Ukrainian daily victories. 06/09/2022 News of the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

materials prepared by: Mila Rosik

Russia has already lost 31,700 servicemen, 1,398 tanks, 3,438 armoured vehicles and 711 artillery systems in the war in Ukraine.

✅ The Armed Forces fired two air strikes at russian hostile troops and one of their bases in Kherson oblast.

✅  Reconnaissance and artillery thwarted the russian attack on the flank of the AFU. In Donetsk oblast, thanks to clear and coordinated actions of our reconnaissance and artillery units, another plan of the enemy to hit the flank of the Ukrainian troops was thwarted. The battle was short-lived: Ukrainian soldiers destroyed two tanks and an armored personnel carrier of the occupiers. The rest of the russian tank crews retreated and refused to attack.

✅  Residents of the russian-occupied territories continue to resist transition of the region to the ruble zone, so the occupiers have to use the hryvnia, according to the Center for National Resistance. 

✅   The European Parliament supported a resolution calling for Ukraine to be granted the EU candidate status, as well as to provide Ukraine with necessary weapons as soon as possible.

✅  Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov reports that Polish self-propelled “Crab” 155 howitzers  are ready to be used at the front, as well as a number of other weapons received from Ukraine’s partners.  .

✅ President Andrzej Duda says that Poland has sent over 240 tanks and almost 100 units of armored vehicles to Ukraine.

✅  The United States has sent another batch of M777 trailer howitzers as part of a military aid package to Ukraine.

✅ The United States has provided $ 1 billion in direct support to Ukraine to strengthen its economy, and another $ 7.5 billion will be provided later by US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink.

✅  The British Premier League has suspended a £ 43m deal with russia’s Match TV to broadcast Premier League matches in russia.

✅  Lithuanian Post started selling a stamp with the image of the Bayraktar UAV, for which the country was raising funds. It is recommended to send letters with this stamp to world leaders, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron.

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