Ukrainian Daily Wins. June 20, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Yuliya Akinzhaly


The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated 1,010 Russian invaders, eight tanks, and a helicopter in a day

From February 24, 2022, to June 20, 2023, the Defense Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 221,460 Russian invaders, including 1,010 people in the past day.


Austria will allocate another € 18 million to help Ukrainians

The federal government of Austria will allocate an additional € 18 million to help Ukrainians who suffered as a result of Russian aggression.


Norway will allocate more than € 21 million for the nuclear security of Ukraine

Norway is increasing support for the nuclear safety and security of Ukraine in 2023 by NOK 250 million (about € 21.5 million).


Denmark has approved a €2.95 billion military aid package to Ukraine

The Danish Parliament approved another package of military aid to Ukraine for € 2.95 billion for 2023-2028.


Japan will provide $ 5 million in emergency aid to Ukraine due to the explosion of the Kakhovska HPP

The Japanese government has decided to provide five million US dollars as emergency aid to the residents of the southern part of Ukraine, which suffered from the destruction of the blown-up dam of the Kakhovska HPP.


The Parliament of Slovakia recognized the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people

The Parliament of Slovakia recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as genocide against the Ukrainian people.


The Wings of Revenge project was presented in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the Wings of Revenge project was presented, the purpose of which is the production of 1,000 autonomous Ukrainian unmanned bombers.


A photo exhibition about the war in Ukraine was presented at a media forum in Germany

The exhibition within the framework of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn presented the works of Ukrainian photographer George Ivanchenko, who recorded the moments of the war from its first days in various regions.


The Rule of Two Walls documentary won an award in New York

The Rule of Two Walls documentary about Ukrainian artists in wartime, which was filmed in Lviv in the spring of 2022, received a special award at the international film festival Tribeca Festival.


An art exhibition devoted to peace in Ukraine was opened in Seoul

The Resistance of Ukraine, the International Exhibition of Art of Peace, was opened in Yongsan, Seoul, on June 19.

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