War in Ukraine today: latest news, June 05, 2023 (photo)

It has been the 467th day of the Ukrainian resistance to the russian military aggression.

What happened in Ukraine today:

Here is operational information of the General Staff as of 6 pm:   

The russian federation continues to wage a war of aggression, regardless of losses. To achieve their goals, russians continue to use terror tactics, launch air strikes and attack civilian objects, specifically residential areas.

The enemy launched missiles and 19 airstrikes, about 30 MLRS attacks on Ukrainian settlements and Ukrainian Defense Forces. In addition to the destroyed infrastructure, civilians suffered.

Ukraine is still under the threat of missile and air strikes.

The enemy continues to focus its main efforts on attempts to completely occupy  Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. There were 25 combat clashes.

Towards Volyn and Polissia, the operational situation has not changed significantly. There are no signs of offensive group formation. The republic of belarus continues to support russian armed aggression. Training of enemy units continues on its training grounds.

Towards Siversk and Sloboda, the enemy continues to maintain a military presence in the areas bordering Ukraine. The enemy launched airstrikes in Ohirtseve and Hatishche areas of Kharkiv oblast. They shelled the settlements such as Seredyna Buda, Baranivka, Bunyakyne, Volfine, Kindrativka, Velyka Pisarivka, Shevchenkive, Oleksandrivka, Sumy oblast, as well as Basove, Sotnytskyi Kozachok, Huriv Kozachok, Udy, Veterinarne, Visoka Yaruha, Hlyboke, Lukiantsy, Staritsa, Ohirtseve, Hatysche, Pletenivka, Vovchansk, Mykolaivka, Nesterne, Budarky, Zarubinka, Sheviakivka, Odradne, Kharkiv oblast.

Towards Kupiansk,  Kolodiazne, Krasne Pershe, Novomlynsk, Kutkivka, Dvorichna, Zapadne, Kislivka, Berestov, Kharkiv oblast and Novoselivske, Luhansk oblast were shelled by enemy artillery and mortar fire.

Towards Lyman, the enemy forces conducted unsuccessful offensive operations near Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast. They launched airstrikes in Nevske districts of Luhansk and Spirne, Donetsk oblast. Nevske, Bilohorivka, Luhansk oblast and Verkhniokamianske, Torske, Spirne, Rozdolivka, Donetsk oblast were shelled with artillery.

Towards Bakhmut, russian forces launched offensive operations in the vicinity of Ivanovsky, without any success. They carried out airstrikes in Toretsk and Bila Hora, Donetsk oblast. Areas of settlements of Vasiukivka, Orihovo-Vasylivka, Khromov, Chasiv Yar, Ivanivske, Stupochki, Bila Hora, Diliivka and New York, Donetsk oblast were shelled by enemy artillery.

Towards Avdiivka, the enemy forces made an unsuccessful offensive attempt near Nevelsky. They launched airstrikes in the vicinity of Avdiivka, Donetsk oblast. The occupiers shelled the settlements of Novokalynove, Avdiivka, Lastochkine, Severne, Pervomaiske, Karlivka, Nevelske, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Mariinka, our defenders repelled all 8 enemy attacks in the vicinity of Mariinka. The enemy launched airstrikes at the settlement of Hostre, Heorhiivka, Mariinka, Pobieda, Novomykhailivka, Donetsk oblast were hit with artillery.

Towards Shakhtarsk, the enemy forces launched an airstrike in the area of Velika Novosilka. They shelled Vuhledar, Prechistivka, Novoukrainka and Vremivka, Donetsk oblast.

Towards Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, russian forces are on the defensive.  They launched an airstrike on Beryslav, Kherson oblast. They shelled Novosilka, Zelene Pole, Novopil, Temyrivka settlements, Donetsk oblast; Olhivske, Poltavka, Malinivka, Huliaipole, Zaliznychne, Huliaipilske, Charivne, Bilohiria, Mala Tokmachka, Novodanilivka, Preobrazhenka, Novoandriivka, Scherbaky, Stepove and Kamianske, Zaporizhzhia oblast; Kozatske, Mykilske, Dniprovske, Kherson oblast and Kherson.

The russian occupying forces suffer daily losses. Solely on June 3, twenty trucks of wounded occupiers were brought to the school building converted into a field hospital for the invaders in one of the settlements of the Svativ region, Luhansk oblast. About two hundred people are already undergoing treatment at the specified facility.

Towards Kupiansk, the enemy is forced to use civilian buildings of settlements, Kharkiv oblast as morgues, but without proper equipment.

The Ukrainian Air Force conducted 18 strikes on manpower buildup and 2 strikes on the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile systems.

The Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed 1 enemy reconnaissance UAV.

The Ukrainian missile and artillery units hit 2 control points, 10 manpower, weapons and military equipment concentrations, an ammunition warehouse, an anti-aircraft missile system and enemy 3 artillery units at firing positions.

The Legion “Freedom of Russia” and “RDK” announced in the video that they will hand over russian prisoners of war to Ukraine to replenish the exchange fund. 

In May, air defense forces destroyed over 60 cruise missiles and about 170 drones over Kyiv alone. This was reported by the Kyiv City Military Administration. During May 2023, 7 Kinzhal missiles, 13 Iskander ballistic missiles, 65 cruise missiles (X-101, X-555, Caliber), and 169 drones were destroyed.

Recent war events in the east of Ukraine

Kharkiv oblast

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, russian troops shelled Kharkiv oblast with aircraft, mortars and artillery, hitting at least 27 settlements in the region.

The invaders attacked the private sector in Balakliia with Smerch multiple rocket launchers. As of now, one man was killed and 9 injured, 3 of them in serious condition. In Kupiansk region, russian invaders damaged an ammonia pipeline. The pipeline was depressurised as a result of enemy strikes. An emergency response centre has been established in the region. All relevant services are working at the site. As of now, measurements in Kupiansk show that there is no ammonia in the air.

Kharkiv Regional Council informed that the number of attacks on the region has increased recently. The enemy shelled at least 26 settlements in the region. Two people were killed and three injured. The enemy is constantly trying to test our positions, including by sending its subversive reconnaissance groups across the border in the north of the region. However, they are repelled by our defenders, suffer failures and losses.

Yesterday, the enemy attacked settlements in Kharkiv, Kupiansk, Chuhuiv and Bohodukhiv regions with artillery, mortars and rocket launchers.

At 6 am today, russians shelled Kupiansk. Residential buildings, garages and outbuildings were damaged. There were no casualties.

The day before, the invaders from the territory of the russian federation launched rocket attacks on Chuhuiv. Buildings and outbuildings were damaged, but there were no casualties.

A 40-year-old civilian man and a 38-year-old woman were injured and the building of a children’s sports school damaged in Zolochiv, Bohodukhiv region.

A forest fire started in Kupiansk region as a result of hostile shelling. In Pishchane village, a private residential building was damaged and a 58-year-old woman injured.

Destructions. Photo: telegram channel of Oleh Syniehubiv/Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

Donetsk oblast

The US Institute for the Study of War reported minor tactical successes of the Armed Forces in the surrounding areas of Donetsk oblast.

Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defence reported that Armed Forces have advanced near Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Paraskoviivka, Ivanivske and Klischiivka towards Bakhmut. She noted that Orikhovo-Vasylivka and Paraskoviivka are within 200-1600 meters, Ivanivske, Klishchiivka – from 100 to 700 meters.

Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesman of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, informed that towards Lyman-Kupiansk, russian troops retreated with losses yesterday. Towards Bakhmut, russian forces shelled Ukrainian positions 352 times and launched three air raids.

Donetsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office said that the military dropped bombs on Toretsk, injuring three law enforcement officers and three civilians, damaging an educational institution, residential apartment buildings, civilian infrastructure, an administrative building and a bank.

Mariupol City Council reported that in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, a strong explosion was heard near the Azovstal plant and ambulances were sent to the area. Prior to the explosion, air defence systems were operating from a residential area on the right bank of the Kalmius River opposite the plant.

Towards Volnovakha, a person was injured in Maksymivka of Vuhledar community and Vuhledar, Novoukrainka and Prechystivka were attacked.

Towards Donetsk, there were isolated attacks on Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka and Ocheretyne community. Kurakhove community was under artillery and Uragan MRLs attacks. 3 buildings in Petrivka of Selydove community were damaged.

Towards Horlivka, a person was injured in Toretsk as a result of aerial bombardment. 1 person was injured and 1 building damaged in Novomarkove of Kostiantynivka community. An apartment building and 3 private buildings were damaged in Chasiv Yar community.

Towards Lysychansk, there were 13 attacks on Torske and Zarichne of Lyman community.

Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration reported that yesterday Russians injured 3 civilians in Toretsk, Maksymivka and Novomarkove.

Luhansk oblast

Russians as a rule reduce their offensive activity at the end of the week, but not this time. Both their infantry and artillery were active. The enemy attacked near Novoselivske and Bilohorivka. The invaders’ attempts were stopped by fire damage. They cannot develop their own success. In addition to these settlements, Nevske and Makiivka were shelled. An airstrike was launched on Serhiivka again.

According to Luhansk Regional Military Administration, in Rubizhne, russians started issuing passports to spontaneous traders. They threaten that they will not be allowed to work without this document. Similar pressure is being applied to individual entrepreneurs. They have to re-register as a sole trader by 30 June. To do this, of course, they need to have a russian passport. It is emphasized that these deadlines for the procedure are set by federal law and will not be extended.

What is happening now in the north of Ukraine

Kyiv oblast

Kyiv City Military Administration reported that in May, air defense forces destroyed 7 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, 13 Iskander ballistic missiles, 65 cruise missiles and 169 unmanned aerial vehicles over Kyiv.

British Foreign Minister James Cleverley met with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv. It was about Ukraine’s expectations from the Vilnius NATO summit, the promotion of the Ukrainian peace formula and the preparation of the Global Summit on its implementation, the London international conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

KCSA reported that over 1,600 shelters were checked in Kyiv, 90% of them have unimpeded access. They noted that from now on, in the “Kyiv Digital” application, you can complain both about closed shelters and the lack of proper conditions in them.

Head of the regional police, Andriy Nebytov, said that a fisherman retrieved ammunition for a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher from the lake in Borodianka. The man groped for an explosive object on the bottom when his gear got tangled, and took it to the shore. His wife informed the emergency service about the find.

The press service of the Holy See announced that Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, who is the envoy of Pope Francis, will visit Kyiv on June 5-6. “This is an initiative, the main goal of which is to listen in depth to the Ukrainian authorities regarding possible ways to achieve a just peace and to support humane gestures that could lead to an easing of tensions,” the message reads.

Kyiv received 66 cars from Latvia free of charge, which were confiscated from drunk drivers. Since November of last year, an amendment to the Criminal Code has been in force in the country, which allows confiscation of cars from drunk drivers.

The police of the Kyiv oblast held a training session for media workers at the training ground for Journalist’s Day. The participants were trained in providing first aid and, as part of self-defense exercises, learned to shoot different types of weapons.

Zhytomyr oblast

Head of Zhytomyr RMA, Vitaliy Bunechko, said that they plan to check all available shelters in the oblast. He noted that 3,423 shelters were registered in the oblast, of which 1,800 shelters were checked. Only 33 shelters turned out to be unsuitable. Inspections of other suitable shelters in terms of technical characteristics are being carried out in the communities, so their number may increase.

400 cows were transported from Kharkiv and Kherson regions to Malyn community. As Ruslan Rainych, head of the agricultural enterprise “Malynivske”, reported, the farms where the animals lived were under occupation from the first day of the full-scale russian invasion. According to him, the employees of the agricultural enterprise themselves went to the territory occupied by russians for the animals and transported the animals to a safe place under shelling and through mined roads. The cows have already gained weight and adapted, but some are still recovering from shrapnel wounds.

Oleksiy Markovskyi, a sculptor from Korostyshev, makes concrete cats and collects money for the Armed Forces. He called the action “Cats for our cats”. According to him, thanks to the idea of raffling cats that create a positive mood, last time funds were collected for a thermal imager and a car for Ukrainian defenders. Students of Korostyshev special school help the sculptor in making a therapeutic concrete cat.

Sumy oblast

Sumy RMA reported that the occupiers shelled 9 communities in the Sumy oblast, striking their territories with 104 hits. This was in Bilopillia, Velyka Pysarivka, Hlukhiv, Znob-Novhorodske, Krasnopillia, Myropillia, Nova Sloboda, Shalyhine and Yunakivka communities were under shelling. Enemy fired from artillery, self-propelled guns and mortars. A house, a garage, a car, and a gas pipe were damaged in the Velyka Pysarivka region as a result of mortar shelling. In the Znob-Novhorodske community, a church, 7 private houses, a fire-rescue unit and a power line were damaged by the attacks. Two civilians were wounded.

Sumy RMA reported that the russian military continued to strike along the border of Sumy oblast: 34 explosions were recorded. The enemy released 7 mines in Bilopillia region – the fire engulfed a private house. The Esman community was also shelled with mortars: 16 hits were recorded. In Seredina-Buda region, 9 mines and one artillery projectile exploded, the occupiers hit the same community with a Shahed type UAV – a summer kitchen and a barn in a private household were damaged. A three-meter-deep hole appeared near the house of the community’s residents after a drone strike.

Yurii Polous, head of the headquarters of the regional territorial defense zone reported that over the past week, russian have struck 145 towns in the Sumy oblast, damaging 67 private and 9 apartment buildings, 5 power lines, a mobile phone tower, a school stadium, a warehouse, and industrial buildings. The communities of Hlukhiv, Krasnopillia, Seredina-Buda, and Velyka Pysarivka suffered the most damage due to russian shelling.

The ‘North’ Operational Command reported that the occupiers shelled the Nova Sloboda community – 4 explosions were recorded. Before noon, the enemy struck the village of Bunyakyne with barrel artillery.

The Ministry of Energy reported that 7700 subscribers in Sumy oblast were left without electricity due to russian attacks. As noted in “Sumyoblenergo”, 45 settlements in Seredyna-Buda and Znob-Novhorod regions remained without electricity.

Chernihiv oblast

The spokeswoman of the Chernihiv border detachment, Halina Shekhovtsova reported that the occupiers shelled the village of Karpovychi in the Semenivka community in the Chernihiv oblast from a mortar – 15 hits were recorded.

Chernihiv City Council reported that pumping equipment and an electrolysis station from German partners will arrive in Chernihiv. As Serhiy Malyavko, director of Chernihivvodokanal, noted, the Ukrainian enterprise will receive equipment worth 410,000 euros from the German governmental organization GIZ.

Specialists from Chernihiv developed a two-wheel electric cart for the Ukrainian military. With the help of an electric cart, you can transport up to 250 kg at a speed of up to 10 km per hour over a distance of up to 20 km. The cart will allow you to move along loads, it can be used to transport the wounded.

Ukrainian coach Andriy Shevchenko and football player Oleksandr Zinchenko will play a charity match at the London “Chelsea” to reconstruct the lyceum destroyed by the russians in Chernihiv oblast. Shevchenko and Zinchenko are ambassadors of the UNITED24 fundraising platform. The Mykhailo-Kotsyubinsky Lyceum, for which they will play in London, was destroyed by the russian military on March 4, 2022.

Recent events in the central regions of Ukraine

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

According to the head of the regional council Mykola Lukashuk, russians struck Nikopol twice at night with heavy artillery. As a result of the shelling, 9 private houses and an outbuilding, power lines, a church building, and a private enterprise were damaged. In the morning, russian terrorists attacked the town again with heavy artillery. The shelling destroyed a private house. A school and a sports facility, 9 private houses and an outbuilding, a minibus, cars, and power lines were damaged.

Consequences of russian shelling. Photo: Mykola Lukashuk

​​Six people wounded in a rocket attack on the Pidhorodne community are being treated in a Dripro hospital. According  to the hospital, one of the patients, the mother of the killed girl, is in a very serious condition. She sustained a severe head injury, spinal damage and removal of her spleen. Two children injured in the missile strike are still in intensive care. One child with moderate injuries is in the surgical department.  Other five patients are in the hospital with bruises, head injuries, and concussions. 

Vinnytsia oblast

Students of Vinnytsia Lyceum # 27 raised UAH 170,000 at a charity fair to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The students held masterclasses, sold paintings and drawings on the school square, etc. The money raised will be used to buy reconnaissance drones. The rest of the funds will be transferred to the Armed Forces as part of the ‘Donate for Sarmat’ campaign.

Kirovohrad oblast

A mural in honour of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was created in the village of Oleksandrivka, Kropyvnytskyi region, Kirovohrad oblast. The mural depicts a soldier with the call sign “Bear”. He is a resident of Oleksandrivka and has been defending Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war since 2014.

A mural in honour of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Photo from social media

The man from Kropyvnytskyi makes kamikaze drones in his own backyard, having taught himself to do it. In six months, he has sent 28 drones to the frontline. He spends his own money on materials for manufacturing, with the help of benefactors.

Cherkasy oblast

A batch of medical supplies from the Italian charity association MALVE di UCRAINA and its Ukrainian partner, the Charity Foundation Malva Ukraine, was handed over to the Cherkasy Regional Children’s Hospital.

Latest news from the front of the southern regions of Ukraine

Zaporizhzhia oblast

During past two days, on June 3 and and 4, russian military forces once again attacked the Vasilivka and Polohy regions. They launched airstrikes, artillery strikes, missile attacks, and utilized drones. Overall, russian forces shelled the frontline settlements 160 times. The russian army targeted Huliaipole, Orikhiv, Zaliznychne, Olhivske, Novoandriivka, Mala Tokmachka, Malynivka, Charivne, Chervone, Preobrazhenka, Poltavka, Iehorivka, Novodanylivka, Bilohiria, Huliaipilske, Scherbaky, Chervona Krynytsia, Nove, Temyrivka, Stepove, Kamianske, and Mali Scherbaky.

Yesterday, the enemy carried out 71 attacks on 19 settlements in the region. The enemy conducted airstrikes on Mala Tokmachka, Olhivske, and Huliaipole, and shelled Zaliznychne, Temyrivka, Preobrazhenka, and Olhivske using MLRS. 64 artillery strikes hit Orikhiv, Huliaipole, Novoandriivka, Poltavka, Shcherbaky, and other frontline villages. 12 cases of destruction of housing and property belonging to local residents were recorded.

The Armed Forces advanced near Orikhovo-Vasylivka, Paraskoviivka, Ivanivske, and Klischiivka towards Bakhmut. This was reported by Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar. The American Institute for the Study of War reports that Ukrainian forces, presumably, have made progress towards Zaporizhzhia by overcoming the first line of defense of russian forces in the eastern part of the region. Analysts note that geolocation images released on June 4 indicate that Ukrainian forces have made limited progress northeast of Rivnopolia.

Mykolaiv oblast

Yesterday at 14:02 and 17:59, the enemy conducted artillery shelling in the waters of the Ochakiv community. There were no casualties. In the evening, at 20:10, residential buildings and an economic structure were damaged in the city of Ochakiv due to enemy shelling. According to Mykolaiv RMA, there were no casualties.

Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Hospital received funds from Moldovan partners. On the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression, celebrated every year on June 4, partners from Moldova donated over one million hryvnias to Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital to equip a modern physical therapy room for young patients. It is ready to welcome its first visitors despite some equipment still being installed.

The photo project “Cities and Their Heroes” visited Mykolaiv, telling the true story of the heroism of Ukrainian people. This narrative is based on the stories of real individuals. A photo exhibition is also opened near Chestnut Square, featuring six locations, each dedicated to a specific city and its heroic people.

Odesa oblast

The threat of missile strikes and kamikaze drone attacks remains high for Odesa oblast.  According to the “South” Operational Command currently there are ten russian ships on combat duty in the Black Sea, including one missile carrier, capable of firing up to eight Kalibr missiles.

Representatives of the Italian National Higher Institute for Civil Protection have delivered an ambulance car and medical supplies, including materials for emergency interventions, to Odesa. The humanitarian cargo has already been handed over to one of the city’s intensive care hospitals, where a modern reception and diagnostic department was recently opened, providing urgent medical assistance.

Young Oleksandra Pascal, who lost her leg in a rocket attack on Zatoka, has returned to training in artistic gymnastics in Odesa oblast after receiving a prosthetic limb. She has already achieved her first victory in sports competitions.

A photo exhibition “Border Guards: Family and War” has opened at the railway station in Odesa. It showcases 20 photo stories of border guards who joined the defense of Ukraine on February 24. Alongside the photos, their stories of the first day of war are displayed, revealing their personal experiences and their most cherished dreams.

Kherson oblast

The enemy launched guided airstrikes on a residential quarter in Beryslav, causing damage to a private enterprise building and approximately twenty residential houses. Two people were injured in the attack.

The russian army shelled residential neighborhoods in Kherson. The city was initially attacked with multiple rocket launcher systems. The shelling also involved prohibited incendiary ammunition, resulting in a significant number of fires. The russian army’s strikes damaged around twenty residential buildings, garages, automobiles, and two educational institutions. Additionally, the occupiers targeted one of the medical facilities where patients and medical staff were present at the time of the attack. A 47-year-old woman was injured as a result of the night shelling in Kherson. Furthermore, the artillery bombardment targeted Mykilske in Kherson region, causing damage to residential buildings and critical infrastructure.

The aftermath of an apartment building hit by russian forces on June 5, 2023. Photo from social media

Yesterday, June 4, the russian occupiers shelled peaceful settlements in Kherson oblast 28 times, firing 176 shells from artillery, mortars, aircraft, “Grad” systems, and drones. The russian military targeted residential quarters in the region’s populated areas, as well as the territory and buildings of a factory and a utility enterprise in Beryslav region. As a result of the russian aggression, two people were injured.

Due to his refusal to work for the russian economy, Kremlin hostage Volodymyr Iakymenko has been placed in punitive isolation for an extended period. This information was reported by the Center for Civil Liberties. According to the Center, the administration of Correctional Colony No. 4 in Pugachov (russia) forces the political prisoner to work for the russian economy.

Latest news for today in the western regions of Ukraine

Volyn oblast

In Lutsk, on the initiative and with the support of the Patrons for a Soldier independent volunteer movement, an interactive event Children of our Heroes was held for the children of the fallen soldiers of Volyn. Rescuers of the oblast took part in the events. They deployed locations on the rules of fire and anti-mine safety, the procedure for providing pre-medical assistance, the location of art therapy and psychological care was in place.

Zakarpattia oblast

Viktor Mykyta, Head of the RMA, reported that the RMA held a meeting with the policemen of the consolidated battalion of the National Police of Ukraine West, who arrived in Zakarpattia after six months of continuous fierce fighting in Bakhmut direction.

The Khust Half Marathon – 2023 was held in Khust, dedicated to the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All charitable funds, as well as registration fees received within the scope of the event, will be donated to the needs of the military for the purchase of the necessary material and technical support and medical needs for rehabilitation.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

As part of the Care for the Hero’s Family project, four families with five children went on vacation and recovery. For the second month in a row, the families of fallen defenders can rehabilitate in one of the recreation facilities of the oblast.

Lviv oblast

Warsaw allocated 2 million zlotys for the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN, which is being built at the First Medical Association of Lviv. Two weeks ago, the city hall of Gdansk allocated 1 million zlotys to Lviv to support the construction of the UNBROKEN rehabilitation center, which works under the First Medical Association.

A regional program of mental health and psychosocial support of the civilian population is being created in Lviv oblast. The strategy corresponds to the All-Ukrainian mental health program How are you?, implemented at the initiative of Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine, and the Concept of the Development of Mental Health Care in Ukraine for the period until 2030.

68 rooms for temporary accommodation of 150 IDPs were arranged in the dormitory of Strii school. Repairs were carried out, rooms were equipped with furniture and necessary equipment. A separate space for children’s study and leisure was also arranged. Almost UAH 27 million hryvnias, allocated by regional and local budgets and donor funds, were used to implement the project.

The RMA reported that from February 24, 2022, 21 religious communities left the jurisdiction of Lviv Diocese of the UOC (moscow patriarchate) and joined the OCU, registering the charter in the new version.

Rivne oblast

Cars, quadcopters, thermal imagers, radio stations and many other expensive equipment were sent to the military at the front thanks to funds of RANPP employees. They deducted in May from their April salary, as well as funds collected at a three-day charity marathon on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Rivne NPP.

The integration space for IDPs will be operational in the fall in Rivne. It will be a hub where IDPs can receive legal and psychological counseling, as well as social or humanitarian assistance. Currently, the building is under renovation. The cost of the work is UAH 5.8 million. Funds were allocated by the Humanitarian Fund for Ukraine / UHF.

Ternopil oblast

Ternopil City Council reported that medics of mobile dentistry have returned home. During this trip, medics of the city dental polyclinic managed to cure almost 200 defenders.

Khmelnytskyi oblast

The RMA reported that during the week, 378 measurements of radiation background indicators were carried out. No deviations were detected.

Reception and accommodation of IDPs from Kherson oblast is ensured. 78 IDPs arrived by evacuation trains, 58 of them were placed in the oblast. 600 kg of clothes for 436 IDPs were issued at the clothing issue point at the RMA.

The RMA held a meeting with representatives of the UN World Food Program (WFP). Humanitarian aid within the oblast and support for IDPs were discussed.

Chernivtsi oblast

5 families of IDPs who defended the independence of Ukraine will be provided with their own housing using the funds allocated by the Government from the state budget to local budgets. Almost UAH 12 million has been allocated to Bukovyna for these needs.

International support of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war (russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

Arvydas Anushauskas, Defense Minister of Lithuania, announced that the country is preparing a new package of military aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Millions of ammunition, anti-drones…” he noted.

The British government reported that ten Ukrainian military chaplains had a two-week training with their British colleagues in the first courses of their kind. The program aims to further develop their chaplaincy, with members sent to the frontline to provide vital spiritual and pastoral support to staff.

Latvia sent 66 cars confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine. On February 16, 2023, the Latvian government introduced amendments to the law “On the support of the civilian population in Ukraine“. Thus, state-owned vehicles can be transferred free of charge to Ukraine to prevent the consequences of a war-related emergency.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, met with James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth of Nations and Development of Great Britain. The politicians discussed Ukraine’s expectations from the Vilnius NATO summit, promotion of the Ukrainian peace formula and preparation of the Global Summit for its implementation, and the London International Conference on the Reconstruction of Ukraine.

Joe Biden, US President, will meet with Rishi Sunak, British Prime Minister, and Mette Frederiksen, Danish Prime Minister, in Washington this week. They discussed the “long-term needs of Ukraine” and provision of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported that on June 6-14, hearings will be held at the UN International Court of Justice on russia’s violation of its obligations under two conventions.

The Finnish-Swedish officer of the logistics department of the Armed Forces of Finland received the badge “For the assistance of the army” from Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for his support of Ukraine. The Finnish Defense Forces does not disclose the name of the awardee and his specific position.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, stated that Ukraine is fighting in the interests of NATO and deserves a short path to the Alliance.

Jake Sullivan, adviser to the US president, stated that Ukraine will succeed and return strategically important territory. “Exactly how many, in which places – it will depend on  development of events on the ground, when Ukrainians start this counteroffensive. But we believe that Ukrainians will succeed in this counteroffensive,” he added.

Additional 5-day Ukrainian schools will appear in Lithuania. Educational institutions for school-age children from Ukraine with a daily work schedule will operate in the cities of Vilnius, Kaunas and Siauliai. The International Ukrainian School (ISU) organization takes care of this.

Nils Tal, a volunteer firefighter from Germany, helped rescuers in Donetsk oblast for more than a month. He was involved in eliminating the consequences of enemy shelling, extinguishing fires, clearing debris, and also helped deliver drinking water to the population. His participation in this volunteer mission in Donetsk plays an important role, because Nils wants to show citizens of Germany how the enemy shelling of russia affects Ukrainians and what negative consequences they bring.

Nils Tal with Ukrainian colleagues. Photo: Main Office of the State Emergency Service in Donetsk oblast

Materials compiled by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Tamara Moshkovska, Sofia Ratynska, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Vita Petrenko, Аnna Efremova, Halyna Vaskiv

Translated by Tetyana Pidgorna, Olena Reka, Yana Hushchyna, Ioanna Kryvenko, Liudmyla Stadnykova, Yevheniia Sukhonos, Marharyta Koval, Viktoriia Pushyna, Tetiana Kurbatova, Olga Shalya 

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