Ukrainian Daily Wins. February 11, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly


A cartoon created about Valerii Zaluzhnyi   

In the new episode “Travel Books. Unconquered” you can learn the story of how the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‘became who he is now – an iron general of the Ukrainian army and a lover of cats’.


The Defense Forces destroyed 1140 russian troops

On February 10, about 1140 Russian troops were eliminated. In total, the Defense Forces of Ukraine liquidated more than 136 K russians.


Lithuania sent a batch of L70 anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine to strengthen air defense

In addition to the anti-aircraft guns themselves, the ammunition necessary for them was also sent.


Saab plans to increase the production of NLAW light hand-held anti-tank systems to 400K units per year

This is due to the high demand for these weapons among customers after their use in Ukraine.


In Ukraine, MIC companies have facilitated the supply of weapons

Government has expanded the list of companies that can import military goods


A russian plane was shot down near Bakhmut

In the battle for Bakhmut, border guards shot down the second russian combat aircraft this week.


Timothy Snyder raised almost $1.3 million for the Shahed Catcher system

Historian Timothy Snyder, ambassador for the UNITED24 platform, managed to raise more than $1,268K for the Shahed Catcher.


For the funds raised through UNITED24, three ambulances and almost 100K chemical heating pads were purchased

The funds raised through the UNITED24 platform were used to purchase three ambulances and 98,982 chemical heating pads for the body, arms and legs, which will be transferred to the frontline regions and those most affected by enemy shelling.


Montenegro has provided more than €10 million in aid to Ukraine

Montenegro has provided more than €10 million in humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion.


Ukraine received 334 tons of equipment from Germany to restore energy infrastructure

Germany has transferred to Ukraine almost 334 tons of equipment for the restoration of energy infrastructure, including 40 transformers from Stromnetz Berlin GmbH.


Diaspora in the USA raised $850 thousand for Ukraine by selling patriotic candles

A family from the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States raised more than $ 851 thousand to help Ukraine by selling candles.


Poland has eased conditions for Ukrainian drivers

Poland has expanded the possibilities of using Ukrainian documents that allow participation in traffic on the territory of the Republic of Poland.


TikTok blocked more than 1.6 K accounts spreading russian propaganda

TikTok discovered a russian disinformation network that spread propaganda about Ukraine among more than one hundred thousand European users in the summer of 2022.


Old Lion Publishing House was shortlisted for the best publishers of children’s literature at the awards in Bologna 

The list also includes publishers in four other European countries — Italy, Portugal, Finland and Switzerland.


“Dancers in Ukrainian costumes”: Metropolitan Museum renamed Degas painting

Before that, the picture of the French impressionist was called “Russian Dancers”.

The museum also listed artists Repin, Aivazovsky and Kuindzhi as Ukrainians. The update was noticed by art historian Oksana Semenik.


The first documentary about Ukrainian IT has been released

Innovation Park UNIT.City together with KNIFE! Films studio presented the first documentary film “Stories of Ukrainian IT” about the formation of the Ukrainian IT industry.


“Mail of Love to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”: seven Ukrainian illustrators created a series of postcards for the military

The authors of the initiative plan to raise a million hryvnias and purchase drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Postcards can be purchased in two copies — one to keep for yourself, and send the other to defenders.


The Women’s Prize Trust will launch an annual award for women who write non-fiction

British charity The Women’s Prize Trust will create an annual award for women who write non-fiction.


The Canadian Mint issued a colored silver coin in the shape of a Ukrainian Pysanka

All proceeds from the sale of the coin will be transferred to the initiative Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal, which helps Ukrainians affected by the war.


Photographer Karin Versluis will publish a book about Debaltseve

This book is a personal study of the author’s family history, which she began working on in 2013.


“To be NEAR”: MES, UNICEF and the Ministry of Digital Transformation launch an educational series on mental health support  

The series for the portal Diia. Digital Education will help teachers, educators, volunteers and everyone who works with children to better understand the feelings and emotional reactions of children.


Brickmania created a ‘smiling’ HEMARS LEGO model and the Ukrainian military

Brickmania, a company engaged in the customization of original LEGO figures on a military theme, has developed miniature figures of the HIMARS artillery system.

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