Ukrainian Daily Wins. April 05, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly


550 Russian military iliminated in a day

As of the morning of April 5, russia’s total combat losses since the start of its full-scale offensive against Ukraine on February 24 amount to about 176,240 soldiers. The russian army lost 550 soldiers in 24 hours.


Poland hands over 8 MiG-29s to Ukraine

Poland has already handed over eight MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine and is preparing six more.


Experimental weapons against UAVs being tested in Ukraine

The US sends ammunition to combat UAVs as part of an experimental platform.


All-wheel drive buggy for military developed in Lviv

On the basis of the Lviv Higher Vocational School of Computer Technology and Construction, the GURKIT four-wheel drive buggy, which has no analogues, was developed.


American Avenger air defense systems arrive in Ukraine for combat duty

The Avenger air defense systems will protect the airspace from Shaheds and cruise missiles in the Northern Operational Area.


Ukraine to participate in the Architecture Biennale 2023

The Ukrainian Before the Future project will be presented at the Architecture Biennale 2023 in Venice, which will run from May 20 to November 26.


Latvia finances restoration of seven houses in Yahidne village, where there was a ‘death cellar’

The Republic of Latvia has funded restoration of seven completely destroyed houses in the village of Yahidne in Chernihiv Oblast, where residents were held by russian invaders for a month in the basement of a local school.


Vinnytsia power engineers received 45 tons of equipment for restoration works

Vinnytsiaoblenergo received another batch of power equipment weighing about 10.4 million tons, and the company received almost 45 tons of power equipment in total.


Mykolaivoblenergo received 169.7 tons of equipment and materials as humanitarian aid

Over the past month, Mykolaivoblenergo received 16 humanitarian cargoes of equipment and materials with a total weight of 169.7 tons from international partners and Ukrainian volunteers.


‘Mine action’ exercises: Ukrainian military trained by Canadian instructors in Britain

In the United Kingdom, members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are receiving mine safety engineering training on specific features of explosive sites.


Ukraine to produce machinery and equipment for humanitarian demining

The Ministry of Strategic Industries of Ukraine will be responsible for launching production of equipment for humanitarian demining.


Croatia to allocate half a million euros to help Ukraine

Croatia will continue to provide comprehensive assistance to Ukraine and will contribute half a million euros to the NATO broad assistance package for Ukraine currently being agreed by Allies.


Another 11 drones handed over to paratroopers in Zhytomyr

In Zhytomyr, another 11 unmanned aerial vehicles – Matrice and Valkyrja – were delivered to the 95th separate air assault brigade.


Romania will allocate $800 K to Ukraine through NATO mechanisms

The Romanian government will provide Ukraine with more than $800 K to strengthen its defense through the NATO Defense Capacity Building Initiative.


Uzbekistan cancels tour of russian artists who supported war in Ukraine

Uzbekistan became the third Central Asian country to refuse to hold the Zhara music festival featuring russian artists who support the war against Ukraine.


Self-study textbook of the Ukrainian language was published in France

The leading French publishing house Pocket and the University of Lyon have initiated the publication of a unique first self-study Ukrainian language textbook for the French as part of the well-known linguistic project Langue Pour Tous.


The 50th rally in support of Ukraine held in the Lithuanian capital

The 50th rally in support of Ukraine was held in Vilnius, this time dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation of cities and towns in Kyiv oblast from russian occupation and to honor the memory of Ukrainians whose lives were taken by the merciless russian terror.


Britain to boycott the 2023 World Boxing Championships over the admission of russians and belarusians

The British Boxing Federation (GB Boxing) has announced that the national team will not participate in the 2023 Men’s World Championships under the auspices of the IBA (International Boxing Association).


The documentary film Shchedryk Against the russian World screened in Prague

The documentary film Shchedryk Against the russian World was screened in Prague during the East Doc Platform forum.


In Australia and New Zealand, the movie Mavka. The Forest Song

On April 6, a wide distribution of the Ukrainian animated film Mavka. The Forest Song starts.

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