Ukrainian Daily Wins. November 25, 2022 News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

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Points of invincibility: we will survive the winter – there will belight, communication, heat and water

The President’s Office reported that as of 3pm on Thursday, November 24, 4,363 points of invincibility had been opened in Ukraine. There will be much more of them. The authorities call on businesses to join the initiative and create heating points on the basis of their premises. This will allow more people to get protection in case of an emergency.


   •   Reznikov: Ukrainian military will be trained in Croatia

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov reports that the Croatian government has approved training of military personnel from Ukraine on the territory of its country.


   •   The Parliament of the Netherlands recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

The local NRC agency reported that the House of Representatives (lower house of Parliament) of the Netherlands recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism due to the invasion of Ukraine.


   •   France sent Ukraine 100 powerful generators

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said that her country had sent 100 powerful generators to Ukraine to help cope with the consequences of Russian strikes on energy infrastructure.


   •   The EU agreed to exclude Russian gas from joint purchase agreements

At a meeting on Thursday, EU energy ministers agreed that Russian gas would be excluded from contracts for the joint purchase of blue fuel.


   •   Ukrainian Baindl will play in the quarterfinals of the WTA 125 tournament in Uruguay

Ukrainian tennis player Kateryna Baindl won her second victory at the WTA 125 competition in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo Open with a prize pool of $115,000.


   •   Ukrainian space on the Google Arts & Culture platform will expand — Tkachenko

Thanks to this project, the world can now use one click on a computer or smartphone about Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian reserves, Ukrainian cuisine. “This is an extremely large-scale project, which was worked on by the team of Google, the Ministry and a lot of experts. It will allow to promote Ukrainian culture in the world,” the official stressed.

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