Експерти близькі до прийняття угоди між Україною та росією щодо створення зони безпеки навколо Запорізької АЕС, — директор МАГАТЕ Рафаель Гроссі

Ukrainian Daily Wins. December 03, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

⠀⠀   As a director of the IAEA, Raphael Grossi, said, experts are close to adopting an agreement between Ukraine and russia on creating a safety zone around the Zaporizhzhia NPP.

⠀⠀•  As reported by Reuters, the Head of the mission, Eric Mese, says, the UN investigative mission is investigating whether Russia’s attacks on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine can be considered war crimes.

⠀⠀•  The Ministry of Defense of Luxembourg reports that Luxembourg spent 16% of the defense budget on aid to Ukraine.

⠀⠀•  The Guardian informs that the $200 million Royal Romance superyacht, owned by Viktor Medvedchuk, will be auctioned by a Croatian court.

⠀⠀•  The website of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Canada introduces additional sanctions against Iranian companies related to the development of drones and their transfer to russia. 

⠀⠀•  The European External Action Service reported that the EU has created a cyber laboratory for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

⠀⠀•  The Security Service of Ukraine has identified five people who in September 2022 contributed to adopting a pseudo-law on a fake referendum in the captured areas of Luhansk oblast.

⠀⠀•  Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas said that Lithuania handed over two more repaired Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled guns to Ukraine.

⠀⠀•  Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Matsokin said that the day before, the toponymy commission supported the renaming of 22 streets and squares in Izium, Kharkiv oblast.

⠀⠀•  Ukrainian border guards shot down a Russian Su-34 fighter bomber near Bakhmut.

⠀⠀•  US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, visited Kyiv.

Materials prepared by Oksana Demchyna

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