Ukrainian Daily Wins. December 01, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhali


50 Ukrainian soldiers were released from russian captivity

On December 1, a new exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and russia took place. 50 people returned home. The head of the President’s Office confirmed that another exchange was the result of the work of the Coordination Staff on the Treatment of Prisoners of War.


   •   The Czech Republic finally approved the training of the Ukrainian military on its territory

Up to four thousand Ukrainian servicemen are expected to be trained in the Czech Republic in 2023.

The Czech Republic will also be able to send up to 55 military personnel to participate in the EU mission to train the Ukrainian military.


   •   Norway will double the number of instructors training the Ukrainian military

The Norwegian government has decided to increase the number of instructors participating in international initiatives to train Ukrainian servicemen from 75 to 150 in 2023.


   •   In Ukraine, a demining tool that looks like a pencil is  created 

Ukrainian specialists created a demining tool that looks like a pencil.

Due to the exothermic powder mixture that fills it, it effectively burns the metal shells of explosive objects.


   •   Norway handed Ukraine medical buses for the military

They can transport 5 patients and are equipped with all the necessary equipment to stabilize vital signs.


   •   The EU will additionally allocate 1 million EUR for demining the territory of Ukraine

This was announced by Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, during a press conference at the two-day meeting of the Council of Ministers of the OSCE.


   •   The governments of Estonia, the Netherlands and Norway have agreed to hand over a Role II field hospital to Ukraine

Trilateral cooperation also includes the purchase of equipment and training of doctors.

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