Українські військові звільнили на Харківщині село Дібрівне, що на Ізюмському напрямку. На в'їзді окупанти залишили свою техніку

Ukrainian daily wins. August 05, 2022. News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials compiled by Mila

  Ukrainian defenders liberated the village of Dibrovne, Kharkiv oblast, towards Izium. Iryna Rybakova, the press officer of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade “Kholodny Yar”, advised that occupiers abandoned their military equipment at the township entry. 

✅ According to the “West” Operational Command, the Armed Forces destroyed three ammunition depots in Kherson, Prydnistrovske and Tokarivka. 

✅   The General Staff informed that during the day russian troops re-attempted to launch an offensive towards Pisky, but failed. 

✅ The NATO secretary Jens Stoltenberg claims that NATO members are working closely with the arms industry to ensure more weapons and equipment are supplied to Ukraine to be ready for the long-lasting war with russia.

  The British ambassador in Ukraine reacted to the Amnesty International report stating that the Ukrainian Armed Forces expose the civilians to danger. She claimed that “the only thing threatening Ukrainian civilians are russian missiles, weapons and looting of russian forces”. 

  The ISW states that occupiers in Kherson failed to find volunteers to create the election commission for the pseudo-referendum. 

✅  The first first vessels carrying Ukrainian grains left the ports in Odesa. Three bulkers are carrying 57K tonnes of corn heading to Turkey, Great Britain and Ireland.  

  According to Reuters citing the sources in the German government, the EU plans to allocate the second 8 billion euro macrofinancial aid package to Ukraine.

  Starting from August 01, Latvia has terminated the economic, science and technology and humanities cooperation agreements with russia. They also cancelled the agreement on simplified border crossing.  

✅    The EU imposed new sanctions on the ousted ex-president Yanukovich and his son Oleksandr in response to russian aggression against Ukraine. 

  Finnish city of Lappeenranta, located not far from the border with russia, will play the Ukrainian hymn starting from Friday. The city wants to show their support to Ukrainians.  

  The seventh survey stage of Diia project and Advanter Group strategic agency informed that Ukrainian small and medium business continues to recover. The Ukrainian Business Index has grown. The share of companies expecting the business growth has increased. The good turnover is supposed to improve.

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