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Ukrainian Daily Wins. June 19, 2022. The Ukrainian Women’s Guard News

Materials compiled by Mila Rosik 

From 24 February to 19 June, the russian occupiers lost 33,600 soldiers and 598 drones.

 ✅  The Ukrainian military successfully repulsed an enemy assault on the outskirts of the village of Berestove, Bakhmut district, Donetsk oblast, according to the report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

 ✅  On the night of 19 June, the Air Force of Ukraine shot down two russian Onyx missiles over Odesa oblast.

 ✅  According to the report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian military forced the enemy to retreat near the village of Toshkivka, and also repulsed an assault towards of Orikhove – Zolote and Pervomaisk – Zolote. They halted the enemy advance towards Vrubivka – Mykolaivka. 

 ✅  The Pentagon is ready to deliver four more HIMARS multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine under the next military aid tranche, according to Politico. If the plan is approved by the White House, the number of highly mobile missile systems sent by the United States to Ukraine will increase twofold.

 ✅  The UK intelligence reports about significant morale problems of the russian military, which is likely to prevent russia from achieving its operational goals.

 ✅  Ukrainian MPs have passed a bill requiring developers to design and build bomb shelters in all new buildings.

 ✅  The parliament of Ukraine has banned russian-language music in the Ukrainian media and public places. Restrictions will apply until all occupied Ukrainian territories are liberated and the russian aggression is stopped.

 ✅   Moldova’s President Maia Sandu has signed a law on combating misinformation and propaganda. It bans broadcasting of russian news, political programs and war films in Moldova.

 ✅  Johnson suggests a four-point plan for the West to deal with the protracted war in Ukraine:

 🔻 First, the West should provide Ukraine with all the necessary weapons, ammunition, equipment and training.

 🔻 Second, the West should help Ukraine maintain stability of its state institutions through financial assistance.

 🔻 Third, the West should ensure safe land routes for the export of Ukrainian food, especially grain.

 🔻 Fourth, the UK and its allies should unblock Ukraine’s seaports and help export 25 million tonnes of wheat and corn for the world’s least developed countries.

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