Ukrainian Daily Wins. April 28, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly


General Staff names losses of russian troops over the day

Since the start of its full-scale offensive against Ukraine on February 24, russia’s total combat losses amount to about 189,460 soldiers.


ARMA receives ₴3.6 million of seized funds to buy military bonds

UAH 3.6 million seized as part of the investigation was transferred to the ARMA for the purchase of military bonds.


Kyivstar subscribers raised over ₴22 million for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Kyivstar subscribers have raised UAH 22,866,614 for the humanitarian needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine thanks to the Help the Armed Forces Superpower.


French pharmaceutical company is ready to join reconstruction of Ukraine’s medical infrastructure

French pharmaceutical company Servier will join humanitarian projects and rebuild Ukraine’s medical infrastructure.


Denmark allocates €1 billion for Ukraine’s reconstruction

The Danish government has launched a new support program for Ukraine for 2023.


Radars purchased by Lithuanians to arrive in Ukraine next week

Radars purchased for Ukraine during the all-Lithuanian “Radarom!” campaign, delayed in Poland due to changes in procedures, are expected to arrive in Ukraine next week.


Pakistan to receive engines for Mi-17 from Ukraine

The equipment is to be supplied by Motor Sich.


Instructors from the Netherlands train Ukrainian military in first aid

Ukrainian servicemen under the guidance of Dutch naval instructors are being trained in the general principles of first aid in combat conditions in the UK.


Czech volunteers hand over ambulances to Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Czech volunteer organization Team4Ukraine has handed over three Humvee vehicles to the Ukrainian army, specially adapted to transport the wounded in the harshest conditions of war.


Ukraine will receive Pakistani Anza Mark-II man-portable air defense systems

The Pakistani-made MANPADS are to be transferred via Poland.


Ukraine receives $1.25 billion grant from the US

On April 28, 2023, Ukraine received a grant from the United States through the World Bank: the funds will be used to pay pensioners and IDPs, as well as salaries to medical workers and the State Emergency Service.


Ukrainians received more than 4 K grants for business development under the eRobota program

Since the launch of the eRobota project, 3727 grants worth UAH 876 million have been issued under the Vlasna Sprava (Own Business) program. The company issued 239 grants for the development of processing enterprises worth UAH 1.3 billion and 74 grants for horticulture worth UAH 152 million.

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