Французькі AMX-10RC поставлять в Україну протягом 2 місяців фото

Ukrainian Daily Wins. January 13, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

⠀⠀•  New 82-mm mines tested in Ukraine

Ukrainian experts have started testing a new batch of 82-mm mines made in Ukraine.

Ukroboronprom launched the production of these mines in an unnamed NATO member state.


⠀⠀•  French AMX-10RC will be delivered in Ukraine within 2 months

Ukraine will receive French armored vehicles AMX-10 RC within the next 2 months.

Training of the Ukrainian military to operate this armored vehicle will also be organized.


⠀⠀•  Poland transferred 8000 Starlink terminals to Ukraine – Ministry of Digital Transformation

Ukraine received from Poland a batch of eight thousand Starlink satellite Internet terminals to provide communication in Invincibility Centres.


⠀⠀•  Ukrainian 1000 km strike drone tested in the sky – Ukroboronprom

The State Concern UkrOboronProm released the first sample of a drone with a range of 1000 km and tested it in the air.


⠀⠀•  Ukrzaliznytsia launched a loyalty program for passengers

Ukrzaliznytsia announced a loyalty program for passengers called Iron Friends.


⠀⠀•  Israel will transfer smart warning technologies about missiles and drones to Ukraine

The Israeli side officially transfers to Ukraine technologies related to the smart notification of missiles and drones.


⠀⠀•  10 buses and humanitarian aid from Riga arrived in Kyiv

Humanitarian aid collected in Latvia for Ukrainians was also brought in the buses. Among other things, these are generators, blankets, and food.


⠀⠀•  Azerbaijan handed over a new batch of power equipment to Ukraine

The new batch of assistance includes 45 backup power plants with a capacity of 94 to 150 kVA.


⠀⠀•  Telecom operator of Spain sent 14 generators to Ukraine

Spanish telecommunications company Fundación Telefónica has sent 14 generators to Ukraine to provide vital facilities, such as hospitals and schools, within the initiative that is part of the #SolidaridadconUcrania campaign that Telefónica launched after the outbreak of war.


⠀⠀•  225 Ukrainian citizens arrived in Spain to undergo military training

Some of them will master the Hawk air defense system.

Materials prepared by Yulia Akinzhaly

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