast. The raccoon was named after the city and the defender.

Evacuated raccoon. Photo from social networks

Luhansk oblast

Luhansk Military Administration reports that the enemy tried to advance again near Nadiia, but the russian assaults were stopped. The enemy’s air influence is not lessening, with air strikes on Makiivka, where civilians still remain, and on Serebrianka forestry. Makiivka, Nevske and Bilohorivka came under artillery and mortar fire.

On October 31, nearly 300 loaves of fresh bread were distributed to residents of Nevske and Novoliubivka. This is a week’s supply. However, staying in frontline villages is extremely dangerous.

Residents of the oblast reported the destruction of nearly 29K apartments by russians.

The occupiers decided to give out even so-called humanitarian aid only if a document of the russian federation is available. 

Roman Vlasenko, Head of Sievierodonetsk State Administration, says that people are rebuilding the houses on their own as they were not included in the list of reconstruction projects. In one of these high-rise buildings in Sievierodonetsk, the roof is covered with OSB boards. In the cities and regions of the occupied Luhansk oblast, councils of municipal and city districts elect heads of communities. The candidates were proposed by the so-called ‘leadership of the lpr’ and they won. 

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

Oleksandr Markushyn, Mayor of Irpin, reports that a command and staff training was held in Irpin. Emergency services tested the coordination and sequence of actions in a simulated missile attack on a residential building. The purpose of the exercise was to establish a mechanism for timely response to emergencies that may arise during martial law. The exercise was a success and all services were 100% operational.

According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, in Bucha region, rescuer workers conducted a fire and tactical drill at the premises of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies. According to the plan, a fire broke out in a finished products warehouse due to the fall of russian missile fragments on the roof of the building.

Ruslan Kravchenko, Head of Kyiv RMA, reported that  the special commission inspected the reconstruction of two educational institutions in Kyiv oblast. These are a school in the war damaged village of Ploske and a kindergarten in Brovary.

According to Kyiv’s Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, cardiac surgeons removed a metal fragment that was stuck in the heart of a 33-year-old soldier after a mine-blast injury. The metal fragment was removed using a neodymium magnet. This innovative technique was developed together with military doctors and has already saved the lives of 96 injured soldiers.

At the Central Railway Station of Kyiv, Ukrposhta presented a postal block, Heroic Professions. Iron Men. It consists of two stamps: Evacuation Train. Kherson and Lviv. Evacuation Train. It is the first postal block in the history of independent Ukraine dedicated to the work of railway workers and features real-life stories of risking their lives to do their job.

Vitalii Klychko, Mayor of Kyiv, reported that a train made up of the cars that Kyiv received from Warsaw is already running in the underground.  60 subway cars were donated to Kyiv. Specialists of Kyiv Metro are conducting all the necessary examinations, after which another part of the cars will be added. Another part is planned to be used as technical donors for major repairs.

According to Bucha City Council, Kateryna Volosheniuk won an award at the International Drawing Competition in Germany for her work Way out of Bucha occupation. It is based on the story of her father, an eyewitness to the events.

Kateryna Volosheniuk’s work, which won an award at the International Drawing Competition. Photo: Bucha City Council

Zhytomyr oblast

According to Zhytomyr RMA, in the Oblast, 282 Invincibility Centres have been set up by responsible businesses. These points are aimed at ensuring effective operation in emergencies. Each point has been assessed for available material and technical resources, equipment and facilities, and a schedule of round-the-clock duty has been established.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, in Estonian clinics, 40 Ukrainian rehabilitation specialists, including doctors from Zhytomyr Oblast, will undergo special training. It will focus on the principles of providing care to patients with amputations. 

Sumy oblast

It is reported that border areas and settlements of Sumy oblast were shelled 28 times. There were 139 explosions in Yunakivka, Bilopillia, Krasnopillia, Myropillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Hlukhiv, Seredyno-Buda, Znob-Novhorodske, Esman communities. The enemy attacked with artillery, mortars and AGS, and dropped an explosive device from UAVs.

Sumy RMA reported that in the morning, the russians fired at Krasnopillia community. There were four mortar explosions. 

The National Police of the oblast reports that on October 31, russian shelling  damaged two private households, a shop, a cultural centre and power lines in Sumy oblast.

A memorial sign was erected near Sumy at the site where four Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance men were killed at the beginning of the russian full-scale invasion. The battle took place on March 7, 2022 near the village of Nyzhnia Syrovatka, when Yevhen Stepanenko, Roman Kuklenko, Oleksandr Bieliavskyi and Heorhii Tsedik were returning to Sumy in three civilian SUVs and met an armoured convoy of russian special forces on their way.

Chernihiv oblast

According to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, russians fired at the border of Chernihiv oblast 12 times. There were 100 hits from mortars, cannon artillery and AGS against Novhorod-Siverskyi, Semenivka and Horodnia communities.

The Ukrainian Air Force reported that on the night of October 31, the military shot down an X-59 guided missile in the sky over Chernihiv oblast. 

50 soldiers of the  Border Guard Detachment of Chernihiv who distinguished themselves in the battles for Avdiivka received badges for courage and firearms. The fighting for this town is one of the most intense on the frontline of the russian-Ukrainian war. According to the Defense Forces in Tavriia direction, over the past 20 days since the start of the major offensive on Avdiivka, the russian army has lost about 6,500 troops, as well as 100 tanks and almost 250 pieces of armoured vehicles.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

During the night the enemy shelled Nikopol region 5 times. They targeted the regional center 3 times and Marhanets community villages twice. Two and a half dozen shells were fired. There are no damages or casualties.

In the morning the enemy attacked Nikopol. A kamikaze drone targeted the city.  

A 59-year-old woman was killed. Four people were injured – 26-, 52-, and 62- year-old women and a 73-year-old man. A private enterprise was damaged. A 59-year-old man and a 46 year-old woman were also injured. A pharmacy, two shops and a five-story building were damaged. 

The occupiers attacked Nikopol region 5 times. They hit with artillery and a kamikaze drone. The regional center and Marhanets community were under attack. 16 private houses, a five-storey building, an infrastructure facility, a pharmacy, shops, and a garage were damaged. One farm building was completely destroyed, and 6 more mutilated. The walk-behind tractor and power lines were broken. 

The enemy shelled Kryvyi Rih region, namely Hrushivka community, where 4 houses and a farm building were hit. A car was damaged, yet no one was injured. 

Serhii Lysak, Head of RMA informed that the region received essential charitable assistance. 300 modern anti-bedsore mattresses were sent to 13 social institutions in the region. 

Vinnytsia oblast

30 representatives from Vinnytsia, specifically teachers and practical therapists of communal institutions visited Chernivtsi to undergo the training on psychosocial support and first psychological aid. The training aimed to develop knowledge in psychology, in particular to ensure support for children and adults in wartime. The participants focused on the issues of children and adults protection, psychological assistance during emergency situations and discussed the main principles and features of providing such assistance at the moment of starkest stress.

Kirovohrad oblast

Andriy Raikovych, Head of RMA, announced that the drone wreckage shot down over Kropyvnytskyi district damaged the railway network. There were no casualties or destruction of civil infrastructure. The repair crew mended the damaged area.

The RMA reports that implementation of the Transparency and Accountability project has started. Two working groups were formed to check the distribution of humanitarian cargo that arrived in the region, starting from February 24, 2022 and the activities of the Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine.

Poltava oblast

Filip Pronin, Head of Poltava RMA, reported that at night the invaders attacked Kremenchuk with unmanned aerial vehicles. The oil refinery was hit. No casualties are reported. A fire broke at the scene. Currently the company is not working.

Filip Pronin, Head of the RMA, reported that as a result of the UAV attack, power lines were damaged, 3 settlements were cut off, 10 legal and almost 500 household consumers were disconnected.

Cherkasy oblast

Ihor Taburets, Head of the RMA reported that the enemy attacked Cherkasy oblast with an UAV.  Anti-aircraft defense was on alert in the region. No damage is reported. 

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

Yurii Karapetian, Head of the village council, says that on November 1, a man was killed in the village of Mahdalynivka in Komyshuvakha community as a result of russian shelling. Residential buildings were damaged. 

On October 31, russian military forces conducted 183 attacks on 26 settlements in Zaporizhzhia oblast. Occupiers carried out 24 UAV attacks on Zapasne, Huliaipole, Novodarivka, Charivne, Malynivka, Bilohiria, Mala Tokmachka, Novoivaniivka, Chervona Krynytsa, Mali Shcherbaky, and Piatyhatky. They also conducted 4 multiple rocket attacks on Levadne, Temyrivka, and Robotyne, as well as aviation strikes on Orikhiv and Malynivka. There were 153 artillery attacks at Huliaipole, Orikhiv, Novoandriiivka, Chervone, Shcherbaky, Levadne, Poltavka, Luhivske, Verkhnia Tersa, Kamianske, Stepove, Plavni, Lobkove, and other towns and villages along the front line. Infrastructure, residential buildings, and economic structures were affected, resulting in 8 reported incidents.

Mykolaiv oblast

Vitalii Kim, Head of Mykolaiv RMA, reports that on the night of November 1, the russian military shelled the waters and the city of Ochakiv with artillery fire. There were no reported casualties. On October 31, two settlements of Kutsurub community were shelled, resulting in injuries to two residents who are receiving medical care in the hospital. 

Ivan Kukhta, Head of Snihurivka military administration, says that a combine harvester blew up on a russian anti-tank mine near Snihurivka. Two people were injured. The driver sustained leg injuries and was hospitalized, while the other individual refused hospitalization. 

Yehor Kosorukov, Director of Mykolaiv and Kherson divisions of Ukrposhta, informs that on November 1, Ukrposhta presented a new postal set in Mykolaiv as part of the Heroic Professions series, titled Iron People. This set includes stamps, postcards, and envelopes dedicated to Ukrainian railway workers. It is the second release in the Heroic Professions series, following the Warriors of Light set, which tributed Ukrainian utility workers. 

In August, Ukrainian fencer Olha Kharlan auctioned her exclusive Barbie doll. The proceeds from the auction were used to fund the rehabilitation of 14 soldiers, with three of them undergoing surgery. She became one of nine outstanding athletes in the world who inspired the creators of the iconic Barbie doll prototype, and one of two fencers. The auction raised over 300K hryvnias, and all funds were directed to the BODRO clinic in Volyn oblast, which provides rehabilitation for servicemen wounded in action.

Odesa oblast

According to the South Operational Command, on the morning of November 1, two cruise missiles, Kh-59, attacked Odesa oblast. The launches were carried out from aircraft of tactical aviation that were flying over the Black Sea waters. Both missiles were successfully intercepted and destroyed over the sea. 

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Odesa oblast reports that a delegation from the Federal Republic of Germany visited rescue teams of the oblast. Representatives of Ernstal Hilft E.v are providing humanitarian assistance to local firefighters. The guests visited a fire station in the town of Tarutyne, where the rescuers are using equipment provided by their German partners. During the meeting, the delegation got acquainted with the rescuers who are always ready to respond to emergencies. The meeting was also important for discussing future cooperation between Ukrainian and German rescue teams. 

In honour of Railway Workers’ Day, a special stamp extinguishing ceremony took place with the participation of Deputy Head of  Odesa RMA, Serhii Kropyva. The event featured a new stamp from the Heroic Professions series dedicated to railway workers, titled Iron People.

Kherson oblast

In the morning, the russian army once again attacked the downtown in Kherson city. One person was killed, and two others were injured. The shelling also caused damage to several multi-story buildings. Municipal services promptly boarded up the broken windows with OSB sheets and carried out immediate repair work. This will help protect the people from the bad weather.

It is reported that occupiers launched an attack from a drone on a 68-year-old man in Zmiivka. The victim was diagnosed with mine-explosive injuries, head, eye, and leg injuries.

On October 31, the enemy conducted 94 shelling attacks, firing 510 shells from mortars, artillery, Grad MLRS, tanks, UAVs, and aircraft. The occupiers launched 2 missile strikes using an Iskander-M missile on the city of Kherson and an unspecified type of missile on the settlement of Chaikyne. The enemy fired 24 shells at the city of Kherson. There were 30 UAV attacks targeting populated areas in Kherson oblast, with impacts reported in Beryslav and Kherson regions. The russian military targeted residential areas in the region, a technical maintenance station, and storage facilities in Kherson. Due to russian aggression, one person was killed, and 8 others wounded. The police opened 13 criminal cases related to war crimes committed by russian military in the territory of Kherson oblast.

It is reported that occupiers continue to terrorize civilian shipping routes in the Black Sea with tactical aviation, dropping explosive objects along the likely routes of civilian vessels. There were three such incidents in the past day. However, the navigation corridor remains operational under the protection of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Police officers evacuated two families with children from Vesele and Beryslav, which are under daily russian shelling, and where the security situation remains critical. The police quickly and successfully transported a married couple with a one-and-a-half-month-old son and a woman with a 16-year-old daughter to a safe place. The evacuees were handed over to volunteers, who accompany them to other regions of the country, where they will be provided with free shelter, social services, humanitarian aid, and psychological support.

Residents of Oskorivka received a second batch of repair kits to restore their homes. Local residents have received 185 repair kits, consisting of a hydrobarrier, 185 foam cylinders, 37 rolls of film, 837 OSB sheets, 3,700 rails, and 2,315 planks.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

A border detachment from Volyn received a Mitsubishi L200 SUV from the Suchasna Ukraine CF for effective protection of the demarcation line.

Zakarpattia oblast

The RMA held a meeting with Maksym Zhorin, deputy commander of the 3rd separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They discussed the possibility of involving fighters and veterans of the brigade to support the Zakarpattia regional center in training the population for national resistance and sharing experience in organizing work with civilians.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

The RMA held a meeting with Natalka Tsmots, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Canada to Ukraine. They discussed investment, and support for IDPs and veterans.

58 children accompanied by 18 adults arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast by evacuation train as part of the activities of the Civilian Support Coordination Center. With the support of Ivano-Frankivsk RMA, they were sent to a health and recreation sanatorium in the city of Yaremche.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, on the facade of the Lyceum named after Mykola Sabata opened a memorial plaque to Lieutenant Vasyl Stefanyshyn. The defender of Ukraine, commander of the mortar platoon of the 102nd separate brigade of Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces named after Colonel Dmytro Vitovsky was killed on February 3, 2023, near the village of Zelenyi Hay, Zaporizhzhia oblast.

Lviv oblast

Andrii Zholondyk, defender of Ukraine from Chervonohrad, was posthumously awarded with the 3th degree For Courage Order. The soldier served as part of an assault company, took part in combat operations in Krasnaya Hora and Bohdanivka. On May 4, 2023, he was mortally wounded in a battle near Bohdanivka in Donetsk oblast.

The RMA reported that in Drohobych, Taras Koval, Andriy Shakhsinov, Andriy Shimushovskyi and Yuriy Kuzyk, graduates of Lyceum #16, were erected memorial plaques.

In Lviv oblast, over two dozen facilities where IDPs can live are being repaired with funds from the regional budget. In order to minimize costs from the regional budget, Lviv RMA established cooperation with 23 donor organizations, which made it possible to attract over UAH 394 mln for carrying out repair work at 104 objects.

At Sambir Lyceum named after Andrii Chaikovskyi, repair work was carried out at the expense of the local budget. New furniture, computer equipment and that for providing pre-medical care were purchased thanks to the Acting for Health Ukrainian-Swiss project.

The RMA reported that 3 educational institutions of Novoyarychiv community donated over UAH 150K for soldiers.

Rivne oblast

During the week, volunteers from Rivne oblast restored 17 houses in Kochubeiv community. As part of the second stage of the Side by Side all-Ukrainian project, builders from Bokiimivska, Ostrozhetska, Myrohoshchanska and Sarnenska communities worked. Currently, volunteers from Rivne and Duben regions are reconstructing the homes of residents of Kherson oblast. A brigade from Sarnen region went to replace them. Specialists primarily repair housing for families with children, the elderly and single people. Rivne oblast has completed the 1st stage of the project in Kochubeiv community of Kherson oblast. Volunteers from Rivne oblast worked in the villages of Zahradivka, Kochubeiv, and Orlove. As a result, 178 private houses were restored. Within the 2nd stage, it is planned to repair another 296 residential buildings.

Ternopil oblast

By the end of the week, 30 Nissan pickups equipped with thermal imaging devices and searchlights will be sent to the military from Ternopil oblast thanks to volunteers to provide effective combat against enemy UAVs.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

At night, during air raids, air defense forces were on alert in Khmelnytskyi oblast. There were no injuries or damage.

The RMA reported that Ruslan Renchkivskyi and Pavel Lebid, defenders from Khmelnytskyi, were awarded with the 3th degree Order of Courage (posthumously).

Chernivtsi oblast

The Commission allocated a total of UAH 190,000 in financial assistance to ATO/JFO (Anti-Terrorist Operation in Eastern Ukraine and Joint Forces Operation) participants, advocates, military chaplains, “Revolution of Dignity” participants, families of deceased/deceased volunteer soldiers, advocates, “Revolution of Dignity” participants and those missing in extraordinary circumstances The funds were allocated to 13 applicants. Funds are allocated to 13 applicants.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Denys Shmyhal, Prime Minister announced that Ukraine will receive EUR 335 mln in aid from the European Commission. According to the minister, the government approved the agreement on financing the Support to the European Union for Recovery and Reforms program. The funds will be allocated to the reconstruction of infrastructure, in particular the energy sector, to business assistance, anti-corruption measures, environmental protection and digitization.

The Government of Latvia approved the transfer to Ukraine of 20 cars worth EUR 56K confiscated from drunken drivers. In the document of the Ministry of Finance of Latvia, it is reported that these machines will go to Poltava 1st City Hospital, the medical center in Kharkiv, the military city administration of Kherson and other organizations in Kherson and other oblasts of Ukraine.

Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, spokesman of the Pentagon, stated that the training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters in Arizona (US) can last from 5 to 9 months.

In the Netherlands, a russian received a prison term for sending microcircuits to russia to circumvent EU sanctions for seven months. The court sentenced the russian businessman to one and a half years in prison and a fine of EUR 200K.

Ramesh Rajasingham, Director of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, stated that 18 mln Ukrainians, which is over 40% of the population of Ukraine, need humanitarian assistance. He said this during a UN Security Council meeting dedicated to the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Ramesh Rajasingham added that 9K civilians have been killed since the start of the full-scale invasion, and if you count, 16 civilians die every day in Ukraine.

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Аnna Efremova, Albahachiieva Helena

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Yana Hushchyna, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Viktoriia Pushyna, Marharyta Koval, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 

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