Ukrainian Daily Wins. January 21, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

The russian army lost 860 servicemen 

As of the morning of January 21, russia’s total combat losses since the beginning of a full-scale offensive on Ukraine on February 24 have amounted to about 120160 servicemen.


Leopard tanks: Reznikov announced training courses for the Ukrainian military

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that countries that have Leopard tanks can begin training missions for Ukrainian tank crews.


Ukrainian crews will soon begin training on Challenger 2 tanks

Mastering British tanks by the Ukrainian military should not take much time.


G7 and EU countries will introduce two limits on prices for petroleum products from the russian federation

G7 officials, as well as members of the European Union and Australia, agreed to revise the level of restriction on the price of exports of russian oil and agreed to introduce two ceilings of prices for petroleum products from the russian federation.


Portugal transfers 14 M113 armored personnel carriers and 120 mm ammunition to Ukraine

Equipment and additional ammunition are included in the new military assistance package.


Ukrainian intelligence officers received Ukrainian-made drones from volunteers

These are two models of drones – the Raider hexacopter and the Raider VTOL drone with vertical take-off and landing.


The Bozena-5 system was involved in demining territories liberated from the russian occupiers in Kharkiv oblast

The machine is used by demining groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


In Mykolaiv oblast, a man makes canned food for the military

In Veselynove of Mykolaiv oblast, a volunteer makes canned food for sending to the military to the front.


Ukraine has developed a mine detector for agricultural machinery

In Vinnytsia oblast, a device has been developed for detecting mines in the fields, which is mounted on agricultural machinery. The technology applies to unmanned devices.

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly

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